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Title: What I learnt from Round 1
Post by: Cookie Monster on March 26, 2016, 04:11:49 PM
Giants fans would be pretty angry right now and as they should, a 21 point 3qtr time lead gone in 5 minutes and Melbourne over runs them for the win.

I didn't see a very structured forward line today, many counter punch goals early on which makes me say Patton needs to be in the team as Cameron isn't for a few weeks still. Lobb is impressive but he can't keep being the target man. Either Cameron or Patton need to be in the team each week and that will structure the team much better.

Although they couldn't close out the game there were impressive signs, good ball movement, great ball pressure and good defensive structure.

They let all of that go in the last quarter which they can't let happen very often if they want to play finals. I believe with Cameron and or Patton GWS will be a much better team but they need to cover them if both are unavailable.