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Title: Cheap Ruck?
Post by: strikeforce on August 16, 2019, 10:37:19 AM
Got a big problem, Need a ruck under $470k?

Options are

Good- Tonned up last week and plays Clarke this week, Retiring so surely gives all he has got
Bad- Plays Lycett and Ryder GF week,
Does Darcy take points of him? Does he play the last week in Adelaide or is this his final game?

Stef Martin-
Good- Plays a ruckless geelong this week and a nank the following week, Can also have a massive
Bad- Omac does seem to effect him, Will that effect a bigger score that i need?

Shane Mumford-
Good- Should monster English this week and go alright against Witts next week
Bad- Dawson does take alot of points off him, Does Dawson play as he has just retired?

Please help me with the choice

Title: Re: Cheap Ruck?
Post by: Deadly6 on August 16, 2019, 04:36:54 PM
Big Stef. Sandi may not play the last week and Mummy not in good form. Also, most score pretty poorly against Witts.