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Author Topic: AXV: 2017 Official Draft Thread  (Read 1241 times)
Veteran Coach
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« on: August 30, 2017, 08:19:01 AM »

2017 / 2018 Off Seasons Drafts

General Draft Rules.

1. Picks are to be taken in a maximum of 24 hours from the pick before, and in a maximum of 2 hours from coming online at FF

**Note** as voted in re the 2018 Rule discussion thread: First round only: but if it goes over, you get the next allocated AFL drafted player. Also if you log on prior to the next coach pick, you can change the allocated pick.

2. **Applies from 2nd round: You will forfeit your draft pick if you have not picked within 24 hrs of the preceding pick or within 2 hrs of being on line following preceding pick.  Should this situation occur you may take you pick at any time following from players still available.

3. Draft picks can only be taken in either draft if the team with the pick has a vacant position on their respective list. If not they will not be able to take the pick and will pass.

4. Where Players picked go on your lists: With the removal of the Rookie list all players now go on the Seniors List.

5. Players that are available in the drafts:

a) National Draft - Players picked in the AFL National Draft and any rookie upgrades that AXV Clubs would like to make (Note: This is the only way to move a player from your rookie list to the senior list without de-listing and re-drafting them)

b) Players picked in the AFL Rookie & Pre-Season Drafts, players de-listed by AXV Clubs & Players from the left-over player pool from the National Draft & previous seasons.


This draft will be 5 rounds of selections from the players taken in the 2017 AFL National Draft all players to go on senior lists.

* Teams may choose to PASS at any time any number of times during the National Draft.

* When a team chooses to PASS in the National Draft, they will receive that pick at the same number in the preseason/rookie draft.


The preseason/rookie draft will be 5 rounds of selections.

* In the event that any team PASSES in the "NATIONAL DRAFT", any number of times, these passed picks will be taken at the same number they were in the national draft in the preseason/rookie draft.

* In the event you have more retirements and or delistings from your club than you have picks to replace those players you will receive compensation picks at the end of the rookie/preseason draft to fill your team to the list cap levels.

KEEPING PLAYERS ON YOUR LIST WHO ARE DE-LISTED BY AFL CLUBS: As per the rule discussion thread: Finalise squads after AFL Draft. Players will be needed to be removed from list by Saturday 25th November NOON

*As a courtesy, please pm the coach who has the pick after yours in the draft

List of Coaches:

Bangladesh Bears - Football Factory
Sri Lanka Strikers - Jay/upthemaidens
Hong Kong Dongs - Atto
UAE Tigers - nas
Mongolian Lambs - Toga/fanTCfool
Manila Folders - BB67th
Laos Elephants - Nige
Australian Ales - JBs-Hawks
Turkish Gazelles - iZander
KL Crocodiles - Ricochet
Vietnam Vipers - SydneyRox
Bangkok Crabs - nostradramus/Rids
PNG Head Hunters - Rusty00
Kathmandu Eskimos - Hawka
Taiwan Dolphins - Koop
Tibetan Llamas - tbagrocks
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Veteran Coach
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« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2017, 09:40:47 AM »

2017 National Draft Pool.

*The below players are available to draft in both the AXV National Draft, and the AXV Pre-Season/Rookie Draft.

Red = Selected

Round 1:
01. Brisbane Lions β€” Cam Rayner
02. Fremantle β€” Andrew Brayshaw
03. Carlton β€” Paddy Dow
04. North Melbourne β€” Luke Davies-Uniacke
05. Fremantle β€” Adam Cerra
06. Collingwood β€” Jaidyn Stephenson
07. St Kilda β€” Hunter Clark
08. St Kilda β€” Nick Coffield
09. Western Bulldogs β€” Aaron Naughton
10. Carlton β€” Lochie O’Brien
11. GWS Giants β€” Aiden Bonar
12. Adelaide Crows β€” Darcy Fogarty
13. West Coast Eagles β€” Jarrod Brander
14. Sydney Swans β€” Matthew Ling
15. Brisbane Lions β€” Zac Bailey
16. Western Bulldogs β€” Ed Richards
17. Richmond β€” Jack Higgins
18. Brisbane Lions β€” Brandon Starcevich
19. Gold Coast Suns β€” Wil Powell

Round 2:
20. Richmond β€” Callum Coleman-Jones
21. West Coast Eagles β€” Oscar Allen
22. Geelong Cats β€” Lachlan Fogarty
23. North Melbourne β€” Will Walker
24. Geelong Cats β€” Tim Kelly
25. Richmond β€” Noah Balta
26. West Coast Eagles β€” Liam Ryan
27. GWS Giants β€” Brent Daniels
28. GWS Giants β€” Sam Taylor
29. Melbourne β€” Charlie Spargo
30. Carlton β€” Tom De Koning
31. Melbourne β€” Bayley Fritsch
32. West Coast Eagles β€” Brayden Ainsworth
33. Sydney Swans β€” Tom McCartin
34. Richmond β€” Patrick Naish
35. St Kilda β€” Oscar Clavarino
36. Geelong Cats β€” Charlie Constable
37. Melbourne β€” Harrison Petty
38. West Coast Eagles β€” Jack Petruccelle

Round 3:
39. Collingwood β€” Nathan Murphy
40. Adelaide Crows β€” Andrew McPherson
41. Brisbane Lions β€” Toby Wooller
42. Gold Coast Suns β€” Charlie Ballard
43. Brisbane Lions β€” Connor Ballenden
44. Fremantle β€” Hugh Dixon
45. Hawthorn β€” James Worpel
46. St Kilda β€” Ben Paton
47. Port Adelaide β€” Sam Hayes
48. Melbourne β€” Oskar Baker
49. Essendon β€” Jordan Houlahan
50. Collingwood β€” Tyler Brown
51. Port Adelaide β€” Kane Farrell
52. Gold Coast Suns β€” Brayden Crossley
53. Sydney Swans β€” Ryley Stoddart
54. Brisbane Lions β€” Jack Parker Payne
55. Gold Coast Suns β€” Connor Nutting

Round 4:
56. GWS Giants β€” Zac Giles Langdon
57. Geelong Cats β€” Gryan Miers
58. Port Adelaide β€” Jake Patmore
59. Fremantle β€” Mitchell Crowden
60. Port Adelaide β€” Joel Garner
61. Port Adelaide β€” Dom Barry
62. North Melbourne β€” Kyron Hayden
63. Richmond β€” Benjamin Miller
64. GWS Giants β€” Nick Shipley
65. Fremantle β€” Thomas North
66. Essendon β€” Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
67. Hawthorn β€” Dylan Moore
68. West Coast Eagles β€” Hamish Brayshaw
69. Fremantle β€” Lloyd Meek
70. Carlton β€” Angus Schumacher

Round 5:
71. Hawthorn β€” Jackson Ross
72. North Melbourne β€” Tristan Xerri
73. Fremantle β€” Sam Switkowski
74. Western Bulldogs β€” Callum Porter
75. Fremantle β€” Scott Jones
76. Essendon β€” Matt Guelfi
77. North Melbourne β€” Billy Hartung

Round 7:
78. Carlton β€” Jarrod Garlett

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Veteran Coach
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« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2017, 10:13:57 AM »


Round 1:

01: Dongs
02: Tigers
03: Dongs (Priority Pick)
04: Lambs
05: Bears
06: Vipers Crabs
07: PNG Hunters
08: Eskimos
09: Folders
10: Ales
11: Gazelles Bears
12: Dolphins Bears
13: Llamas Dolphins Elephants
14: Strikers
15: Crocs
16: Elephants Dolphins Lambs
17: Crabs

Priority Pick:

18: Tigers

Round 2:

19: Dongs
20: Tigers
21: Lambs Dolphins
22: Bears Gazelles Folders
23: Vipers
24: PNG Hunters
25: Eskimos
26: Folders Crabs
27: Ales
28: Gazelles Tigers
29: Dolphins Crabs
30: Llamas
31: Strikers Tigers
32: Crocs Bears
33: Elephants Bears Dolphins
34: Crabs Vipers

Round 3:

35: Dongs
36: Tigers Elephants
37: Lambs
38: Bears Crocs
39: Vipers
40: PNG Hunters Crabs
41: Eskimos
42: Folders Crabs
43: Ales
44: Gazelles Elephants
45: Dolphins Llamas
46: Llamas PNG Hunters
47: Strikers Tigers Llamas
48: Crocs
49: Elephants PNG Hunters
50: Crabs PNG Hunters

Round 4:

51: Dongs
52: Tigers
53: Lambs Dolphins Lambs
54: Bears
55: Vipers
56: PNG Hunters Elephants
57: Eskimos
58: Folders
59: Ales
60: Gazelles Eskimos
61: Dolphins Lambs
62: Llamas
63: Strikers
64: Crocs
65: Elephants
66: Crabs Folders Elephants

Round 5:

67: Dongs
68: Tigers
69: Lambs
70: Bears
71: Vipers
72: PNG Hunters
73: Eskimos
74: Folders
75: Ales
76: Gazelles Bears
77: Dolphins
78: Llamas
79: Strikers
80: Crocs
81: Elephants
82: Crabs
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Veteran Coach
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« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2017, 07:55:37 AM »



Aidan Corr
Alex Keath
Andrew Gallucci
Ben Davis
Brady Gray
Cameron Loersch
Conor Glass
Conor Nash
Dale Morris
Dan Houston
Daniel Butler
Darragh Joyce
Dawson Simpson
Declan Hamiltom
Declan Keilty
Dennis Armfield
Dylan Grimes
Fletcher Roberts
Harry Morrison
Heath Hocking
Jack Henry
Jack Leslie
Jack Maibaum
Jake Batchelor
Jake Stein
Jamaine Jones
James Craig
Jarrod Lienert
Jay Kennedy-Harris
Jermaine Miller-Lewis
Jesse Glass-McCasker
Jesse Joyce
Joel Patfull
Joel Tippett
Josh Clayton
Josh Deluca-Cardillo
Kurt Aylett
Kurt Heaterley
Lachlan Filipovic
Lachlan Keefe
Lachlan Langford
Lewis Young
Liam Jones
Liam Mackie
Logan Austin
Luke Strnadica
Luke Surman
Malcolm Karpany
Mark O'Connor
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Hayball
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Ubergang
Max Duffy
Max King
Max Lynch
Max Spencer
Michael Korchek
Michael Luxford
Mitch McCarthy
Mitchell J. Brown (WC)
Mitchell White
Nathan J. Brown
Nathan Mullenger
Nathan Wright
Nicholas Coughlan
Oliver Hanrahan
Paddy Brophy
Paul Hunter
Ray Connellan
Rory Thompson
Rowan Marshall
Ryan Abbott
Ryan Gardner
Ryan Nyhuis
Sam Fisher
Sam Murray
Sam Rowe
Sam Shaw
Sam Simpson
Samuel Murray
Sean McLaren
Simon Tunbridge
Steven Morris
Tarir Bayok
Tim Mohr
Timm House
Toby Pink
Tom Jeffries
Tyson Goldsack
Yestin Eades
Zac Dawson
Zac Webster
Zach Guthrie
Zaine Cordy




Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:
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Veteran Coach
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« Reply #4 on: September 02, 2017, 08:13:02 AM »


Round 1:

01: Dongs
02: Tigers
03: Lambs
04: Bears
05: Vipers
06: PNG Hunters
07: Eskimos
08: Folders
09: Ales
10: Gazelles Bears
11: Dolphins Lambs
12: Llamas
13: Strikers
14: Crocs
15: Elephants
16: Crabs

Round 2:

17: Dongs
18: Tigers
19: Lambs Dolphins
20: Bears
21: Vipers
22: PNG Hunters
23: Eskimos
24: Folders Crabs
25: Ales
26: Gazelles PNG Hunters
27: Dolphins
28: Llamas
29: Strikers
30: Crocs
31: Elephants
32: Crabs Folders

Round 3:

33: Dongs
34: Tigers
35: Lambs
36: Bears
37: Vipers
38: PNG Hunters
39: Eskimos
40: Folders
41: Ales
42: Gazelles
43: Dolphins
44: Llamas
45: Strikers
46: Crocs
47: Elephants
48: Crabs

Round 4:

49: Dongs
50: Tigers
51: Lambs
52: Bears
53: Vipers
54: PNG Hunters
55: Eskimos
56: Folders
57: Ales
58: Gazelles
59: Dolphins
60: Llamas
61: Strikers
62: Crocs
63: Elephants
64: Crabs

Round 5:

65: Dongs
66: Tigers
67: Lambs
68: Bears
69: Vipers
70: PNG Hunters
71: Eskimos
72: Folders
73: Ales
74: Gazelles
75: Dolphins
76: Llamas
77: Strikers
78: Crocs
79: Elephants
80: Crabs

Supplementary Picks:
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 10:15:05 PM »

The AXV National Draft has now been updated.

NOTE: All teams MUST have the available list space to use a selection in the National draft. Team lists are a maximum of 46. Teams are NOT allowed to go over that number.

We will be lenient to all teams that still have delistings and retirements to post and accept all up to the START of the AXV National Draft. The team list by position thread (link below) has your current team size directly below your team.,110381.0.html
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