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Author Topic: Supercoach Keeper League with Salary Cap  (Read 1532 times)
Jack Richards
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Fantasy Coach

« on: April 19, 2015, 06:44:18 PM »

Looking to make a Supercoach Keeper league with a Salary Cap. Will run on Google Docs and off another forum (designed purely for the league to name squads, draft records and each team). This keeper league will be designed to be as close to the real AFL as possible.

Team rules
- 16 clubs will recruit 44 players from across all AFL teams.
- Each coach will have $10.6 Million to pay players each year (this will increase in line with the AFL's)
Naming squads
- Each squad must name 2Key forwards, 2 key Defenders and 1 Ruck in a 22 named squad.
- Other positions must be filled with like players e.g Michael Walters would be a forward pocket and not a defender.
- Midfielders can play in the forward flanks and midfields but must reflect their playing style.
- Best 18 go to your overall score for that round.

- Each club will initially bid on their 44 players Depending on coaches votes could be a draft with set prices
- Veterans (over 28 and spent 4 years on the team list) will be paid a veterans allowance of 1% of the salary cap (160,000)
- Salary will increase each year based on AFL games played
0 games - no price increase
1-4 games - $2000
5-10 games - $4000
10 -16 - $5000
16+ - $6000

- Each new draftee taken in the NAB draft will be on a two year contract.
- Rookies in the PSD will be on a 1 year.
1st round draft picks will be on $115,000 a year
2nd round picks will be on $90,000
All other rounds and PSD picks will be on $70,000

Extending contracts
All draftees can be extended from their intital two year deal by the following percentages
2 years = 2% of the salary cap
3 years = 3% of slary cap
4 years = 5% of the salary cap
5 years = 6% of the salary cap

- After the inital contract all draftees can be extended by up to 5 years and must be greater than 6% of the salary cap and higher than their previous contract.
Veteran contracts
Veterans contracts are year to year and do not go up in price on games played.

Delisting players
Any player can be delisted at the end of any season, but in the case of:
- A player walks away from AFL all payment to said player are waived
- A player is delisted by their respected club, then a coach needs to pay 30% of their contract
- A player is forced into retirement, must be paid 50% of their contract
*If a coach decides to delist a player mid contract. Full contract must be paid out* at the end of that year.

Clubs can begin trades during the week of AFL semi Finals and will finish the day after the AFL draft (This is open to negotiation)
- Clubs can trade draft picks, players and salary.
- If a club ends up with more salary than given at the start of each season, they can use that salary for the following year only and must get back within the given salary allowance at the end of the offseason
- Any coach who trades for a contracted player must still pay that salary for years remaining.
- Any coach who trades for a player coming out contract must sign the player for a salary higher than that of the previous contract.

Out of contract players
Any player who is delisted and out of contract will be classed as a free agent.
- They will be available for bidding with a starting price of $50,000.
- Each coach will have up to 24 hours to make a bid in (in full thousands dollars). After 24 hours that coach will get the player at that price and as such will need to make sure they have the fund available.

- The national draft order will be in reverse ladder order from the previous season.
- Priority picks will given to clubs gaining less than 4 wins which will coincide with their ladder/draft position e.g a club who finishes bottom of the ladder will be given pick 1 and 2.
- Each club must use at least 3 draft picks in the National Draft
- Each coach has 24hrs to make a pick. If no selection is made, the coach will receive the next highest pick from the national draft.

If this gets enough coaches interested now, we can begin the initial draft and set up of the Google Document.

Draft picks will be decided on the average yearly score of your best 18 players for this year.

Put your name down below
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