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Title: Grand Final: 2019 Team Submission Thread
Post by: Rids on August 21, 2019, 07:08:30 AM
Team Sheets are to be submitted in the following format.

Team Name:

DEF1: Player -
DEF2: Player -
DEF3: Player -
DEF4: Player -

MID1: Player -
MID2: Player -
MID3: Player -
MID4: Player -

RUC1: Player -

FWD1: Player - 
FWD2: Player -
FWD3: Player -
FWD4: Player -

UTI1: Player -  (position)
UTI2: Player -  (position)

EME1: Player -  (position) 
EME2: Player -  (position)
EME3: Player -  (position)

Also a reminder to please use this thread only for posting team sheets. Please use the match centre thread for any discussions.

No Thursday games - teams locked out bounce of first ball Friday game.
Remember to use quote when changing teams so we pick up latest teams.
Also if coaches could update their teams in UF would be appreciated.
Title: Re: Grand Final: 2019 Team Submission Thread
Post by: Peter on August 22, 2019, 06:51:05 PM
Manila Folders
C - J Lloyd
VC - P Cripps
EVC - J Kennedy

Def 1 - J Lloyd
Def 2 - D Houston
Def 3 - C Mills
Def 4 - J Carlisle

Mid 1 - J Kennedy
Mid 2 - P Cripps
Mid 3 - R Henderson
Mid 4 - J Harmes

Ruc 1 - T Bellchambers - FINALLY!!!

Fwd 1 - N Larkey
Fwd 2 - T McLean
Fwd 3 - B Mihocek
Fwd 4 - K Lambert

Uti 1 - J Selwood
Uti 2 - S Ross

EME 1 - B Gibbs
EME 2 - J Thomas
EME 3 - H Andrews

Oops, I forgot to tell Bellchambers we are out of finals, after his six weeks off. Ah well, just in case anyone wants a game, here we are
Title: Re: Grand Final: 2019 Team Submission Thread
Post by: Jay on August 23, 2019, 08:31:40 AM
Team Name: Sri Lanka Strikers
Capt: Marcus Bontempelli
V/C: Touk Miller
EVC: Rory sloane

DEF1: Player - Kade Simpson
DEF2: Player - Brad Sheppard
DEF3: Player - Dale Thomas
DEF4: Player - Jason Johanissen

MID1: Player - Marcus Bontempelli (C)
MID2: Player - Touk Miller (VC)
MID3: Player - Rory Sloane
MID4: Player - Ed Curnow

RUC1: Player - Scott Lycett

FWD1: Player - Justin Westhoff
FWD2: Player - Michael walters
FWD3: Player - Will Hoskin-Elliot
FWD4: Player - Ben Brown

UTI1: Player - Aliir Aliir (def)
UTI2: Player - Matt Suckling (def)

EME1: Player -  Luke Dahlhaus (mid/fwd) 
EME2: Player - Matt Scharenberg (def)
EME3: Player -  Sam Jacobs (ruc)
Title: Re: Grand Final: 2019 Team Submission Thread
Post by: SydneyRox on August 23, 2019, 03:39:47 PM


Capt: Tim Taranto
V/C: Brad Crouch
EVC: Max Gawn

DEF1: Player - Jeremy Howe
DEF2: Player - Michael Hurley
DEF3: Player - Tom Jonas
DEF4: Player - Nic Newman

MID1: Player - Angus Brayshaw
MID2: Player - Luke Parker
MID3: Player - Brad Crouch (VC)
MID4: Player - Tim Taranto (C)

RUC1: Player - Max Gawn (EVC)

FWD1: Player -  Travis Boak
FWD2: Player - Christian Petracca
FWD3: Player - Tom Papley
FWD4: Player - Jake Melksham

UTI1: Player -  Mark Blicavs(D)
UTI2: Player -  Josh Kelly(M)

EME1: Player -  Jordan Dawson(M) 
EME2: Player -  Mitch McGovern(F)
EME3: Player -  Jeremy McGovern(D)

Some big outs, with Greene and Christo missing, my fwd line looks really weak :(

Good Luck Jay, going to be very close I reckon. Captains choice will be massive