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Author Topic: Essendon dont win a game  (Read 6206 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 22, 2016, 07:25:47 PM »

That's ridiculous to even consider the Bombers not winning a game. AFL football is unpredictable and I'm adamant that they will still finish ahead of Carlton (the supplements program has not done half the damage that Malthouse sadly inflicted upon Carlton - he really was not fit to coach and I don't think he really cared about Carlton to the same extent he did the Bulldogs, Eagles, & Magpies - I assume he viewed the appointment as a way to occupy his time).

Goddard is aggressive, but will make a fine captain, and having Baguley as vice-captain will balance out the leadership duo (one will focus on success on the field while the other will be more concerned with player welfare).

They will have some unpredictable wins. But my opinion is to just think of a slightly better 2015 Carlton side. The top-up players provide them with ready-made depth that Carlton did not have last year.

The worst thing the Bomber's could do now is not back their young players (even if it costs them 1 or 2 wins) - but they still need to have AFL-ready players on the field to protect the junior players.

I think they will be fine (bottom tier of the ladder, but nothing to be ashamed of considering what they have to work with). I would call 3-5 wins (maybe 1-2 in the first half of the season and 2-4 in the second half of the season when some teams start leaking wins)

The Biggest Challenge:

The game Bomber's fans need to worry about is the ANZAC day clash. Buckley will be desperate not to lose face with the Magpie's faithful and will see it as an opportunity to divert their attention from his poor coaching by attempting to win the game by a significant margin (i.e. 60-120pts). If Essendon can make the margin less than 18 points (or hopefully win it), that would be a moment to remember (just imagine the look on McGuire's face because they consider themselves a lock in the top 8 and a top 4 challenger).

3-5 is a big call.

I think they'll duel it out with Carlton, but I'd be surprised if any other team struggled against them (except maybe brisbane?)

I don't think they'll be winless. But I think 3 wins is a best case scenario, and no wins is entirely possible.
Worst case scenario, they will be like Gold Coast in their opening year (they managed 3 wins). The difference is that the Essendon Football club is more established in the AFL than the GCS (over a century compared to less than a year). Their players have AFL experience and have experience playing along side the younger talent (Z. Merrett/Daniher/Laverde in their current years > Swallow/Prestia/Bennell in their first year). The defensive line is where I see them having trouble (serious lack of talls). They will need to play a purely offensive brand of football if they want to get wins (and that means that the team cannot afford to sustain clangers - if they make a mistake, the back line is be unlikely to rectify a situation in which the ball travels inside their back 50). An offensive game plan will also mean sustaining significant loses to the more offensively dominant sides (centre corridor teams like Geelong and Port usually struggle against the full strength Bombers in what becomes a shoot-out, the Bomber's won't have the personnel to do this against these teams so a contingency plan will be needed against sides like this).

I think that Essendon's 2016 team (based on the clubs operations, players available, and experience of their rookies) is better than either the expansion teams in their inaugural seasons. I think whether they win 3 or more games will depend more of the opposition than themselves (excluding Carlton and Brisbane if they suffer from another injury crisis).

Basically, what the Bombers need to do is play the best they can every week (and not make any errors - errors cost games), and every so often they will come across a team that, figuratively, has not turned up to the ground (Port, Collingwood, Nth Melbourne, and the Bulldogs are all clubs that sometimes just have shockers - I'm not saying Essendon will likely beat any of the aforementioned clubs, but if they play to perfection every week, using what they have, while one of these sides suffers a complete fade out, the Bombers could steal a miraculous win).

But the first step for the club is to evaluate what they have, and how to consistently get the best out of their resources (something the Bomber's have failed to do for the last decade - even before the supplements scandal - this is why Woosha was the obvious man for the job). If they cannot manage that, it will be 1-3 wins

I'm optimistic about the Bombers though, the club usual perseveres through hard times and I like the young talent on their list - that's probably why my predictions would seem a bit far-fetched to most  :)   

I guess we'll see- Essendon don't have a GAJ in his prime :P
That's why I'm expecting big things from Goddard this year  :P (despite what a lot of people say, in some situations, one person is the difference)

My criticisms are that he is not the leader that GAJ is (he really needs to be more patience - esp. now that most of the team are 1st to 4th year players)

Goddard's a very good player, but at his best he's maybe a top 10 midfielder in the competition... but he's 31 this year- I'm not sure if he's comparable to an inform GAJ
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