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Title: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Barra13 on July 22, 2016, 09:28:52 AM
In the wake of last Sunday's six goal loss against St Kilda, there has been plenty of handwringing and blame thrown around concerning the perceived slow pace of Melbourne's development as a club under Paul Roos.

Former Demon star David Schwarz laid the boots into the club when he said he was frustrated by the lack of progress, albeit despite some steady improvement since Roos took over after a disastrous two-win season under Mark Neeld and Neil Craig in 2013. The Ox labelled the club's record at Etihad Stadium "a joke" and claimed the Saints were closer to ending their premiership drought than the Demons.

"That is crap. That is mental now. That is ridiculous," he said, speaking of the team's lame performance last Sunday.

Some added blame on poor team selection decisions and some were unhappy that the club sacrificed a home game and then had to come off an energy-sapping game in the heat and humidity of Darwin. Others still, said that Roos was simply out coached as the likes of Max Gawn, Nathan Jones and few others were kept under control when the Saints seized the game's momentum halfway through the second quarter.

There might be something in all of these "excuses" but the reality is that the club has been consistently steering a course in a very much youth oriented direction, one which often lends itself to inconsistency of performance from week to week but which has the capacity to result ultimately in a team that will go places - and in far quicker time than the Saints for that matter.

I say that because Schwarz in his frustration ignored the fact that St Kilda's win came on the back of the experience of Riewoldt, Montagna, Gilbert, Dempster and a couple of others who are unlikely to be around in two years’ time. On the other hand, Melbourne has a number of its own older heads on the list either playing at Casey or out altogether with injuries. The Demons by choice, did not to select the likes of Lynden Dunn, Colin Garland and Chris Dawes for the game and others of the older guard like Heritier Lumumba, Cam Pedersen and Dean Terlich all have limited futures at the club.

So it's very much a case of the baby Demons, a young side that fell into a hole when its structure broke down halfway through the second quarter. It happened when Jesse Hogan left the ground to get some attention to his injured hip at around the same time that Max Gawn went off for a short rest. Suddenly, the Demons, already light on for tall players with the late withdrawal of Sam Frost, had an undersized look - especially on its forward line. In the blink of an eye, they were overrun.

What's that got to do with this week's game in Perth at another hoodoo ground - Domain Stadium where they have not beaten the Eagles since 2002?

It seems unlikely that the Demons will compromise on the direction of its selection policies so that a young team will again be exposed to an opponent with greater experience. This time, it's one with four consecutive wins which is particularly dangerous on its own ground where it has won eight of its nine games at Domain Stadium this season at a winning average of 64.6 points per game. That young Melbourne defence has allowed far too much through - an average of 93.3 points against throughout the season. 

The statistics simply don't lie - the young Demons will struggle at Domain but are investing in the future.

West Coast by 46 points.


West Coast v Melbourne at Domain Stadium, Saturday 24 July, 2016 at 4.40pm


Overall West Coast 32 wins Melbourne 15 wins

At Patersons Stadium West Coast 14 wins Melbourne 5 wins

Past five meetings West Coast 5 wins Melbourne 0 wins

The Coaches Simpson 3 wins Roos 0 wins


TV - Fox Footy Channel Live at 4.30pm

RADIO - Triple M SEN ABC ABC Grandstand


West Coast to win - $1.10 Melbourne to win - $7.00


West Coast 16.18.114 defeated Melbourne 9.6.60 Round 14, 2016 at TIO Stadium, Darwin

Melbourne was coming off a confidence boosting win against the Cats and took some of that north to Darwin where they remained competitive in the heat-sapping conditions for three quarters before the Eagles' experience and strength took over allowing them to steam away to an easy win.



B: Brad Sheppard, Eric Mackenzie, Thomas Barrass
HB: Sharrod Wellingham, Jeremy McGovern, Shannon Hurn
C: Chris Masten, Matt Priddis, Elliot Yeo
HF: Andrew Gaff, Jack Darling, Josh Hill
F: Jamie Cripps, Josh J. Kennedy, Mark LeCras
FOLL: Scott Lycett, Jack Redden, Luke Shuey
I/C: Sam Butler, Liam Duggan, Jonathan Giles, Jackson Nelson
EMG: Patrick McGinnity, Will Schofield, Dom Sheed

IN: Liam Duggan, Jonathan Giles, Eric Mackenzie, Jackson Nelson
OUT:  Mitchell Brown (omitted), Mark Hutchings (omitted), Patrick McGinnity (omitted), Will Schofield (soreness),


B: Josh Wagner, Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta
HB: Jayden Hunt, Oscar McDonald, Matt Jones
C: Christian Petracca, Bernie Vince, Dom Tyson
HF: Jeff Garlett, Jack Watts, James Harmes
F: Chris Dawes, Jesse Hogan, Dean Kent
FOLL: Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Jack Viney
I/C: Angus Brayshaw, Billy Stretch, Sam Frost, Alex Neal-Bullen
EMG: Ben Newton, Tomas Bugg, Ben Kennedy

IN: Chris Dawes, Sam Frost, Alex Neal-Bullen, Billy Stretch
Out: Jack Grimes (omitted), Kennedy (omitted), Aaron vandenBerg (hip), Mitch White (omitted)
Title: Re: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Purple 77 on July 22, 2016, 04:29:51 PM

In trying to forget what hasn't happened yet and changing focus, I'm still a bit baffled at why our performance against St Kilda attracted so much hate and slit wrists?

I mean, it was a joke we were favourites in the first place? Melbourne supporters really felt we could make finals? They really thought we weren't set up to fail against St Kilda?

I dunno. I do think we get talked up way too much these days, especially when you stop and consider who we've beaten.

This year was never going to be our year... I just thought people would have loved a 9-10 win season with a 100 percentage, which is exactly what we're tracking towards?

Ugh, end semi-rant. My supporter base (Demonland) annoys me sometimes
Title: Re: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Big Mac on July 22, 2016, 07:49:30 PM
I'm stoked with the 100 percentage

Haven't even visited demonland because I knew what it would be like
Title: Re: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Purple 77 on July 23, 2016, 06:56:16 PM
This feeling, right now, is the most angry I've felt since... jesus flower, I can't remember
Title: Re: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Purple 77 on July 23, 2016, 06:56:48 PM
Once I calm down and stop destroying my possessions, I'll acknowledge the boys gave their all
Title: Re: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Barra13 on July 24, 2016, 04:52:21 PM
I was at the game. On the way up to the game I told the missus I was happy with a competitive effort. After that game I wanted a win.

One thing to note though the crowd was really quiet until the Eagles got in front.
Title: Re: WC v MEL Round 18
Post by: Jukes on July 24, 2016, 06:25:04 PM
I was at the game. On the way up to the game I told the missus I was happy with a competitive effort. After that game I wanted a win.

One thing to note though the crowd was really quiet until the Eagles got in front.

Pretty much a summary of west coast fans in one line tbh :P