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Author Topic: BXV: Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs  (Read 1926 times)
Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« on: September 12, 2017, 02:20:29 AM »




FORMER HEAD COACHES: Spite, Ricochet, Elephants, T Dog


Shane Savage
Marcus Adams
Alex Witherden
Ryan Clarke
Jarrad McVeigh
Nick Coffied (MID)
Jarryn Geary
Josh Walker (FWD)
Cedric Cox
Trent McKenzie
Nathan Broad
Oleg Markov


Dustin Martin
Lachie Neale
Luke Dunstan
Bailey Dale
Tim Broomhead
James Cousins
Joe Atley
Josh Williams
Connor Menadue
Kobe Mutch
Bailey Banfield
Harrison Jones


Cal Sinclair
Rhys Stanley (FWD)
Mason Cox (FWD)


Toby Greene
Maverick Weller
Josh Bruce
Josh Thomas
David Cuningham (MID)
Will Setterfield (MID)
Jayden Laverde
Zac Fisher
Lukas Webb (MID)
Kayne Turner
Pat Lipinski (MID)
Brandon Parfitt (MID)
Mark Hutchings (MID)
Jack Lonie
Levi Greenwood (MID)
Jason Castagna
Ben Ronke (MID)
Mitchell Crowden (MID)

2017 RETIRED: Leigh Montagna, Ben Sinclair, Brent Stanton

2017 DELISTED: Kristian Jaksch, Ciaran Sheehan, Billie Smedts, Troy Menzel, Jordan Foote, Jonothan Freeman

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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 11:38:18 PM »


DEF: Shane Savage, Marcus Adams, Alex Witherden, Ryan Clarke

MID: Dustin Martin, Lachie Neale, Luke Dunstan, Bailey Dale

RUC: Callum Sinclair

FWD: Toby Greene, Maverick Weller, Josh Thomas, David Cuningham (MID)

UTL: Jarrad McVeigh, Tim Broomhead

EMG: Nick Coffield (DEF/MID), Rhys Stanley (RUC/FWD), Will Setterfield (MID/FWD)
Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2017, 02:48:21 AM »

TRADE WRAP 2017/18

Trade 1

HBH give: Daniel Rich + N59
Bradford give: N23 + R2 + Jason Castagna

Trade 2

HBH give: Aaron Mullett + Ethan Hughes + Nick O'Kearney + N43
Liverpool give: Jack Lonie + Jayden Laverde + Josh Williams + N24

Trade 3

HBH give: Kieran Jack
Birmingham give: James Cousins + N52

Trade 4

HBH give: N8
Swansea give: Will Setterfield + N42

Trade 5

HBH give: David Zaharakis + Alex Neal-Bullen + N24
Winchester give: Alex Witherden + Ryan Clarke + N35

Trade 6

HBH give: Matthew Wright + N52
Bradford give: Oleg Markov + N26

Trade 7

HBH give: N23
Leeds give: Lukas Webb

Trade 8

HBH give: Luke Parker + N27 + N42
Wrexham give: Luke Dunstan + Joe Atley + N10

Trade 9

HBH give: Jack Watts + Matt de Boer
Liverpool give: Marcus Adams + Ben Ronke

Trade 10

HBH give: Alex Sexton + N35
Liverpool give: Kayne Turner + N40 + R19

Trade 11

HBH give: N26 + N40
Liverpool give: Zac Fisher + N35

Trade 12

HBH give: N35
Grope Lane give: Trent McKenzie + N47

Trade 13

HBH give: Paul Seedsman + R19
Hastings give: Pat Lipinski

Trade 14

HBH give: Sam Collins + R22
Bradford give: R18

Coaches comment: Short-term pain for hopeful long-term gain. Several one-sided trades on paper at the moment, but hopeful the continued development of youngsters stems the damage in 1-2 seasons.
Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2017, 03:00:30 AM »


PICK 10: Nicholas Coffield

PICK 47: Mitch Crowden

ROOKIE 2: Bailey Banfield

ROOKIE 6: Harrison Jones

Koop says: Crowden available at 47 was a fantastic result for the club. Proven inside ball winner with more hardness than a cats head. Coffield is a very smooth mover and could end up being the next Pendlebury in due time. Banfield had a brilliant season for Claremont and could be Fremantle's next Michael Barlow, while Jones missed the majority of the season with injury, but showed apt potential in the games he was available to play.

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Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2018, 04:11:08 AM »


Season W/L: 8 wins / 7 losses

Finishing Position: 7th

Rob Roy Award: 7th

Best Moment: Lachie Neale & Bailey Banfield rescued the Hedgehogs from almost certain defeat in the final game of the round vs. Bradford in Round 11. Neale would go on to repeat the heroics in Round 15 against Nottingham, securing the Hedgies 2 wins that proved to be crucial in them playing finals.

Worst Moment: Marcus Adams spectacularly flopping (66 pts.) on the Sunday to consign the Hedgehogs to a narrow 38 point loss to Blackpool in the Elimination final.

Coaches Comment: A season of vastly-exceeded expectations for a young collective unit, who were able to punch above their weight in the early part of the season on their way to a first round finals exit. Huge improvement from several future prospects as well as surprise performances from bit-part players helped the Hedgies to a very successful season overall.

T Dog Medal (B&F): Lachie Neale

Lachie was the star of the show for the Hedgehogs in 2018, averaging the 8th most points, finishing 5th in overall points and placing equal 10th in the BXV MVP medal count. Lachie got the Hedgies out of trouble time and time again with regular 200+ scores as captain, and caps a fantastic year with his first T Dog medal win.

2nd: Dustin Martin

A slightly down yet nonetheless prolific year for Dusty in 2018. Finished the year strongly to snatch second place.

3rd: Callum Sinclair

The road safety expert caps an absolutely stunning rise this year with a top 3 placing. Rated the 4th best ruckman in the competition in 2018.

4th: Alex Witherden

Mr. Consistent continues to get it done week after week as the leader of the Hedgies' backline. Solid & deserved top 5 finish for the 19 year old.

5th: Josh Thomas

Questions were asked of Thomas on return from his drug ban, and he answered all of them with a fantastic year.

Coaches Award: Callum Sinclair

What a year Callum has had! Injuries & retirements to others ahead of him saw the former West Coast big man enjoy an extremely fruitful 2018 that not many saw coming. Extremely consistent & reliable performer who finished up among the games top big men at seasons end in the statistics.

Most Improved: Zac Fisher

Played a constant role in the Hedgies' forward line in 2018 and had some impressive performances on his way to averaging a solid 123.8 for the year. Not a bad return for a 19 year old who was picked up for a swap of 2nd & 3rd round picks!

Rookie of the Year: Bailey Banfield

Vindicated his early rookie selection by being a solid utility throughout the course of the season for the first team. Got better as the year wore on.


D: Alex Witherden, Jarryn Geary, Shane Savage, Ryan Clarke

M: Lachie Neale (c), Dustin Martin (vc), Luke Dunstan, Brandan Parfitt

R: Callum Sinclair

F: Josh Thomas, Zac Fisher, Mark Hutchings, Rhys Stanley

U: Bailey Banfield, Patrick Lipinski

Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2018, 03:01:51 PM »



Alex Witherden, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Ryan Clarke, Zak Jones

(Nick Coffield, Sam Mayes, Jarrod Lienert, Jack Henry, Isaac Cumming, Nathan Murphy, Jez McLennan, Callum Wilkie, Nathan Broad, Trent McKenzie, Angus Schumacher, Thomas Murphy, Oleg Markov)

Lachie Neale, Jack Steven, Luke Dunstan, Zac Fisher

(Bailey Dale, Bailey Banfield, Luke Valente, Jack Bytel, Brett Bewley, Lukas Webb, James Cousins, Tim Broomhead, Joe Atley, Kyron Hayden, Harry Jones)

Callum Sinclair

(snapchat filter cal, road safety cal, shopping cal)

Toby Greene, Josh Thomas, Brandan Parfitt, Will Setterfield

(Pat Lipinski, Lachlan Fogarty, Jack Lonie, Kayne Turner, Mav Weller, Ben Ronke, Levi Greenwood, David Cuningham, Mason Cox, Thomas Wilkinson, Fergus Greene)


Delisted: Josh Williams, Jason Castagna


NAT 12 - Luke Valente
NAT 14 - Jack Bytel
NAT 20 - Jez McLennan
NAT 36 - Brett Bewley

Rookie 2 - Jarrod Lienert
Rookie 3 - Jack Henry
Rookie 23 - Callum Wilkie
Rookie 35 - Thomas Wilkinson
Rookie 42 - Fergus Greene


Trade 1
Hebden Bridge trade: Rhys Stanley + N10 + N28
Manchester trade: Lachlan Fogarty + Zak Jones + N19

Trade 9
Hedgies trade: Josh Walker + NAT 60
Breakers trade: Rookie Pick 2

Trade 20
Hebden Bridge trade: Josh Bruce + NAT 44
Bradford trade: NAT 41 + Rookie 23

Trade 22
Hebden Bridge trade: NAT 41
Huddersfield trade: Thomas Murphy (NM)

Trade 23
Grope Lane trade Nat 27
Hedgehogs Trade Jayden Laverde

Trade 25
Oxford Owls trade: Angus Schumacher + NAT 58
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs trade: Mark Hutchings + R10

Trade 30
Hebden Bridge trade: R58
Birmingham trade: Darren Minchington

Trade 31
Hebden Bridge trade: Shane Savage + Mitchell Crowden + N58
Bradford trade: Sam Mayes + N25 +R7

Trade 32
Hebden Bridge trade: N27
Winchester trade: Kyron Hayden + N49

Trade 37
Hebden Bridge give: Dustin Martin, Marcus Adams, NAT 25, Rookie 7
Wrexham give: Jack Steven, Nathan Murphy, NAT 4, Rookie 20

Trade 38
Hebden Bridge give: NAT 4 + NAT 19 + NAT 49 + Rookie 20 + Jarryn Geary + Kobe Mutch + Cedric Cox
Hebden Bridge get: Darcy Byrne-Jones + NAT 12 + NAT 14 + NAT 20 + NAT 36

Swansea give: NAT 12 + NAT 14 + NAT 18 + NAT 20
Swansea get: NAT 4 + NAT 19 + NAT 30 + NAT 49 + Rookie 20 + Cedric Cox

Birmingham give: Darcy Byrne-Jones + NAT 30 + NAT 36
Birmingham get: NAT 18 + Jarryn Geary + Kobe Mutch

Trade 39
Hebden Bridge give: Darren Minchington + Connor Menadue + Rookie 26
Liverpool give: Rookie 3 + Rookie 35

Comments: Despite the surprising ladder climb this year, the rebuild continues. Long-time servants Dustin Martin, Mark Hutchings, Jarryn Geary, Shane Savage & Rhys Stanley depart. The best XV has taken a very obvious hit,  for hopefully more depth & future options down the line.

Darcy Byrne-Jones averaged 130+ in the first half of the season before ending the year gassed. He showed an ability to forward tag, as well as being a bit-part player at centre clearances. It is hoped that with another pre-season & further understanding of his responsibilities, that he can blossom into that sort of scorer permanently. Is still only 23 years of age, although it feels like he's been around for an age. 

Lachlan Fogarty was a personal favourite of mine during his draft year for coupling an ability to rack up the football with elite tackling pressure. Should transition into the midfield as the greats retire, but showed enough in his first season to basically guarantee he will at the very least be a very good forward at AFL level with his pressure.

Zak Jones has been slated for more midfield time, (for what feels like the 3rd or 4th season in a row) but that could become a reality with the introduction of the 6-6-6 & Jones' love of the contested ball. Watch this space.

Jack Steven matched Dustin Martin's output for 2018, and while that is not expected for the rest of his career, it allowed us to get a better draft hand while retaining the majority of the midfield firepower for the time being. Should be a very serviceable midfielder for the next 3 or so years.

Sam Mayes is an interesting case. He made his name as a fairly potent rebounder for the Lions off half-back, but has been slated for more of a midfield/HFF role at the Power. Could surprise quite a few outside the club & step in from round 1. We really struggled to transition on the break in 2018, and Mayes could be a huge part of that changing with his skillset.

I saw enough from Kyron Hayden, Angus Schumacher, Nathan Murphy & Tom Murphy in their first seasons at respective levels to take the gamble for what I paid.

With our movements in the trade period, an ability to impact early was a high priority going into the draft. Hopefully this balances out over time.

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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2018, 02:00:01 AM »



1. Alex Witherden
2. Darcy Byrne-Jones
3. Ryan Clarke
4. Zak Jones
5. Nicholas Coffield
6. Jarrod Lienert
7. Sam Mayes
8. Jack Henry
9. Isaac Cumming
10. Nathan Murphy
11. Jez McLennan
12. Callum Wilkie
13. Nathan Broad
14. Trent McKenzie
15. David Cuningham
16. Levi Greenwood
17. Angus Schumacher
18. Thomas Murphy
19. Oleg Markov
20. Harry Jones

1. Lachie Neale
2. Jack Steven
3. Luke Dunstan
4. Zac Fisher (F)
5. Bailey Dale (F)
6. Luke Valente
7. Brett Bewley
8. Jack Bytel
9. James Cousins
10. Joe Atley
11. Kyron Hayden (F)

1. Callum Sinclair

1. Tobias Greene
2. Josh Thomas
3. Brandon Parfitt
4. Bailey Banfield (M)
5. Will Setterfield (M)
6. Lachlan Fogarty
7. Jack Lonie
8. Pat Lipinski (M)
9. Ben Ronke
10. Kayne Turner
11. Mav Weller
12. Tom Wilkinson
13. Lukas Webb
14. Fergus Greene
15. Mason Cox


D: Alex Witherden, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Ryan Clarke, Zak Jones

M: Lachie Neale (C), Jack Steven (VC), Luke Dunstan, Zac Fisher (F)

R: Callum Sinclair

F: Toby Greene, Josh Thomas, Brandon Parfitt, Bailey Banfield (M)

U: Will Setterfield (M/F), Jarrod Lienert (D)

E: Nick Coffield (D), Brett Bewley (M), Lachlan Fogarty (F), Mason Cox (R)

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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #7 on: December 04, 2018, 01:44:23 AM »


PICK 12: Luke Valente

Koop says: Solid all-round midfielder with an uncanny knack of finding the football. Averaged 22 disposals captaining South Australia at the U18 Champs and was the only midfielder to rank elite for score involvements & intercept possessions.

PICK 14: Jack Bytel

Koop says: Had he not had an interrupted year through injury, Bytel was every chance to go top 15 in the main draft. The best ball-winner statistically behind Walsh & Smith in the draft crop. Was the MVP of the U17 all-star game in grand final week last year. Averaged 25 touches & 9 tackles at TAC level this year going at 50% contested.

PICK 20: Jez McLennan

Koop says: Solid, no-nonsense intercept defender who can also play lockdown if needed. Averaged 13 touches & made the AA team at the carnival.

PICK 36: Brett Bewley

Koop says: Comes to Fremantle hopefully to make an immediate impact as a two-way runner with a booming left peg. Averaged 26 disposals at VFL level in 2018 at 22 years of age.

ROOKIE 2: Jarrod Lienert

Koop says: Former Sturt wingman who has found a home as a 3rd tall in Port's backline. The 24 year old played some fantastic football towards the end of 2018.

ROOKIE 3: Jack Henry

Koop says: Harry Taylor's spiritual successor. 20 year old Henry has looked to have locked down a spot in Geelong's backline with a great blend of intercept marking & positional awareness.

ROOKIE 23: Callum Wilkie

Koop says: North Adelaide's B&F winner during a premiership year. Wilkie has a fantastic ability to control play from the backline, as well as float into space to take intercept marks. The 22 year old averaged 25 disposals & 8 marks at SANFL level this season.

ROOKIE 35: Thomas Wilkinson

Koop says: Small forward with an unrelenting attack on the football & one of the biggest endurance & gut runners seen in recent years. Wilkinson moved to Southport after being unable to dislodge Cavarra or Schultz at Williamstown & absolutely flourished. The 22 year old kicked 36 goals this season.

ROOKIE 42: Fergus Greene

Koop says: Has a cool name.

Addressed the need for midfielders who could find the football and and overall impact early given the lack of depth in the squad outside the first team. Fantastic result to grab all 3 guys I was considering at Picks 2 & 3 as well. As many as 7 of those players could be playing AFL football Round 1 next year.
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #8 on: December 04, 2018, 03:51:04 AM »


Lachie Neale - Origin Draft - Pick #353
Toby Greene - Origin Draft - Pick #116
Luke Dunstan - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #30 (#14)
Alex Witherden - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #23 (#11)
Ryan Clarke - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #23 (#11)
Will Setterfield - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #16 (#10)
David Cuningham - 2016 Trade Period - Trade #32 (#21)
Cal Sinclair - 2014 Trade Period - Trade #18 (#23)
Levi Greenwood - Origin Draft - Pick #569
Josh Thomas - 2012 Rookie Draft - Pick #57
Bailey Dale - 2014 National Draft - Pick #67
Joe Atley - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #30 (#14)
James Cousins  - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #15 (#9)
Brandon Parfitt - 2016 National Draft - Pick #29
Kayne Turner - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #42 (#18)
Trent McKenzie - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #57 (#19)
Pat Lipinski - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #59 (#17)
Lukas Webb - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #28 (#13)
Zac Fisher - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #53 (#16)
Jack Lonie - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #12 (#8)
Oleg Markov - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #27 (#12)
Nathan Broad - 2015 National Draft - Pick #39
Mason Cox - 2014 Rookie Draft - Pick #75
Isaac Cumming - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #63 (#20)
Ben Ronke - 2017 Trade Period - Trade #36 (#15)
Nick Coffield - 2017 National Draft - Pick #10
Bailey Banfield - 2017 Rookie Draft - Pick #2
Jack Steven - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #37 (#3)
Sam Mayes  - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #31 (#4)
Nathan Murphy - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #37 (#3)
Darcy Byrne-Jones - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #38 (#2)
Lachlan Fogarty - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #1 (#1)
Zak Jones - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #1 (#1)
Angus Schumacher - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #25 (#5)
Kyron Hayden - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #32 (#6)
Thomas Murphy - 2018 Trade Period - Trade #22 (#7)
Harry Jones - 2017 Rookie Draft - Pick #6
Mav Weller (auto-selection) - 2015 Trade Period - Trade #29 (#22)
Luke Valente - 2018 National Draft - Pick #12
Jack Bytel - 2018 National Draft - Pick #14
Jez McLennan - 2018 National Draft - Pick #20
Brett Bewley - 2018 National Draft - Pick #36
Jarrod Lienert - 2018 Rookie Draft - Pick #2
Jack Henry - 2018 Rookie Draft - Pick #3
Callum Wilkie - 2018 Rookie Draft - Pick #23
Thomas Wilkinson - 2018 Rookie Draft - Pick #35
Fergus Greene - 2018 Rookie Draft - Pick #42


Current players bolded for past seasons


Hebden Bridge trade: Rhys Stanley + N10 (Ely Smith) + N28 (Bailey Scott)
Manchester trade: Lachlan Fogarty + Zak Jones + N19 (ontraded - Xavier O'Halloran)

Hebden Bridge give: NAT 4 (Izak Rankine) + NAT 19 (Xavier O'Halloran) + NAT 49 (Will Kelly) + Rookie 20 (PASS) + Jarryn Geary + Kobe Mutch + Cedric Cox
Hebden Bridge get: Darcy Byrne-Jones + NAT 12 (Luke Valente) + NAT 14 (Jack Bytel) + NAT 20 (Jez McLennan) + NAT 36 (Brett Bewley)

Hebden Bridge give: Dustin Martin, Marcus Adams, NAT 25 (Tom Sparrow), Rookie 7 (Tom McKenzie)
Wrexham give: Jack Steven, Nathan Murphy, NAT 4 (ontraded - Izak Rankine), Rookie 20 (ontraded - PASS)

Hebden Bridge trade: Shane Savage + Mitchell Crowden + N58 (Will Hamill)
Bradford trade: Sam Mayes + N25 (ontraded - Tom Sparrow) +R7 (ontraded - Tom McKenzie)

Oxford Owls trade: Angus Schumacher + NAT 58 (ontraded - Will Hamill)
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs trade: Mark Hutchings + R10 (Shane McAdam)

Hebden Bridge trade: N27 (Zak Butters)
Winchester trade: Kyron Hayden + N49 (ontraded - Will Hamill)

Hebden Bridge trade: NAT 41 (Luke English)
Huddersfield trade: Thomas Murphy (NM)


Hedgies give: Aaron Mullett + Ethan Hughes + Nick O'Kearney + N43 (ontraded - Jackson Ross)
Liverpool give: Jayden Laverde + Jack Lonie + Josh Williams + N24 (ontraded - Ed Richards)

Dragons give: James Cousins + N52 (on-traded - Gryan Miers)
Hedgies give: Kieren Jack

Hedgies give: N8 (ontraded - Jaidyn Stephenson)
Breakers give: Will Setterfield + N42 (ontraded - Nathan Murphy)

Hedgies give: David Zaharakis + Alex Neal-Bullen + N24 (Ed Richards)
Werewolves give: Alex Witherden + Ryan Clarke + N35 (ontraded - Ryley Stoddart)

Badgers give: N26 (ontraded - Charlie Spargo) + Oleg Markov
Hedgies give: Matthew Wright + N52 (Charlie Ballard)

Hedgies give: N23 (Callum Coleman-Jones)
Leeches give: Lukas Webb

Knights give: Luke Dunstan + Joe Atley + N10 (Nick Coffield)
Hedgies give: Luke Parker + N27 (ontraded - Hamish Brayshaw) + N42 (Nathan Murphy)

Rams give: Marcus Adams + Ben Ronke
Hedgies give: Jack Watts + Matt de Boer

Rams give: Zac Fisher + N35 (ontraded - Ryley Stoddart)
Hedgies give: N26 (Charlie Spargo) + N40 (Noah Balta)

Hedgies give: Paul Seedsman + R19 (Matt Guelfi)
Hurricanes give: Pat Lipinski

Liverpool trade: Kayne Turner + R19 (ontraded - Matt Guelfi) + N40 (traded back - Noah Balta)
Hebden Bridge trade: Alex Sexton + N35 (ontraded - Ryley Stoddart)

Hebden Bridge give: N35 (Ryley Stoddart)
Grope Lane give: Trent McKenzie + N47 (Mitch Crowden)

HBH give: Jarrad McVeigh
Birmingham give: Isaac Cumming


Grope Lane give: nat 20 (Kobe Mutch) + D. Cuningham
Hebdenbridge Hedgehogs give: nat 11 (Sam Powell-Pepper)


Hedgehogs give- Craig Bird
Hastings give - Mav Weller


Hedgehogs Give: Michael Rischitelli
Badgers Give: Callum Sinclair + N32 (Ontraded - Toby McLean)


- 38 of the squad of 47 have arrived in the last 2 & a half off-seasons.

- Only 9 players remain from the tenure of Ele/Rico/Spite (Lachie Neale, Toby Greene, Josh Thomas, Nathan Broad, Mason Cox, Callum Sinclair, Mav Weller, Bailey Dale, Levi Greenwood) and none of the players T Dog traded in remain.

- With the departure of Dustin Martin & Mark Hutchings, only 3 players remain from the original squad. (Neale, Greene, Greenwood)

- 19 players will be donning Hedgehogs jumpers for the first time in 2019, headlined by Jack Steven.

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« Reply #9 on: December 04, 2018, 10:01:06 AM »

and none of the players T Dog traded in remain.
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