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2016 m0nty Medallist DT - 29th Overall DT 2016

« on: March 22, 2016, 07:19:09 PM »

Hi All
These are just some guidelines and FAQ's all in one topic so that the boards don't get clogged with too many stickied threads.

Searching the Forums

Would be great if people could search the forum or check the page before posting a new topic,so we don't have a heap of threads all on the same topic.This will keep the boards from clogging up.
The search function is on the right hand side of your page at the top.

Team Advice Boards

 - Please try not to start a bazillion threads, just update your original post if you can find it.Use search function to locate or make your team a bookmark.
- Please don't delete team threads as you make a new team as you are taking post's away from members which increases their site rank. Leave your old team there and post the new team with changes into the same thread.Doing this puts people off from commenting on your team.
- Please don't constantly ask people to rate your team when commenting on their team.If they wish to comment on your team they will go to your team thread and do so of their own accord
- Please try not to hijack someone else's team thread,if you wish for people to comment on your team just make your own thread.
 -Maybe give some background on why you've picked certain players
 - Tell us how much cash you have left.
 - Set it out in an easy to read why! DON'T COPY AND PASTE FROM SC SITE. People won't read it... Copy and paste from FF is fine. You can use copy and paste from the bottom of the fanplanner to post your team. Just copy the bit under BBCode for copying and pasting on forums: and paste it into your post. Copying Team as a picture is also OK but just remember takes up a fair bit of space so anyone commenting has to do a fair bit of scrolling.
 - Remember this is a forum for everyone so try and contribute as well.
 - Finally remember ratings and comments are just coaches opinions so there will be times when they will differ so keep that in mind.

Set up:

Backs: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6, (Player 7, Player 8. )

Midfield: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6,Player 7, Player 8, (Player 9, Player 10)

Rucks: Player 1, Player 2 (Player 3, Player 4)

Forwards: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6, (Player 7 Player 8,)
Cash Left: $??,11.0.html
Link to AF Team Advice Boards


Dual Emergencies

I put the E on both my players in the forward line which players score do I get?

If you have the E on 2 players in the one position,you will get there lower score of the 2 added to your score.
If 2 players don't play in that position and you have the E on 2 players,you will get both players scores
If only one of your emergencies play,you get that score providing you have a donut on field.

Captain Loophole

How do I do the Captain Loophole

Let's say I have Tom Rockliff playing on Friday night, and he is my VC. Pendles is my C
Rocky scores 160 points, and I want to take that as my captain score
On my ruck bench, I have Max King, who is playing on Sunday, which is AFTER my VC plays
On the field in my rucks, I have Todd Goldstein, who is playing on Saturday, which is also AFTER my VC plays
To loophole Rocky as my VC, I need to sub Goldy to my bench, and King on to the field. I then have to make King my C, and Goldy my emg. Once the Dees match is over, I will get Rocky's score doubled, and Goldy will cover for King scoring zero

A few notes
- Make sure you plan all this out before the round starts, can sometimes get yourself into a situation where you don't have any emergencies left, or no-one on the field to sub off
- Make sure you set the correct player as your emergency. Sometimes people can leave it on a non-scoring player, or a rookie, and lose themselves more points than what they gain
- I usually have Goldstein as a permanent emergency with King on the field, so I never have to worry about subbing players on and off, makes things a whole lot easier. However this is specific to me, it really depends who you have as a non-scoring player and who you are subbing them with, and who your VC and C are
- Generally you should loophole a score that is higher than the average of your captain, but there can be exceptions depending on your league match, a player's history against a certain team, etc etc

Any thread that is started in the wrong section will be moved by the mods to the correct one.

Anyone posting multiple team threads will have it merged the first time after that mods will delete them.It is easy enough to find your original one,the mods manage to do this all the time
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