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Title: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: Nige on March 30, 2019, 10:41:07 AM
This thread is overdue, apologies for that, but it needs to be done so here it is.

This thread will be used for coaches to post their preference lists for the 2019 season.

Team should be posted in this format:

Team Name


Best 22:
D1, D2, D3, D4
M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6
F1, F2, F3, F4
U1, U2, U3


Preferred captaincy options:

Please name your depth in preference order. If a player in your depth DPP, list their positions in brackets like (M/F). In addition to this, if they are DPP, name them in only one position, that being the one you'd prefer them in but note the DPP in brackets still.

Your best 22 should be assuming everyone is fit, so guys such as Tom Mitchell and Sam Docherty should be listed in 22s.

Your full team should be listed, that means ranking all your depth players as well.
Title: Re: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: Ringo on March 30, 2019, 11:36:47 AM
Last positions on some lines very debateable:

Captains usually rotate as well depending on opposition:

Captain: Adam Treloar
Vice Captain: Dayne Beams
Emergency Vice Capt: Dysom Heppell

Backs: Shane Savage, Jeremy McGovern, Brodie Smith, Aaron Naughton
Mids: Dayne Zorko, Marc Murphy, Scott Pendlebury, Dyson Heppell, Dayne Beams, Adam Treloar
Ruck: Nic Naitani
Forwards: Josh J Kennedy; Jack Riewoldt, Jamie Cripps, Lincoln McCarthy
Utilities: Jarrod Berry, James Cousins, Seb Ross

D: D: Nick Vlaustin, Harry Taylor, Kamdyn McIntosh, Bailey Williams. Nathan Broad, David Astbury, Easton Wood, Isaac Quaynor, Nick Robertson, Nick Coffield, Patrick Naish
M:M: Paul Seedsman, Ricky Henderson, Richard Douglas, Shaun Burgoyne, Steven Motlop. Chayce Jones,  Jackson Thurlow, Ned McHenry (M/F), Jarrod Cameron (M/F)
R: Scott Lycett (R/F) Nathan Vardy, Bailey Williams (R/F)
F: F: Jarryd Roughead, Sam Reid, Josh Thomas, Mitch McGovern, Mav Weller, Alex Fasolo, Jason Castagna, Ben Long, Ben Crocker, Toby Wooller, Connor Ballendeen, Jarrod Brander, James Rose.

Gee I have lost quite a few DPPs.
Title: Re: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: Nige on March 30, 2019, 11:42:06 AM
Sorry Ringo, I should have been more clear, you need to fill in your full list. So your remaining depth players should be filled out too.
Title: Re: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: LF on March 30, 2019, 11:49:21 AM
Roswell Aliens


Def: K Kolodjashnij,T Doedee,B Ellis,Z Jones
Mid: L Neale,D Sheed,T Phillips,L Shiels,Z Merrett,J Steele
Ruck: B McEvoy
Fwd: L Dahlhaus,T McDonald,A Vandenberg,J Elliott
U: N Jones,D Tyson,D Tucker

Def: A Saad,J Geary,T Barrass,J Ridley,N Jetta,T Duman,T Williamson,J McLennan
Title: Re: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: nas on March 30, 2019, 11:04:40 PM
Arizona Scorpions:

Captain: J Macrae.
V/Captain: M Bontempelli.
EV/Captain: B Grundy.

Backs: Z Williams - J Sicily - C Blakely - J Crisp.
Mids: J Macrae - Josh Kelly - R Sloane - M Bontempelli - T Miller - T Scully.
Ruck: B Grundy.
Fwds:  B Brown - J Darling - M Wallis (F/M) - S Weideman.
Util: T Kelly (M/F) - D Smith (F/M) - J Dunkley (M/F).


Backs: J Short - J MacMillian - J Carlisle - A Kennedy - L Greenwood - L Henderson - J Kolodjashnij - J Garner - J Wagner - S Collins.
Mids: S P-Pepper - R Conca - H Cunningham - T Sparrow - R Wills - J Hatley - I Hill (M/F).
Ruck: R Lobb (R/F) - S Darcy - S Jones (R/F) - L Meek - M Flynn.
Fwds: H Himmelburg - W H Elliot - J Stringer - A Young - M Cox - M Hannah - D Macpherson - H McKay - J Gallucci - S Day - Josh Smith - B Ah Chee - B Daniels - R Young.

Captains: J Macrae - M Bontempelli - B Grundy - Josh Kelly - R Sloane.  ** Subject to / Depending on opposition **
Title: Re: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: Barra13 on March 31, 2019, 10:26:41 PM

CAPTAIN: Luke Parker

DEF: Christian Salem, Daniel Rich, Dale Thomas, Xavier Duursma (D/M)
MID: Luke Parker, Ben Cunnington, Jack Viney, Trent Dumont, Ollie Wines, Dan Hannebery
RUCK: Todd Goldstein
FWD: Jade Gresham, Daniel Wells, Will Setterfield (MID), David Armitage (M/F)
UTIL: Blake Acres (M/F), Tom Cutler, Charlie Dixon


DEF: Jake Lever, Jack Trengove, Robbie Tarrant, Harris Andrews, Majak Daw, Oscar McDonald, Sam Wright, Jesse Joyce, Callum Ah-Chee, Ben Paton, Isaac Cumming, Ed Vickers-Willis
MID: Daniel Howe, Brayden Sier, Matt Guelfi, Mark Hutchings, Ely Smith, Billy Stretch, Callum Porter, Xavier O'Halloran, Xavier O'Neill, Luke English, Nathan Freeman
RUCK: Braydon Preuss
FWD: Travis Colyer (M/F), Shane Edwards (M/F), Josh Bruce, Gryan Miers, Ben Reid, James Stewart, Josh Begley, Bailey Dale (M/F), Mitch Crowden, Jack Petrucelle, Tom Wilkinson, Stefan Giro

CAPTAINS: Luke Parker, Ben Cunnington, Ollie Wines, Todd Goldstein
Title: Re: ADT: Preference Lists 2019
Post by: popedelio on April 02, 2019, 05:54:18 PM
Washington Senators

C: Stephen Coniglio
VC: Patrick Cripps
EVC: Andrew Gaff

Best 22:
D: Jeremy Howe, Luke Hodge, Luke Ryan, Darcy Byrne-Jones
M: Andrew Gaff, Stephen Coniglio, Patrick Cripps, Elliot Yeo, Jacob Hopper, Hugh McCluggage
R: Jarrod Witts
F: Sam Menegola [MID], Jesse Hogan, Mitch Robinson [MID], Jack Martin [MID]
U: Adam Tomlinson, Tom Liberatore, Kyle Langford [FWD/MID]

D: Ryan Burton, Matt Scharenberg, Liam Duggan, Jack Scrimshaw, Charlie Ballard, Mark Blicavs, Jackson Trengove, Tom Cole, Darcy Moore [FWD], Luke Brown, Alex Rance, Lewis Young, Michael Rischitelli, Jackson Nelson, Josh Rotham, Will Hamill
M: Hamish Brayshaw, Jye Caldwell, Harley Bennell
R: Patrick Ryder, Andrew Phillips, Kieran Briggs
F: Willie Rioli, Connor Rozee [DEF], Riley Knight [MID], Esava Ratugolea, Shaun Atley, Anthony Mcdonald-Tipungwuti, Brandon Matera,  Paul Puopolo,  Quinton Narkle,  Nakia Cockatoo, Darcy Fogarty, Jordan Houlahan,  Matthew Ling [MID], Kyron Hayden [MID]

Preferred captaincy options: Stephen Coniglio, Patrick Cripps, Andrew Gaff, Elliot Yeo, Jarrod Witts, Sam Menegola