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Players & Trades in SC / Re: The dumbest trading season I've ever had
« Last post by Judd Magic on Today at 02:16:45 AM »
Will be interesting to see how Billings goes if Richo keeps playing him on  wing.  ???
Players & Trades in SC / Re: The dumbest trading season I've ever had
« Last post by bkimm32 on Today at 02:12:44 AM »
Bringing Billings back is future dumb.
If Richo keeps him in a wing role, he could average 95+ for the rest of the season, as he did last year. Tell me one other player at 330k who has the potential to do that.

I'll wait.
Players & Trades in SC / Re: Last Mid Prem
« Last post by quinny88 on Today at 02:08:37 AM »
Hijacking thread, I have Macrae, need to trade him to either Oliver, Cripps, Ablett, Treloar or Kelly.  Rank them please!  Leaning towards Oliver or Kelly. Don't trust Blues, Treloar burnt me last year and Ablett has the injury/resting history.

Oliver > Cripps > Treloar > Kelly > Ablett
AFL Ultimate Team Game / Re: UTG Season 3: Trade-Ins, Sales & Duplicates
« Last post by Holz on Today at 01:58:46 AM »
Jeremy Mcgovern
Mini game frag
Menegola frag
Jordan Lewis
Tom Lynch
Brandon Ellis
Extra Player

For a random plat.

Adelaide / Re: Adelaide 2018 Premiership Season Mega Thread
« Last post by elephants on Today at 01:47:27 AM »
    1. Richmond
    2. Port Adelaide
    3. Geelong
    4. Essendon
    5. Sydney
    6. GWS
    7. Melbourne
    8. Carlton
    9. St Kilda
    10. Gold Coast Suns
    11. Western Bulldogs
    12.  Hawthorn
    13. Adelaide
    14. West Coast
    15. Fremantle
    16. Brisbane Lions
    17. Collingwood
    18. North Melbourne


    @TomK  :-X

    6/8 top 8 picks.... guess you gotta take the good with the bad....

    You got some kind of vendetta mate? You've been following me around across the forums trolling me like a child.

    Says the drongo fishing in the Adelaide board, interesting.

    Jeez you blokes sook up something fierce. Go and cry to someone who gives a shower mate.

    At least TomK can have a laugh, which is all I was going for.

    Anyway, don't see Adelaide improving enough to get a Top 8 spot this year. Need a big win tonight against Hawthorn or you can pretty much write the season off to injuries and weird pre-season shower. Should be able to do a quick mini-rebuild with salary cap space provided by Betts and Sloane leaving and give 2019 a fair crack.

    I'll say it out loud for bragging rights if it happens, but if Adelaide struggle to post more than a couple wins in the back half then I reckon it'll be new coach, new captain. Very slim chance, but there's some weird shower going on and if you start losing some talent to it then those questions will come from the supporter base or from the board. At the very least the strength and conditioning staff need some turnover. I have no doubt there will be a little inquiry internally as to how so many of those injuries occurred.

    You talk like you and Tomk are mates. He thinks you're a flog, as does everyone else on FF.

    Did a big man touch you while wearing an Adelaide guernsey? Is that why you hate them so much? Was it Tex? :o
    UTG Mini Games Board / Re: Byes: The Bonanza
    « Last post by Holz on Today at 01:30:26 AM »
    Random frag score

    Going to trade it in right away
    Players & Trades in SC / Re: R14 CAPTAIN
    « Last post by Bluesalltheway on Today at 12:21:49 AM »
    Titch into Grundy most likely
    AFL Ultimate Team Game / Re: UTG Season 3: Trade-Ins, Sales & Duplicates
    « Last post by fanTCfool on Yesterday at 11:47:21 PM »
    Adam Cerra
    Adam Cerra
    Danyle Pearce
    Danyle Pearce
     = Freo Gold for me

    PB receives,

    Blakely, Connor   Gold
    AFL Ultimate Team Game / Re: UTG Season 3: Trade-Ins, Sales & Duplicates
    « Last post by fanTCfool on Yesterday at 11:46:55 PM »

    For eagles gold

    Holz receives,

    McGovern, Jeremy   Gold
    The Front Bar / Re: Pokemon Go
    « Last post by Ziplock on Yesterday at 11:33:22 PM »
    Finally caught my first Hitmonchan cause of the new tracker, big fan of it so far, only issue I have is no sightings at all now so have no idea what is around unless it is near a pokestop

    its how it should have always have been i dont want a super tracker where i can get anything i want i like the fun or things popping up at random rather then chasing down a charizard.


    When they release trading they'll have gotten the game to where it should have been on release imo.

    hahahaha, huge announcement today that pokemon go is releasing trading!
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