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Author Topic: BXVs 17/18' Trade Discussion  (Read 14726 times)
2017 AXVIII SC Premier
Veteran Coach
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« Reply #30 on: July 19, 2017, 09:34:43 PM »

Def:  Callum Mills (Syd) - Brayden Maynard (Coll) - Luke McDonald (NM) - Caleb Marchbank (Carl) - Luke Ryan (Freo) - AM-Tippa (Ess) - Aliir Aliir (Syd) - Nick Vlastuin (Rich) - James Harmes (Melb) - Adam Tomlinson (GWS) - Josh Wagner (Melb) - Tom Doedee (Adel) - Jayden Short (Rich) - Sam Frost (Melb) - Daniel McKenzie (StK) - Tom Cole (WC)  

Mid:  Marcus Bontempelli (WB) - Lachlan Hunter (WB) - Joshua Kelly (GWS) - Sam Menegola (Geel) - Conor Blakely (Freo) - Brayden Fiorini (GC) - Billy Stretch (Melb) - Jack Bowes (GC C/F) - Brayden Sier (Coll M/F) - Callum Brown (Coll M/F) - Nick Robertson (Bris M/D) - Rupert Wills (Coll M/F)

Ruck: Brodie Grundy (Coll) - Max Gawn (Melb) - Jake Spencer (Melb) - Darcy Cameron Syd R/F)

Fwd: Jesse Hogan (Melb) - Christian Petracca (Melb) - Elliot Yeo (WC F/M) - Lewis Taylor (Bris) - Jarman Impey (Port) - Daniel Robinson (Syd F/M) - Shane Kersten (Freo) - Brett Eddy (Port) - Fraser McInness (WC F/D) - Jake Long (Ess F/M) - Ryan Davis (GC) - Corey Gregson (Geel) - Willie Rioli (WC)

Not up for trade, but "Never say never!"
All offers considered.

Looking for Mids & Fwds.
« Last Edit: August 02, 2017, 04:47:53 PM by nas » Logged
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #31 on: July 19, 2017, 10:15:57 PM »

Grope Lane Giants

Def: James Kelly (Ess), Andrew McGrath (Ess), Nick Haynes (GWS), Jamie MacMillan (NM), Trent McKenzie (GC), Josh Smith (Coll), Corey Ellis (Rich), Nathan Krakouer (Port), Adam Kennedy (GWS), Aaron Francis (Ess), Brendan Whitecross (Haw), Bailey Rice (StK)

Mid: Taylor Adams (Coll), David Swallow (GC), Darcy Parish (Ess), Jarryd Lyons (GC), Scott Selwood (Geel), Sam Powell-Pepper (Port), Hugh Greenwood (Adel), Tom Phillips (Coll), Jake Melksham (Melb), Jack Graham (Rich), Harrison Wigg (Adel), Curtly Hampton (Adel)

Ruck: Tom Hickey (StK), Tom Boyd (WB), Billy Longer (StK), Jason Holmes (StK), Tim English (WB)

Fwd: Jordan DeGoey (Coll), Angus Brayshaw (Melb), Jacob Hopper (GWS), Josh Dunkley (WB), Nathan Hrovat (NM), Jordan Murdoch (Geel), Ben Keays (Bris), Kieran Lovell (Haw), Jed Anderson (NM), Ben Lennon (Rich), Daniel Rioli (Rich), Aaron Black (Geel), Lincoln McCarthy (Geel), Harley Balic (Fre), Charlie Curnow (Carl), Oliver Florent (Syd)

Red - Not up for trade
Green - Can be moved at the right price
Black - Tradeable/All offers will be considered
2017 EXV Premier
Seasoned Coach
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Forever 63 Not Out

« Reply #32 on: July 19, 2017, 10:24:28 PM »

Everyone is available!
Master Coach
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« Reply #33 on: July 19, 2017, 10:25:51 PM »

1. Bachar Houli
2. Josh Gibson
3. Marcus Adams
4. Hayden Crozier
5. Griffin Logue
6. Sam Wright
7. Taylor Hunt
8. Scott Thompson
9. Ben Stratton
10. Rory Thompson
11. Oscar McDonald
12. Michael Hartley
13. Harrison Macreadie
14. Declan Keilty (fwd)      

1. Dyson Heppell
2. Adam Treloar
3. Dayne Beams
4. Anthony Miles
5. Will Brodie
6. Zac Fisher
7. Reece Conca
8. Mitch Hallahan
9. Dean Gore
10. Josh Williams (fwd)
11. Ben Ronke
12. Oscar Junker (def)

1. Todd Goldstein
2. Braydon Preuss
3. Majak Daw (fwd)

1. Eddie Betts
2. Ben Brown
3. Tim Membrey
4. Tom Hawkins
5. Jayden Laverde
6. Levi Casboult
7. Dennis Armfield
8. Jack Lonie
9. James Stewart
10. Ben Crocker
11. Alex Fasolo
12. Sam Reid
13. Tyrone Vickery
14. Rhys Palmer
15. Travis Varcoe
16. Josh Begley

Anyone listed in orange is someone who I value and would need a good offer. The rest are well and truly available.

Every player has a price, nobody is untouchable because that's a ridiculously stupid concept as every player has a price - the thing is some players simply have a price that people either cannot or will not pay.

So yeah, if you've marked a player as 'untouchable' or anything like that, don't be a flowering idiot - actually entertain offers. Just be clear some players take exceptional offers to move. 
2017 AXVIII DT Premier
Seasoned Coach
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #34 on: July 20, 2017, 10:17:54 AM »

Winchester Werewolves

Def: Michael Hibberd (Melb), Kade Simpson (Carl), Nic Newman (Syd), Easton Wood (WB), Nathan Wilson (GWS), James Sicily (Haw), Alex Witherden (Bris), Jake Kelly (Adel), Jackson Thurlow (Geel), Matt Buntine (GWS), Josh Rotham (WC), Bradley Sheppard (WC), Garrick Ibbotson (Fre), Mitchell White (Melb), Harrison Himmelberg (GWS), Keegan Brooksby (GC), Liam Dawson (Bris), Brandon White (StK)

Mid: Patrick Cripps (Carl), Nathan Fyfe (Fre), Dayne Zorko (Bris), Lachie Whitfield (GWS), Matt Priddis (WC), David Myers (Ess), Sam Gibson (NM), Luke Partington (WC), Josh Clayton (Bris)

Ruck: Toby Nankervis (Rich), Matthew Leuenberger (Ess), Shaun Hampson (Rich)

Fwd: Luke Dahlhaus (WB), Jarryd Roughead (Haw), Robbie Gray (Port), Toby McLean (WB), Jack Steele (StK), Daniel Menzel (Geel), Travis Colyer (Ess), Dean Kent (Melb), Ryan Clarke (NM), Mitchell McGovern (Adel), Mitch Honeychurch (WB), Michael Close (Bris), Lachlan Tiziani (GWS)

Red - Unlikely to trade
Green - Would like to keep, but could trade
Orange - On the block

Not really sure what I'm after, but probably more so package deals for Best XV players :P
Master Coach
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #35 on: July 20, 2017, 10:33:46 AM »

I'll take Witherden seeing as you won't play him Rusty
Master Coach
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #36 on: July 20, 2017, 11:19:33 AM »

I'll take Witherden seeing as you won't play him Rusty

Potato tomato
Master Coach
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2014 RDT Elxam m0nty medalist

« Reply #37 on: July 20, 2017, 12:03:20 PM »

I'll take Witherden seeing as you won't play him Rusty
I'll take him too Andrews, Gardiner and Witherden nice back line to build on.
Master Coach
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #38 on: July 20, 2017, 01:32:10 PM »

I'll take Witherden seeing as you won't play him Rusty
I'll take him too Andrews, Gardiner and Witherden nice back line to build on.
Depends what you're expecting Gardiner and Andrews to average. Witherden will be a good scorer but not sure about the other two, especially Dizzy :p
Seasoned Coach
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2017 Rank: 22767

« Reply #39 on: July 20, 2017, 08:53:55 PM »

Everyone on the table, for the right offer.   ;)

Buddy especially.
Master Coach
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« Reply #40 on: July 22, 2017, 10:01:11 PM »

Birmingham Dragons - kilbluff1985

Def: Robert Murphy (WB), Grant Birchall (Haw), Matt Suckling (WB), Robbie Tarrant (NM), Lachlan Hansen (NM), Shaun Atley (NM), Adam Oxley (Coll), Darcy Byrne-Jones (Port), Sean Lemmens (GC), Martin Gleeson (Ess), Kaiden Brand (Haw), Cameron Hewett (Port), Ben Long (StK), Isaac Cumming (GWS), Conor McKenna (Ess), Ben McNiece (Ess)

Mid: Tom Rockliff (Bris), Tom Mitchell (Haw), Zach Merrett (Ess), Mitchell Duncan (Geel), Jack Crisp (Coll), Aaron Hall (GC), Brad Ebert (Port), William Langford (Haw), Josh Cowan (Geel), James Cousins (Haw)

Ruck: Ben McEvoy (Haw), Tom Bellchambers (Ess), Jordan Roughead (WB), Sean Darcy (Fre)

Fwd: Steven Motlop (Geel), Luke Breust (Haw), Josh Jenkins (Adel), Josh Caddy (Rich), Ben Howlett (Ess), Orazio Fantasia (Ess), Aaron Vandenberg (Melb), Tory Dickson (WB), Will Hoskin-Elliott (Coll), Shaun McKernan (Ess), Jackson Merrett (Ess), Jed Lamb (Carl), Darren Minchington (StK), Mitchell Hannan (Melb), Jordan Snadden (WC)

looking for better defender/forwards looking to do 2 for 1 deals

red not for sale
« Last Edit: July 22, 2017, 10:02:52 PM by kilbluff1985 » Logged
Master Coach
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #41 on: July 24, 2017, 05:54:12 PM »

Bradford Badgers

Unlikely to move: Cutler, Beastmode, Suns ruck set (unless getting another ruck set in return), Tommy J, Sir Daniel of Caleb

Not looking to move, but will consider if getting a very good offer: Harbrow, Hurn, Shuey, Cotch, Higgins, Papley

Everyone else is available

Note: Not going to trade guys like Libba and Prestia based off of their performances this year, would rather give them another year if getting offered chips in return. If I like the deal, I'll happily trade, but don't try to convince me that they're worth flower all and take them off me for nothing :)

Probably looking for a defender and a reliable mid. Looks like I'll have a few top picks so they'll be on the table. Will try to get the draft thread up in the next few days (due to change during top 8 finals of course, but to give everyone a rough idea for trade negotiations).
Veteran Coach
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GOT Pillow Talk

« Reply #42 on: July 24, 2017, 06:58:07 PM »

Famous Blackpool Bunnies Team List

In no particular order


Michael Hurley
Lachie Plowman
Tom Langdon
Zak Jones
Dane Rampe
Jake Carlisle (FWD)
Ben Reid
Jack Hombsch
Jake Lever
Jed Bews
Jimmy Webster


Marc Murphy
Matt Crouch
Ryan Bastinac
Ben Cunnington
Sam Petrovski-Seton
Ed Curnow
Matt Shaw
Nathan Freeman
Tomas Bugg
Declan Mountford
Heath Hocking
Ben Ainsworth (FWD)
Jordan Gallucci (FWD)
Daniel Lloyd
Tyrone Leonardis (FWD)
Jordan Dawson (FWD)


Paddy Ryder
Jack Fitzpatrick


Jonathon Patton
Richard Douglas (MID)
Charlie Dixon
Isaac Heeney
Matt Kennedy
cam McCarthy
Clay Smith
Gary Rohan
Jake Neade
Paddy McCartin
Tom Lamb
Josh Schache
Callum Ah Chee
Sam Weiderman
James Rose
Todd Marshall

No one is untradeable, but you will be paying a high price to get some.
Purple 77
Seasoned Coach
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« Reply #43 on: July 25, 2017, 09:48:47 AM »

Def: Joel Smith (Melb)

Dafuq is this?!
Veteran Coach
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« Reply #44 on: July 25, 2017, 10:54:46 AM »


S.Docherty, J.Johannisen, Z.Tuohy, K.Kolodjashnij, S.Mayes.
S.Pendlebury, B.Gibbs, O.Wines, A.Swallow, M.Robinson, J.O'Meara, C.Guthrie, S.Thompson.
J.Gunston, A.Christensen, J.Riewoldt, L.Jong,  R.Lester.

S.Wellingham,  T.Jonas, M.Talia, C.Delaney, K.Collins, B.Williams, J.Glass-McCasker.
Z.Clarke, J.Griffin, J.Ceglar, G.Nyuon.
T.Cloke, J.Garlett, S.Lloyd, J.Redpath, P.Ambrose, T.O'Brein, A.Galucci.

The only ones that will be close to impossible to get are Docherty, Gunston, and Pendlebury. Still willing to hear offers, hit me up if you are interested in anyone.

Looking for a starting ruck or starting forward.
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