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World XVs / Re: WXV Rules Discussion 2017
« Last post by Purple 77 on Today at 05:58:22 PM »
And another vote in!

1. Rested Player Late Call-Up
Currently, if you have nominated someone to be rested in a given week and, for example, he is a forward, and someone in your forward line is a late withdrawal and you have no other forwards in your starting 18, the current interpretation of the rule is that rested player comes in at quarter points because:
    - you can't rest someone if you have to field an OOP in his place; and 
    - if there is no one in your starting 18 that can replace a player for full points, the next available player comes in at quarter points.

A) Change to: If this scenario happens again, instead the rested player is to be ignored for selection and someone has to come in OOP like normal. The rested player would keep his rested bonus for next week. However, this is only permissible if:
   - the players selected in the 18 are named in AFL best 22s at start of the week
B) Keep as is

With 10 votes to 3, A wins, so that is our second change for 2018!

4. Allow Teams to 'Trade' below Minimum Salary Cap?
A) Yes
B) No

With 10 votes to 3, I'm personally disappointed to see 'A' win. But the people have spoken, so that's our third change.

9. Trading of Officially Retired Players
A) Continue to allow for those struggling with minimum cap
B) Disallow

With 10 votes to 3, B wins, so this practice is officially banned and will render the trade void.
Players & Trades in SC / Re: Round 22 Team Announcements
« Last post by Ringo on Today at 05:51:51 PM »
Not a happy camper  >:(
What annoys me no mention in injury reports,
World XVs / Re: WXV Rules Discussion 2017
« Last post by Purple 77 on Today at 05:51:44 PM »
With 12 votes in now, we have another two rules decided:

2. Sub rule for named OOP players
Currently, if you are forced to name a player OOP and he is available to be subbed out, he can't be subbed out because the rule states that a player can only be subbed out if his replacement can come on for full points. 

A) Change to: The OOP player can be subbed out for another OOP player, ONLY if the original OOP was named a result of having no available players to fill that position. Of course, the replacement will still have a 50% penalty for being OOP.
B) Keep as is

With 10 votes to 2, A wins, so that's our first difference for next year!

3. Ruck OOP (haven't forgotten about the 'Pinch-Hit' suggestion. That will be in the next PM)
A) Instead of a 50% penalty to your OOP player, award a 50% bonus to the opposition ruck, to make it more realistic.
B) Keep as is

With 10 votes to 2, B wins, so we'll continue to enforce a 50% penalty for ruck OOPs
Players & Trades in SC / Re: Who to field Rd 22
« Last post by Ringo on Today at 05:51:03 PM »
With Hurley out decision made for me.  Hope no more carnage when teams drop.
Players & Trades in SC / Re: Round 22 Team Announcements
« Last post by fanTCfool on Today at 05:49:14 PM »
Not a happy camper  >:(
World XVs / Re: WXV Rules Discussion 2017
« Last post by Nige on Today at 05:43:43 PM »
Has Purps not asked for at least 50 on multiple occasions?
Players & Trades in SC / Re: Round 22 Team Announcements
« Last post by shaker on Today at 05:38:36 PM »
Hurley out with a calf injury
World XVs / Re: WXV Rules Discussion 2017
« Last post by Holz on Today at 05:26:02 PM »
So didnt get through 50 but put up a sizable list. Did  players with A surnames excluding irrelevant ones then a few example.

So its Player, Ossie Average, Holz Average, Difference, Explination if needed

Ryan Abbott 0 0 0 players who haven't played dont change
Gary Ablett 114.5 114.5 0
Blake Acres 71 71 0
Marcus Adams 80 80 0
Taylor Adams 101 106 5 - small increase to reflect that Taylor has listed his average slightly this year
Callum Ah Chee 58.5 57.5 -1
Ben Ainsworth 62 62 0
James Aish 57 57 0
Alirr Alirr 65 64 -1
Karl Amon 59 59 0
Harris Andrews 67 70 3
David Astbury 69 74 5
Shuan Atley 66 68.5 2.5

Now no major differences in any of them a few have improved a few points to reflect their increased scoring this year.

Heath Shaw 102 84.5 -17.5 major dip to reflect the truth that Shaw is no longer a 100+ defender.
Josh Kelly 89 112 22.5 kelly has gone ul alot given is a star of this comp and one of the MVP in the league
Clayton Oliver 95 112 17 note he cost more then Kelly under ossie cap because he was a 2nd year player.
Todd Goldstein 112.5 107 -5.5 Goldy clearly dropped but Ossie has that 128 season lingering in his average.
Dustin Martin 110 118 8 Dustin been a star for years so hence still priced at 110 under ossie but he is a top 3 player and my system reflects this

Nic Nat 105 105 0 under both systems priced the same so no need to worry about the libba rule
Matthew Kreuzer 90 110 20 perhaps the only contentions one but Kreuz is the number 1 ruck in the comp and 90 is way too low. Note he costs 12 points less then heath shaw

If people have any requests pleas ask.

World XVs / Re: WXV Awards 2017
« Last post by Ricochet on Today at 05:20:34 PM »
We have to put up BTB

Even with the amount of public pressure we put on him to beat "superstar" Brad, Matty continues to perform week in week out.

Oh and he's averaged 122 since RD10, but meh as long as he keeps beating Brad each week then he gets our votes
World XVs / Re: WXV Awards 2017
« Last post by iZander on Today at 05:19:01 PM »
Ah flower, do i really have to have a coaches award?

Ill nominate Zach Tuohy, had a great year, stepping up at his new role at Geelong.

Rising star nom will be Berry, dunno if i need one of these though
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