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Author Topic: Quito Quetzals  (Read 1958 times)
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« on: August 20, 2016, 04:35:37 PM »

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« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2016, 05:50:13 PM »

  Playing List & Best XVIII 
1. Tom J Lynch (F)
2. Ed Curnow (M)
3. Callum Mills (D)
4. Rhys Mathieson (M/F)
5. Josh Dunkley (F)
6. Jacob Hopper (M)
7. Hugh McCluggage (M/F)
8. Jack Bowes (D)
9. Matthew Wright (F)
10. Will Setterfield (M/F)
11. Josh Smith (D)
12. Tom Phillips (M)
13. Aliir Aliir (D)
14. Ben Ainsworth (F)
15. Jordan Roughead (R)
16. Scott Lycett (R)
17. Matthew Suckling (D)
18. Matt Dea (D)
19. Jacob Allison (M)
20. Sebastian Ross (M)
21. Patrick Lipinski (M/F)
22. Shaun Higgins (M)
23. Jeremy Cameron (F)
24. Nick Haynes (D)
25. Tom Campbell (R)
26. Tom Langdon (D)
27. Luke Breust (F)
28. Paul Seedsman (D/M)
29. Daniel Rich (D)
30. Cameron Rayner (M/F)
31. Alex Neal-Bullen (F)
32. David Swallow (M)
33. Dean Towers (F)
34. Reilly O’Brien (R)
35. Mitch McGovern (F)
36. Hamish Brayshaw (M)
37. Mitch Crowden (M/F)
38. Brad Scheer (F)
39. Harry Marsh (D)
40. Brayden Crossley (R)
41. Cam Polson (M/F)
42. Nick Vlastuin (D)
43. Bailey Williams (D)
44. Lewis Jetta (M)
45. Jake Barrett (F)
46. Rupert Wills (M)
47. Nick Coffield (D/M)
48. Dan Houston (D)
49. Ryan Burton (D)
50. Corey Lyons (M)
51. James Worpel (M)
52. Ben Reid (D/F)
53. Jesse Lonergan (M)
54. Darcy Lang (F)
55. Nick Holman (M)
56. Edward Phillips (M)

D: Burton, Haynes, Suckling, Vlastuin
M: Ross, Curnow, Rich, D. Swallow, Mathieson, Hopper
R: Lycett
F: Tom J Lynch, M. Wright, J. Cameron, Higgins
U: Breust, Langdon, M. McGoven
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« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2016, 05:50:54 PM »

Estadio OlĂ­mpico Atahualpa in Quito
Seasoned Coach
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« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2016, 05:59:22 PM »

End of Season 2016 Trade Period

Quito trade: Shane Savage, Corey Ellis, Jared Polec, and NAT Pick 14
Colorado trade: Ed Curnow, Adam Tomlinson, and NAT Pick 39

Reasons: Quito are in a good position in terms of defenders, but desperately lacking another captaincy option to compliment Tom J Lynch, enter Ed Curnow. Tomlinson has shown good signs and could be on the way to another club for more opportunities.

Quito trade: Toby McLean
Ottawa trade: National Pick #28

Reasons: Not entirely sold on McLean as a player, hopeful that we can find a future star at Pick #28.

Anaheim trade: Paul Seedsman, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, and Aaron Vandenberg
Anaheim receive: Sam Mitchell and NAT Picks 36 and 39

Colorado trade: NAT Picks 14 and 36
Colorado receive: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti and Aaron Vandenberg

Quito trade: Sam Mitchell and NAT Pick 39
Quito receive: Paul Seedsman and NAT Pick 14

Reasons: With plenty of youngsters coming through, and our 2016 ladder position to think of, it is time to start moving on the older blokes. Mitchell provides more to a side in the premiership window than us, so I was happy to get back Pick #14 we gave up in the Curnow trade. Should find a young gun. Also think that exchanging Pick #39 for Paul Seedsman is a fair upgrade.

New Brooklyn trade: NAT Picks 5, 29, and 41
Quito trade: Jack Steele, Jackson Thurlow, and Lachie Weller

Reasons: This one is heart in mouth stuff, Pick #5 has the potential to find the next beast, and is some top-end talent up this high in the draft. Between Pick #29 AND #41 we should find another good player. Steele a loss knowing he could be moving clubs, but he hasn't broken into the Giants talented midfield. Thurlow has missed a lot of footy and may struggle to get back in with plenty of changes at the Cats. Finally, Weller has also showed good form inconsistently, but his spot in the Freo side is far from secure.

Quito trade: Aaron Sandilands
Anaheim trade: David Swallow

Reasons: With Nic Nat going down, I am satisfied with Lycett and Roughead to do the ruck duties for Quito next year. Sandilands doesn't have long, so willing to take a punt on David Swallow.

Boston trade: M. Wright and Nat picks 6 and 48
Quito trade: C. Wingard and T. Garner

Reasons: Wright and Wingard averaged much the same in 2016, and I am confident that Wright can continue to average in the 80s in the coming years. There is a lot of up and down about Chad, but he does have that somewhat untapped potential we all know about, so receiving National Pick 6 and 48 was a good top up to balance the trade.

Houston trade: Tom Phillips, Mitch Grigg, NAT Picks 8 and 51, and Rookie Pick 6
Quito trade: Michael Barlow and Kade Simpson

Reasons: While the end is closing in for Barlow and Simpson, they are both SuperCoach royalty and will be missed. However, I am very excited to welcome two young talents in Phillips and Grigg, along with some great picks, to Quito. Phillips had a breakout year, while Grigg looks set to move clubs and receive more opportunities. National Pick 8 and Rookie 6 should find two guns.

Quito trade: Joel Smith and RD Pick 14
Chicago trade: RD Pick 9

Reasons: Making the list size a little smaller, and moving up a little in the Rookie Draft in the process

Quito trade: Chris Yarran and NAT Pick 29
Santiago trade: NAT Pick 19

Reasons: While an exciting player, Quito fear that Yarran may never return to his best, and that is if he does return to AFL. Again shortening the list, we move up a more than handy 10 spots in the draft order.

Quito trade: Garrick Ibbotson and NAT Pick #50
Anaheim trade: RD Pick #10

Reasons: Garrick has been a good footballer for a fair amount of time now, but the scores have been dropping off as injuries become more and more frequent. I have a few names in mind for Rookie 10 and hope they will still be there to pick up when it gets to that stage of the Rookie Draft.

Boston trade: J.Wagner and RD Pick 24
Quito trade: E.Hughes and NAT Picks 28 and 38

Reasons: Quito were impressed with Wagner in his debut year and can see further improvement to come with the youngster. We lose quite a bit in the process but are confident that Josh can develop into an important player for our club

Anaheim trade: Levi Greenwood, Jarryd Blair, Luke Breust, Bailey Williams
Anaheim receive: Luke Hodge, Jobe Watson, NAT Pick 19

Colorado trade: Luke Hodge, Jobe Watson, Dean Towers
Colorado receive: Jarryd Blair, Levi Greenwood, Ryan Griffen

Quito trade: Pick 19, Ryan Griffen
Quito receive: Luke Breust, Dean Towers, Bailey Williams

Reasons: We were keen to add to our forward line having lost Wingard, and see Breust as a very nice pick up. We anticipate that many players currently listed as forwards will lose this position, but are certain that Breust will not, moving him up the pecking order in terms of the top SuperCoach forwards. With a number of high draft picks, we could afford to lose Griffen, knowing that our youth will eventually come through and fill the void in his position. We were also happy to give up one of our many top picks to secure two emerging talents in Towers and Williams, who, with opportunity, should develop into good players for their sides.

Las Vegas trade: Nick Haynes
Quito trade: NAT Pick 14

Reasons: We really rate Haynes as one of the best young defenders in the competition. Giving up our early second round cost is a price to pay, but we are confident that he is worth it given he is already averaging 84 SuperCoach points with, we believe, further room to improve.

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« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2016, 04:17:12 PM »

End of 2016 National Draft Selections

Pick #2 - Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane)

Pick #5 - Jack Bowes (Gold Coast)

Pick #6 - Will Setterfield (GWS)

Pick #8 - Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast)

Pick #26 - Brad Scheer (Gold Coast)

Pick #41 - Corey Lyons (Brisbane)

Pick #48 - Edward Phillips (St. Kilda)

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« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2016, 04:28:17 PM »

End of 2016 Rookie Draft Selections

#2 - Aliir Aliir (Sydney)

#6 - Matt Dea (Essendon)

#9 - Tom Campbell (Western Bulldogs)

#10 - Josh Cowan (Geelong)

#24 - Rupert Wills (Collingwood)

#26 - Brett Eddy (Port Adelaide)

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« Reply #6 on: September 09, 2017, 05:22:05 PM »

Congratulations Seb Ross
Quito Quetzals 2017 B&F Winner

1st: Seb Ross (50 votes)
2nd: Tom J Lynch (29 votes)
3rd: Shaun Higgins (25 votes)
4th: Jeremy Cameron (22 votes)
5th: Daniel Rich (21 votes)

Also polled (by votes): Alex Neal-Bullen, Ed Curnow, Ryan Burton, David Swallow, Matthew Wright, Nick Haynes, Luke Breust, Matthew Suckling, Callum Mills, Josh Smith, Tom Phillips, Dean Towers, Jarrad McVeigh, Jordan Roughead, Lewis Jetta, Jake Barrett, Ben Reid

After a slow start to the season, new recruit Seb Ross got straight into his work, continuing on from a breakout season in 2016. Seb became the reliable captaincy option for the Quetzals, producing 13 tons over the year. His monster score of 151 in Round 16 was a career-best, and contributed to a season average in the triple figures. Quito staff are keen to see the 24 year old midfielder continue to improve in 2018 and beyond.

Get around him!

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« Reply #7 on: September 09, 2017, 05:25:13 PM »

End of Season 2017 Trade Period

Quito trade: Jarrad McVeigh
Anaheim trade: Jacob Allison

Reasons: Allison broke into the Lions line-up at the back end of the 2017 season and showed quite a bit. We were happy to pick him up for one of our veterans nearing the end in McVeigh.

Quito trade: Craig Bird
Anaheim trade: Pat Lipinski

Reasons: Lipinski is a coaches' favourite who got a taste of AFL action in the final round of 2017. Pat is a young gun who is destined to have a long and fruitful career with Quito.

Quito trade: NAT Picks 51 and 63
Anaheim trade: NAT 47

Reasons: Moving up the order in the National Draft, and assisting the sizing of the list.

Quito trade: Adam Tomlinson
Carolina trade: Cameron Polson

Reasons: The Quito midfield needed to be strengthened, and by adding Polson we feel as though we have gained a key piece to doing so for the future. With time, we expect Cam to develop into a Best 22 footballer and an important part of the Quito side.

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« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2017, 04:50:13 PM »

End of 2017 National Draft Selections

Pick #1 - Cameron Rayner (Brisbane)

Pick #13 - James Worpel (Hawthorn)

Pick #15 - Nick Coffield (St. Kilda)

Pick #27 - Hamish Brayshaw (West Coast)

Pick #33 - Mitch Crowden (Fremantle)

Pick #47 - Brayden Crossley (Gold Coast)

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« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2017, 04:51:30 PM »

End of 2017 Rookie Draft Selections

Pick #1 - Dan Houston (Port Adelaide)

Pick #13 - Nick Holman (Gold Coast)

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« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2017, 04:52:27 PM »

Projected 2018 Starting XVIII and Depth

D: D. Rich, T. Langdon, M. Suckling, N. Vlastuin
B. Williams, D. Houston, N. Coffield, N. Haynes, C. Mills, B. Reid, J. Bowes, J. Smith, A. Aliir, M. Dea, H. Marsh

M: S. Ross, E. Curnow, S. Higgins, D. Swallow, J. Hopper, P. Seedsman
L. Jetta, T. Phillips, J. Allison, J. Worpel, H. Brayshaw, J. Barrett, R. Wills, C. Lyons, J. Lonergan, N. Holman, E. Phillips

R: S. Lycett
J. Roughead, T. Campbell, R. O'Brien, B. Crossley

F: TJ Lynch, A. Neal-Bullen, J. Cameron, R. Mathieson
H. McCluggage, C. Rayner, M. McGovern, W. Setterfield, A. Neal-Bullen, B. Ainsworth, D. Towers, P. Lipinski, D. Lang, M. Crowden, B. Scheer, C. Polson

U: L. Breust, R. Burton, J. Dunkley
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