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Author Topic: List Management 2015/16  (Read 2895 times)
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Grew Up On Or Around A Spud Farm

« on: October 04, 2015, 12:09:21 AM »

Senior List

#2 - Jarryd Roughead
#3 - Jordan Lewis
#4 - Matthew Suckling
#5 - Sam Mitchell
#6 - Josh Gibson
#7 - Ben Mcvoy
#8 - Taylor Duryea
#9 - Shaun Burgoyne
#10 - Bradley Hill
#11 - Brendan Whitecross
#12 - James Frawley
#13 - Jonathan O'Rourke
#14 - Grant Birchall
#15 - Luke Hodge
#16 - Isaac Smith
#17 - Brian Lake
#18 - Jonathon Ceglar
#19 - Jack Gunston
#20 - David Hale
#21 - James Sicily
#22 - Luke Breust
#23 - Tim O'Brien
#24 - Ben Stratton
#25 - Ryan Schoenmakers
#26 - Liam Shiels
#27 - Matthew Spangher
#28 - Paul Puopolo
#29 - Will Langford
#30 - Kaiden Brand
#31 - Angus Litherland
#32 - Jonathan Simpkin
#33 - Cyril Rioli
#34 - Kurt Heatherley
#36 - Zac Webster
#37 - Jed Anderson
#38 - Dallas Willsmore
#39 - Alex Woodward
#40 - Billy Hartung
#41 - Daniel Howe
#42 - Teia Miles
#43 - Marc Pittonet

Rookie List

#35 - Sam Grimley
#44 - Jared Hardisty
#45 Jermaine Miller-Lewis
#46 - Lachlan Langford
#47 - Shem Tatupu

Category B Rookies

Conor Glass

VFL/Fringe Player Review

Brendan Whitecross - Played four senior games with little impact. In the VFL he was fantastic, being named in the best 7/15 times. During the final month of the season he averaged 27 disposals and 8.7 marks.

Jonathan O'Rourke - Showed some good signs in his two senior appearances. However, in his 19 games for Box Hill O'Rourke didn't reach any great heights with the exception of a few games. His season highlight was a 24 disposal/13 mark/5 tackle/3 goal performance vs Port Melbourne in June. Was named in the best six times for the year but only once after July.

Jonathon Ceglar - Played 14 games but was overlooked in favour of McEvoy/Hale later in the year while also suffering a back injury. Averaged 34 hitouts and 1 goal a game for Box Hill. Will likely become a regular with the retirement of Hale.

James Sicily - Cracked the senior side a few times and did some good things. Had a promising, if inconsistent VFL season - kicked 3+ goals on 5 occasions but also failed to kick a goal in 7 matches. Will be looking to add to his game tally in 2016.

Tim O'Brien - Hard to judge where #23 is at. On the one hand he went from four senior appearances in 2014 to none in 2015, on the other he lifted his goal kicking from 12 (16 games) to 25 (20 games). Was named in the best six times. A very important season coming up to determine if he is AFL quality.

Matthew Spangher - Played a few games in both the AFL and VFL while being hampered by hamstring issues. Continues to be a warrior but is unlikely to get significant opportunities unless injuries hit.

Will Langford - Had a really unsettled year with form and a couple of injuries. Was one of the best in the VFL grand final loss but it remains to be seen whether he can return to being a permanent best 22.

Kaiden Brand - Looked to really be hitting his straps in 2014 with a top 6 finish in Box Hill's B+F but a shoulder injury in the NAB ruined his season. At 198cm and with the Hawks having an ageing backline he should continue to be a required player.

Angus Litherland - Slipped from 13 games in 2014 to 6 in 2015 but always shows something when he plays. For Box Hill he was named in the best for 5/13 games. Should get his chance to impress again next season.

Jonathan Simpkin - Only managed the one senior game despite dominating at VFL level. He routinely racked up 25+ possessions and also kicked 15 goals in his 20 games. Unfortunately for the soon-to-be 28 year old it appears he is being overlooked in favour of younger players.

Zac Webster - Has played very little football in the past 15 months due to hamstring injuries. Hasn't shown a huge amount when he has played and will likely be delisted.

Jed Anderson - Played a handful of games at the start of 2015 without making much impact. He bided his time in the VFL, being named in the best for 6/15 games and kicking 25 goals with a season high of 6. Will continue to battle with the likes of Hartung, O'Rourke and Sicily for a spot.

Dallas Willsmore - In his second season on the list Dallas was up and down for Box Hill but he was named in the best 3 times in the last 4 games. He didn't kick a heap of goals but had a standout game against Footscray in September where he booted five. Will be given time to develop further.

Alex Woodward - It seemed like things were headed in the right direction for the Liston Medal winner but a third acl in four years means he is unlikely to be contesting for a senior spot until 2017, if ever. Hawthorn will likely stand by Alex but an argument could be made that parting ways would be in the best interests of the club.

Daniel Howe - Impressively played four senior games in his debut year and was pretty good in the VFL but needs to find a bit more of the ball. Showed he could rotate through defence and the mids while also impacting the scoreboard (9 goals from 14 games).

Teia Miles - Played 20 games for Box Hill in his debut year and generally had a disposal count in the high teens. Was only named in the best 3 times but was able to kick 8.5 for the season and provided a good link out of defence. Needs to tackle more. I have hopes he'll be a player of the future.

Marc Pittonet - Will move up the pecking order with Hale gone but still has a long way to go. Had 20+ hitouts in 6/19 games and kicked 8 goals. Gave away 32 free kicks for the year suggesting he had trouble contending with more experienced opponents.

Kurt Heatherley - Got a taste in the NAB and was serviceable for Box Hill. Another year in the VFL should give a clearer picture of if he has a chance of making it.

Sam Grimley - Demoted to the rookie list for 2015 he continued to be Box Hill's main goalkicker. Could potentially be kept on the list as ruck security but is just as likely to be delisted.

Jared Hardisty - Split his time between the VFL and Development League. Found a bit of the ball and has a dip but disposal efficiency and stamina are a concern.

Jermaine Miller-Lewis - Spent his debut season in the Development League where his form was patchy. Hopefully not another one we lose to the go home factor.

Lachlan Langford - Another one who was held back in the Dev League but there was some positive signs for Langford Jr. Kicked 14 goals in 17 games and was one of the best in the Grand Final.

Shem Tatupu - The most impressive performance by any of the rookies came from the New Zealand man mountain. After kicking 13 goals in 7 games for the Development League team he was given the opportunity to suit up for Box Hill and didn't disappoint - kicking 17 goals from 11 matches. He doesn't win many possession at all and fell away in the heat of the finals but he's an intriguing prospect who is a small chance of being upgraded to the senior list.


Alex Woodward
Sam Grimley
Jared Hardisty
Jonathan Simpkin


David Hale
Brian Lake


Jed Anderson to North Melbourne for Pick #15.

Free Agency

Matt Suckling to Western Bulldogs.
Jack Fitzpatrick to Hawthorn.
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2015, 09:30:50 AM »

Suckling off to the bulldogs on a 3 year deal.
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Titz Out For LeBois! Titz Out for LeBois!

« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2015, 10:00:02 AM »

What do you think the hawks will be willing to give up for Yarran?
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« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2015, 03:24:46 PM »

Jed Anderson for West Coast's 3rd round pick.

Hawks to confirm.

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Fantasy coach

« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2015, 03:27:07 PM »

Jed Anderson for West Coast's 3rd round pick.

Hawks to confirm.

2018 EXV Premier
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« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2015, 03:27:55 PM »

Jed Anderson for West Coast's 3rd round pick.

Hawks to confirm.


Haha I'm pretty keen on him simply because every Hawks fan I know loves him! Not too sure what we'd give though...
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Titz Out For LeBois! Titz Out for LeBois!

« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2015, 03:40:50 PM »

Yeah every hawks fan I know loves him too!
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2015, 05:28:48 PM »

Yeah every hawks fan I know loves him too!

And every Kangaroo fan has a new love in their life.  8)
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