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Matchday / Re: Rd 22 - Richmond vs Essendon - Fri 17/08 7:50pm MCG
« Last post by TomK on Today at 12:18:43 AM »
Devon Smith a bit silly?
very silly, lucky it didn't connect
Americas XVIII DreamTeam / Re: ADT: Finals Week 3 2018
« Last post by kilbluff1985 on Yesterday at 11:58:55 PM »
Tiger Sharks

Capt: Tom Mitchell
V/C: Lachie Hunter
E/V/C: Callan Ward

Def: Kaiden Brand, Teia Miles, Mitch Brown 71, Conor McKenna 73
Mids: Tom Mitchell, Callan Ward,  Lachie Hunter, Jordan Lewis, James Harmes, Mitch Duncan
Rucks: Tom Bellchambers 94
Fwds: Chad Wingard, Lewis Taylor, Josh Jenkins, Luke Breust
I/C: Nat Fyfe, Daniel Rioli 87, Travis Varcoe

Emerg: Scott Thompson [def], Zac Giles-Langdon [fwd],  Will Walker  [mid]

World XVs / Re: WXV Awards Night 2018
« Last post by Boomz on Yesterday at 11:57:32 PM »
Ghosts have feelings too  :'(
Matchday / Re: Rd 22 - Richmond vs Essendon - Fri 17/08 7:50pm MCG
« Last post by Toga on Yesterday at 11:31:58 PM »
Devon Smith a bit silly?
World XVs / Re: WXV Awards Night 2018
« Last post by Torpedo10 on Yesterday at 11:24:37 PM »
Punch...Punch me?  :'(
World XVs / Re: WXV Preliminary Finals: Wolves v Tigers, Thunder v Destroyers
« Last post by Toga on Yesterday at 11:23:28 PM »
Well, not an ideal start from Beijing with our fill-ins Rioli & Guelfi combining for just over 100 points.

On the bright side there was no 200-point Mr Brightside this week and Rance was quietish :-X
World XVs / Re: WXV Awards Night 2018
« Last post by Levi434 on Yesterday at 11:22:38 PM »

I wish Belly was still on the Jags.

Question 4: Coach you’d most like to punch?
1 Vote: Torp
1 Vote: RD
1 Vote: ML
1 Vote: Jay
1 Vote: HP
1 Vote: Holz
1 Vote: elephants
1 Vote: Boomz
2 Votes: Edgelord
3 Votes: JB
5 Votes: UpTheCows

Winner is... UTM with 5 votes! Congratulations Cunt!

Interesting Answers:
"JB, because he's the most frustrating person to try to trade with because he can't construct a sentence and have a normal conversation. 3 word responses, going nowhere. That's punch worthy!"

"Punching is vile, but I'd gladly uppercut upthemaidens."

"RD for every time he creams his pants at the thought of New York's 'high quality' youth in Dunstan, Langford, Anderson and Ellis-Yolmen."

"Boomz - it wont matter, he is a ghost."

"MajorLazer; he sounds tasty, and full of vitamins."

"HP probably, because he's too nice to hit me back. I'd like UTM to punch others on my behalf if I had the option, he would do far more damage"

"Toughie here, I'll go JBs-Hawks just because he goes for Hawthorn."

"Jay, because he let UTM become Co-Coach."

Good to hear these ones:

"wouldn't punch any all champs"

"None have the utmost respect for all coaches"

World XVs / Re: WXV Awards Night 2018
« Last post by Toga on Yesterday at 11:14:41 PM »
Loving some of these ;D

Especially the Holz because who would want Norf players and Levi owning the entire Carlton list haha ;D
World XVs / Re: WXV Awards Night 2018
« Last post by Levi434 on Yesterday at 11:13:20 PM »

I understand that this was a hypothetical for all of you.

Question 3: Most likely to persuade their partner to create an FF account?
1 Vote: Purp
1 Vote: UTM
1 Vote: AK
1 Vote: HP
2 Votes: Torpedo 10
2 Votes: RD
2 Votes: Nige
2 Votes: meow
3 Votes: Levi
3 Votes: Holz

Winner is... Leviand also Holz with 3 votes! Congratulations Holzman and Leavei!

Interesting Answers:
"Holz would do it and make sure they get a WXVs coaching gig, and then actually use that account to help make trades to benefit Dublin and make the other team a feeder club."

"Torpedo - so that he can talk to his girlfriend online without having to use MSN. Do kids still use that?"

"Nige. his left hand probably has a separate account"

"Toss up between Purps and Torp I reckon, Purps maybe would lean towards just showing off his spreadsheets, so I'll lock in the Torpedo."

"Levi434. I'm pretty sure his bae already has an FF account."

"Ha, like any of us have ‘partners’."

"RD and AK already have accounts"

"UTM is known for his love of introducing people to FF. He brought me here."

"As much as I've tried with my partner, alas she won't go near FF, yet alone an AFL game with me :'(. If I have to say another coach, Holz. The way he can talk people into doing what he wants amazes me. Surely this applies with his partner too."

"Holz, because he would only engage in a relationship with his intellectual equal who would be as competitive as himself."

World XVs / Re: WXV Awards Night 2018
« Last post by meow meow on Yesterday at 11:04:28 PM »
The thought has crossed my mind.
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