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Author Topic: ROUND 14 2017 TEAM SUBMISSION THREAD  (Read 685 times)
Veteran Coach
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« on: June 19, 2017, 09:12:22 PM »


**Just to remind all coaches: Game on Thursday, Adelaide vs Hawthorn @7:20 PM.

Team Sheets are to be submitted in the following format. Please ensure you also place a (C) and (VC) next to your captain's and vice captain's names in their positions:

Team Name:
Vice Captain:

DEF1: Player -
DEF2: Player -
DEF3: Player -
DEF4: Player -

MID1: Player -
MID2: Player -
MID3: Player -
MID4: Player -

RUC1: Player -

FWD1: Player - 
FWD2: Player -
FWD3: Player -
FWD4: Player -

UTI1: Player -  (position)
UTI2: Player -  (position)

EME1: Player -  (position) 
EME2: Player -  (position) 
EME3: Player -  (position)

Also a reminder to please use this thread only for posting team sheets. Please use the match centre thread for any discussions.
Bench Steward
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 09:22:55 PM »

Team Name: Taiwan Dolphins
Captain: Brad Ebert
Vice Captain: Jarryd Lyons
EME C/VC: Matthew Kreuzer

DEF1: Player - Zac Tuohy
DEF2: Player - Zac Williams
DEF3: Player - Josh Smith
DEF4: Player - Thomas Cutler

MID1: Player - Brad Ebert
MID2: Player - Jarryd Lyons
MID3: Player - Trent Dumont
MID4: Player - Jake Barrett

RUC1: Player - Matthew Kreuzer

FWD1: Player - Isaac Heeney 
FWD2: Player - Bradley Hill
FWD3: Player - Josh Caddy
FWD4: Player - Mason Wood

UTI1: Player -  Brayden Maynard (DEF)
UTI2: Player -  Jordan Murdoch (FWD)

EME1: Player -  Tom Boyd (RUC/FWD)
EME2: Player -  Andrew McGrath (DEF/MID)
EME3: Player -  Mitch Honeychurch (MID/FWD)

IN - Zac Williams, Josh Smith, Trent Dumont, Bradley Hill, Brayden Maynard

OUT - Andrew McGrath, Tom Barrass, Mitch Honeychurch, Jamie Cripps, Peter Wright
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Master Coach
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Break necks.

« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2017, 11:36:02 AM »

Team Name: Laos Elephants
Captain: Ollie Wines
Vice Captain: Dylan Roberton
EME C/VC: Dylan Shiel

DEF1: Player - Dylan Roberton
DEF2: Player - Tom McDonald
DEF3: Player - Jarryn Geary
DEF4: Player - Kamdyn McIntosh

MID1: Player - Ollie Wines
MID2: Player - Dion Prestia
MID3: Player - Dylan Shiel
MID4: Player - Lachie Whitfield

RUC1: Player - Todd Goldstein

FWD1: Player - Jack Riewoldt
FWD2: Player - Jarryd Roughead
FWD3: Player - Tim Membrey
FWD4: Player - Jordan De Goey

UTI1: Player - Travis Boak (mid)
UTI2: Player - Liam Shiels (mid)

EME1: Player - Shane Edwards (mid/fwd)
EME2: Player - Alex Fasolo (fwd)
EME3: Player - Sam Frost (def)
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2017 AXVIII DT Premier
Seasoned Coach
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2017, 01:42:04 PM »

Team Name: PNG Head Hunters
Captain: Tom Rockliff
Vice Captain: Clayton Oliver
EME C/VC: Jack Billings

DEF1: Player - Robbie Tarrant
DEF2: Player - Shane Biggs
DEF3: Player - Luke McDonald
DEF4: Player - Tom Stewart

MID1: Player - Tom Rockliff (C)
MID2: Player - Dyson Heppell (EVC)
MID3: Player - Lachie Hunter
MID4: Player - Tom Scully

RUC1: Player -  Rhys Stanley

FWD1: Player - Jack Billings
FWD2: Player - Jamie Elliott
FWD3: Player - Lachie Weller
FWD4: Player - Alex Neal-Bullen

UTI1: Player - Rory Atkins (mid)
UTI2: Player - Clayton Oliver (VC) (mid)

EME1: Player -  Mav Weller (fwd)
EME2: Player -  Touk Miller (fwd/mid)
EME3: Player -  Lachie Plowman (def)
Coaching Legend
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2014 AF Elxam Champ; Dublin are pie

« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2017, 01:56:22 PM »

Team Name: KL Crocs
Captain: Gary Ablett
Vice Captain: Buddy Franklin
EME C/VC: Steele Sidebottom

DEF1: Player - Heath Shaw
DEF2: Player - Michael Hibberd
DEF3: Player - Shaun Burgoyne
DEF4: Player - Brodie Smith

MID1: Player - Gary Ablett (C)
MID2: Player - Dayne Beams
MID3: Player - Scott Pendlebury
MID4: Player - Joel Selwood

RUC1: Player - Brodie Grundy

FWD1: Player -  Buddy Franklin
FWD2: Player - Luke Dahlhaus
FWD3: Player - Jack Darling
FWD4: Player - Ryan Lester

UTI1: Player -  Steele Sidebottom (MID)
UTI2: Player -  Sam Menegola (MID)

EME1: Player - Jarrod Witts (RUCK) 
EME2: Player - Mitch Hannan (FWD) 
EME3: Player - Ethan Hughes (DEF)
Football Factory
2017 Real Dream Team Winner
Seasoned Coach
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« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2017, 07:44:48 PM »

Team Name: Bangladesh Bears
Captain: David Zaharakis
Vice Captain: Tom Liberatore
EME C/VC: Nat Fyfe

DEF1: Player - Jimmy Webster
DEF2: Player - Nathan Wilson
DEF3: Player - Daniel Howe
DEF4: Player - Jayden Short

MID1: Player - Nat Fyfe (EVC)
MID2: Player - David Zaharakis (C)
MID3: Player - Tom Liberatore (VC)
MID4: Player - David Cuningham

RUC1: Player - Ben McEvoy

FWD1: Player - Taylor Walker
FWD2: Player - Caleb Daniel
FWD3: Player - Will Hayward
FWD4: Player - Jack Lonie

UTI1: Player - Ben Cunnington (MID)
UTI2: Player - Liam Duggan (MID)

EME1: Player - James Aish (MID)
EME2: Player - Michael Hartley (DEF)
EME3: Player - Jonathon Beech (FWD)
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Seasoned Coach
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Go on, pick that midpricer, I dare you

« Reply #6 on: June 21, 2017, 08:45:43 PM »

Team Name: Kathmandu Eskimos
Captain: Andrew Gaff
Vice Captain: Daniel Hannebery
Deputy VC: Isaac Smith

Def1: James Kelly [Mid]
Def2: Lee Spurr
Def3: Lachie Henderson
Def4: Taylor Duryea

Mid1: Daniel Hannebery [Vice]
Mid2: Andrew Gaff [Capt]
Mid3: Liam Picken
Mid4: Sam Gray

Ruc1: Paddy Ryder [Fwd]

Fwd1: Eddie Betts
Fwd2: Isaac Smith [Mid]
Fwd3: Luke Breust
Fwd4: Cameron Pedersen

Uti1: Orazio Fantasia [Fwd]
Uti2: Cameron Guthrie [Mid]

Eme1: Levi Greenwood [Mid/Fwd]
Eme2: Matt De Boer [Mid/Fwd]
Eme3: Jack Hombsch [Def]

IN: James Kelly, Lee Spurr, Taylor Duryea, Eddie Betts, Isaac Smith, Luke Breust, Orazio Fantasia
OUT: Jack Hombsch, Tom Lonergan, Jackson Trengove, Tory Dickson, Bailey Dale (Omitted), Jared Polec (Hamstring)
Veteran Coach
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« Reply #7 on: June 21, 2017, 09:01:58 PM »

Team Name: UAE Tigers
Captain: Dustin Martin
Vice Captain: Robby Gray
EME C/VC: Joe Daniher

DEF1: Player - Grant Birchall
DEF2: Player - Shannon Hurn
DEF3: Player - Luke Ryan
DEF4: Player - Jeremy Laidler Daniel Talia

MID1: Player - Robbie Gray (Vice Capt)
MID2: Player - Dustin Martin (Capt)
MID3: Player - Daniel Rich
MID4: Player - Sam Powell-Pepper

RUC1: Player - Billy Longer

FWD1: Player - Joe Daniher (EVC)
FWD2: Player - Tom Hawkins
FWD3: Player - Paul Puopolo
FWD4: Player - Shaun Higgins

UTI1: Player -  David Mundy (C)
UTI2: Player -  Mitch Wallis (F/C)

EME1: Player -  Daniel Talia  Harrison Himmelberg(D)
EME2: Player - Callum Brown Andrew Swallow (C)
EME3: Player -  Aaron Young (F)
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2017 EXV Premier
Seasoned Coach
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Forever 63 Not Out

« Reply #8 on: June 22, 2017, 12:16:18 AM »

eam Name: Australia
Captain: Luke Shuey
Vice Captain: Toby Greene
EME C/VC: Brendon Goddard

DEF1: Player -  Luke Hodge
DEF2: Player -  Matthew Boyd
DEF3: Player -  Matthew Broadbent
DEF4: Player -  Jack Martin

MID1: Player - Luke Shuey
MID2: Player - Jack Steven
MID3: Player - Brendon Goddard
MID4: Player - Jordan Lewis

RUC1: Player - Shane Mumford

FWD1: Player -  Jack Gunston
FWD2: Player - Nick Reiwoldt
FWD3: Player -  Toby Greene
FWD4: Player - SAm Reid

UTI1: Player -  (position) Mark Lecras
UTI2: Player -  (position) Jack Newnes

EME1: Player -  (position)  Cale Hooker
EME2: Player -  (position)  Jack Crisp
EME3: Player -  (position) Phil Davis
Seasoned Coach
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« Reply #9 on: June 22, 2017, 04:34:28 PM »

Team Name: Strikers
Captain: Rory Sloane
Vice Captain:
EME C/VC: Sam Jacobs

DEF1: Player -
DEF2: Player -
DEF3: Player -
DEF4: Player -

MID1: Player - Rory Sloane(C)
MID2: Player -
MID3: Player -
MID4: Player -

RUC1: Player - Sam Jacobs

FWD1: Player - 
FWD2: Player -
FWD3: Player -
FWD4: Player -

UTI1: Player -  (position)
UTI2: Player -  (position)

EME1: Player -  (position) 
EME2: Player -  (position) 
EME3: Player -  Will Langford(mid)
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #10 on: June 22, 2017, 05:15:53 PM »

Team Name: Bangkok Crabs
Captain: Adam Treloar
Vice Captain: Trent Cotchin
EME C/VC: Taylor Adams

DEF1: Player - Taylor Adams
DEF2: Player - Sam Docherty
DEF3: Player - Kade Kolodjashnij
DEF4: Player - Jarrod Harbrow

MID1: Player - Trent Cotchin (VC)
MID2: Player - Adam Treloar (Capt)
MID3: Player - Dayne Zorko
MID4: Player - Zac Merrett

RUC1: Player - Toby Nankervis

FWD1: Player - Steven Motlop
FWD2: Player - Elliott Yeo
FWD3: Player - Jake Stringer
FWD4: Player - Hugh greenwood

UTI1: Player - Brad Crouch (Mid)
UTI2: Player - Jack Ziebell (Mid)

EME1: Player - David Swallow (Mid)
EME2: Player - Jamie MacMillan (Def)
EME3: Player - Ben Ainsworth (Fwd)
Midfield Coach
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« Reply #11 on: June 22, 2017, 06:56:44 PM »

Team Name: Manila Folders
Captain: Bryce Gibbs
Vice Captain: Seb Ross
EME C/VC: Patrick Cripps

DEF1: Player - Jake Lloyd
DEF2: Player - Callum Mills
DEF3: Player - Christian Salem
DEF4: Player - James Harmes

MID1: Player - Bryce Gibbs (C)
MID2: Player - Seb Ross (VC)
MID3: Player - Patrick Cripps
MID4: Player - Sam Gibson

RUC1: Player - Nathan Vardy

FWD1: Player - Josh Jenkins
FWD2: Player - Daniel Menzel
FWD3: Player - Toby McLean
FWD4: Player - Josh Hill

UTI1: Player - Ricky Henderson (DEF/MID)
UTI2: Player - Billy Stretch (MID)

EME1: Player - Rohan Bewick (MID)
EME2: Player - Blaine Boekhorst (FWD/MID)
EME3: Player - Michael Johnson (DEF)

Quite a bit of depth playing this week, the Folders are starting to look quite strong with that C/VC combo!
Veteran Coach
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God Calls Me God.

« Reply #12 on: June 22, 2017, 06:57:23 PM »

Team Name: Hong Kong
Captain: Stef Martin
Vice Captain: Koby Stevens
EME C/VC: Tom Bellchambers

DEF1: Player - Sam Mayes
DEF2: Player - Darcy Byrne-Jones
DEF3: Player - Lynden Dunn
DEF4: Player - Darcy Gardiner

MID1: Player - Koby Stevens
MID2: Player - Ryan Bastinac
MID3: Player - Billy Hartung
MID4: Player - Connor Menadue

RUC1: Player - Stef Martin

FWD1: Player - Jack Silvagni
FWD2: Player - George Hewett
FWD3: Player - Travis Colyer
FWD4: Player - Jed Lamb

UTI1: Player -  Tom Bellchambers
UTI2: Player -  Lewis Taylor

EME1: Player -  Charlie Curnow
EME2: Player -  Oscar McDonald
EME3: Player -  Blake Hardwick
Veteran Coach
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The Gov!

« Reply #13 on: June 22, 2017, 06:58:18 PM »

Tibetan Llamas

Captain:  Tommy Lynch
Vice Captain: Sammy Mitchell
EME C/VC: Rory Laird

DEF1: Player - Rory Laird
DEF2: Player - Steven May
DEF3: Player - Jake Lever
DEF4: Player - Jasper Pittard

MID1: Player - Sam Mitchell (VC)
MID2: Player - Jack Viney
MID3: Player - Jobe Watson
MID4: Player - Matt Crouch

RUC1: Player - Maxi Gawn

FWD1: Player - Tommy Lynch
FWD2: Player - Jack Macrae
FWD3: Player - Jeremy Cameron
FWD4: Player - Chad Wingard

UTI1: Player - Richie Douglas (F/M)
UTI2: Player - Lachie Neale (M)

EME1: Player - Connor Blakely (M)
EME2: Player - Levi Casboult (F)
EME3: Player - Andy Otten (D)
Veteran Coach
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GOT Pillow Talk

« Reply #14 on: June 22, 2017, 07:14:03 PM »


Captain: Josh Kelly
Vice Captain: Luke Parker
EME C/VC: Stephen Hill

DEF1: Player - Jermey McGovern
DEF2: Player - Jeremy Howe
DEF3: Player - Ryan Burton
DEF4: Player - Nic Newman

MID1: Player - Luke Parker
MID2: Player - Dom Tyson
MID3: Player - Stephen Hill
MID4: Player - Josh Kelly

RUC1: Player - Josh Bruce (OOP)

FWD1: Player -  Jeff Garlett
FWD2: Player - Christian Petracca
FWD3: Player - Tom Papley
FWD4: Player - Jack Sinclair

UTI1: Player -  Matt Wright (F)
UTI2: Player -  Ben Reid (D)

EME1: Player -  Mark Blicavs(M)
EME2: Player -  Taylor Garner(F)
EME3: Player -  Nick Haynes(D)
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