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Title: Support Request for Exterior League
Post by: Saintbart1 on December 28, 2008, 11:01:51 AM
Hi there...

I tried to email this but both email addresses have bounced back, so not sure what the problem is there.  Anyway, thought I'd post this here instead, and see if I can get some response....
Hi there,

I use your site extensively for input of scores to the league that I admin but was wondering whether you could support the scoring system I use so I can get things a bit more automated.

I basically use the supercoach scoring system but with a twist.  Back line listed players do not add to your score but take away from your oppositions.  There are six backline players that do this just like a normal team.  I added this so percentages would be a little more realistic.

I currently just use a forum to run the league, but I’m also looking for other ideas (eg. Software)

You are quite welcome to go into the forum I’ve created (you will need to sign up as a user) just to familiarise yourself with the competition and last year’s details.  The league is called the Extreme Football League. 

The link to the site is here:

I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Thanks for your time and have a merry Christmas and a great new year,


Title: Re: Support Request for Exterior League
Post by: m0nty on December 28, 2008, 10:10:53 PM
Saintbart1, if that's the only deviation from a normal league then it shouldn't be too hard to maintain. You can manage it via creating a bunch of exteams using the Super Coach system.

I haven't got a flexible league system running on FanFooty now - ours is rather set in stone with our own scoring system and only 11 per team with 7 on the bench - so I don't think I can help you directly, sorry mate.