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Title: SilverLions 2020
Post by: SilverLion on January 04, 2020, 05:54:01 PM
Getting in early as always, keen to redeem myself after a poor year last year :-X

First Draft:

D: Laird, Jor. Dawson (F), Docherty, Doedee, Roberton, Rivers (M) (Worrell (F), Bianco (M))
M: Fyfe, Cripps, Mitchell, Dangerfield, Oliver, Rowell, Henry (F), M Pickett (Smith (F), Maginness, Sharp)
R: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron (F))
F: Whitfield (M), Martin (M), D Smith (M), S Hill (D), Rankine, King (McAdam, Budarick (M))

6.5k in the bank.

Rookies obviously placeholders for now.

Defence: Laird is my first picked every year, he had a lean year last year but you know he'll be a top 6-10 defender and is a safe pick IMO. Dawson averaged 86 last year in his first full season and I reckon will only get better, and he offers D/F DPP which is handy. Docherty, Doedee, Roberton all locks at their prices if they play round one.

Midfielders: All of Fyfe, Cripps, Mitchell, Dangerfield pick themselves really. I might go Neale/Macrae over Oliver if I have leftover cash.

Rucks: As above, Gawn and Grundy pick themselves.

Forwards: As above, Whitfield and Martin pick themselves. Dev and S Hill are also definitely underpriced for what they can produce, and I think I'll be happy to punt on them if they get named round one. Steven and Franklin are other options I'll look at as well.