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Author Topic: BXVs 2017/2018 Rookie Draft  (Read 437 times)
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« on: July 25, 2017, 02:08:21 PM »

Just reiterating the rules for rookie draft and starting draft order.

4.3 All future drafts will be looped commencing with the team finishing last the previous season.

4.4 Each team will be allocated 3 picks which may be used in the draft, or traded on to other teams.

4.5 Players selected in the rookie draft must be currently on an AFL list, and must not be currently listed by any British XVs team. If a player is delisted but you wish to keep him on your list you may hold that player on your list

4.6 At the conclusion of the rookie draft all teams must have 45 currently listed AFL players.  Teams not meeting filling this quote will receive additional picks at the conclusion of the rookie draft, in the same order as previous rounds.  These additional picks may not be traded.

4.7 All compensation picks will be awarded at the discretion of the administrator.  These may be awarded in abnormal circumstances which significantly affect the team in question.

All players left over from previous drafts, de-listed players and rookie selected players are eligible to be selected in rookie draft.

Coaches have 24 hours offline, or 2 hours online in which to make their selections, after the previous selection is made.  This will be enforced by the league administrator and discretion can be used where appropriate.

As a courtesy coaches should PM the next coach on the list after they have picked. If you are passing on your pick, please advise in thread and then PM the next coach.

Round 1
1. Nottingham Hoods Manchester Magic
2. Bradford Badgers Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs
3. Liverpool Rams
4. Grope Lane Giants
5. Swansea Breakers
6. Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs
7. Huddersfield Hawks
8. Wrexham Knights
9. Oxford Owls
10. Manchester Magic
11. Blackpool Bunnies
12. Hastings Hurricanes
13. Staines Steins
14. Winchester Werewolves
15. Birmingham Dragons
16. Leeds Leeches

Round 2
17. Nottingham Hoods
18. Bradford Badgers Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs
19. Liverpool Rams Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs
20. Grope Lane Giants
21. Swansea Breakers
22. Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs Bradford Badgers
23. Huddersfield Hawks
24. Wrexham Knights
25. Oxford Owls
26. Manchester Magic
27. Blackpool Bunnies
28. Hastings Hurricanes
29. Staines Steins
30. Winchester Werewolves
31. Birmingham Dragons
32. Leeds Leeches

Round 3
33. Nottingham Hoods
34. Bradford Badgers Nottingham Hoods
35. Liverpool Rams
36. Grope Lane Giants
37. Swansea Breakers
38. Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs Swansea Breakers
39. Huddersfield Hawks
40. Wrexham Knights
41. Oxford Owls
42. Manchester Magic
43. Blackpool Bunnies
44. Hastings Hurricanes
45. Staines Steins
46. Winchester Werewolves
47. Birmingham Dragons
48. Leeds Leeches

Supplementary Round (if necessary)
49. Nottingham Hoods
50. Bradford Badgers
51. Liverpool Rams
52. Grope Lane Giants
53. Swansea Breakers
54. Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs
55. Huddersfield Hawks
56. Wrexham Knights
57. Oxford Owls
58. Manchester Magic
59. Blackpool Bunnies
60. Hastings Hurricanes
61. Staines Steins
62. Winchester Werewolves
63. Birmingham Dragons
64. Leeds Leeches

Here is the coaches list to assist:
Birmingham Dragons - Kilbluff1985
Blackpool Bunnies - SydneyRox
Bradford Badgers - GoLions
Grope Lane Giants - Rids/Nostradamus
Hastings Hurricanes - iZander
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs - Koop
Huddersfield Hawks - JBs-Hawks
Leeds Leeches - Hawka
Liverpool Rams - Nigey
Manchester Magic - Torpedo10
Nottingham Hoods - LF
Oxford Owls - Vinny
Staines Steins - Nas
Swansea Breakers - Ringo
Winchester Werewolves - Rusty00
Wrexham Knights - Pkbaldy
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Master Coach
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2017, 02:09:02 PM »

Players Available (Red = Selected)

Rookie Selected Players:

Category B Rookies:

Leftovers from NAT Draft:

Leftovers from Previous Years:

Ryan Abbott
Logan Austin
Tarir Bayok
Paddy Brophy
Daniel Butler
Mabior Chol
Ray Connellan
Aidan Corr
Nick Coughlan
Ben Davis
Zac Dawson
Harry Dear
Josh Deluca-Cardillo
Sam Draper
Yestin Eades
Lachlan Filipovic
Matthew Flynn
William Frampton
Jack Frost
Ryan Gardner
Ryan Garthwaite
Conor Glass
Thomas Gorter
Billy Gowers
Jarrad Grant
Fergus Greene
Brady Grey
Oliver Hanrahan
Kyle Hartigan
Kurt Heatherley
Jack Henry
Timm House
Dan Houston
Dougal Howard
Liam Hulett
Paul Hunter
Emmanuel Irra
Tom Jeffries
Dion Johnstone
Jamaine Jones
Darragh Joyce
Jesse Joyce
Malcolm Karpany
Alex Keath
Mitchell King
Michael Korcheck
Peter Ladhams
Nick Larkey
Jack Leslie
Jarrod Lienert
Cameron Loersch
Tom Lonergan
Brad Lynch
Max Lynch
Jack Maibaum
Harry Marsh
Corey Maynard
Mitch McCarthy
Lewis Melican
Tim Mohr
Callum Moore
Dale Morris
Nathan Mullenger-McHugh
Sam Murray
Connor Nash
Ryan Nyhuis
Mark O'Connor
Colin O'Riordan
Jesse Palmer
James Parsons
Lewis Pierce
Toby Pink
Joshua Prudden
Esava Ratugolea
Sam Reid (GWS)
Fletcher Roberts
Henry Schade
Alex Silvagni
Sam Simpson
Sam Skinner
Tim Smith
Ivan Soldo
Max Spencer
Jack Stein
Tyson Stengle
Luke Strnadica
Luke Surman
Matthew Taylor
Joel Tippett
Simon Tunbridge
Matthew Uebergang
Francis Watson
Mark Whiley
Lewis Young

Delisted Players from this year:

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Master Coach
Online Online

Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2017, 04:41:08 PM »

I think that's all the leftover players sorted. If anyone there is on your list, please PM me, as I still have the thread locked for the time being :)

Alternatively, if there is someone missing, also let me know :P
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