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Author Topic: Hannah Mouncey not eligible for the draft  (Read 2170 times)
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Coach of the Valkyries

« Reply #30 on: October 25, 2017, 03:43:32 PM »

It depends what team you play for though- I play for the Sydney Uni team and they're *generally* speaking pretty open minded lads (albeit, I don't know anyone at the club who's gay). If you go out to the western suburbs though though it's a completely different culture.
Which division did you play in? Wondering if I played against you this year...

highly unlikely :P I copped 3 shoulder injuries this year so I only got 2 games in div 5  against wests and campbelltown :P
I played for wests div 5 :o
Did you play the game at syd uni, or the wests home game?

hahahaha, that's so funny. I played the sydney uni game, were you in that one?
Yep that's the game I played, where we killed you in the second half to win :P
I also killed one of your players in the first 5 minutes with a tackle. Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to play under the "unfair size" rule hahahah

Haha, yeah we got wrecked. I blame myself, I was 100% ineffective as a forward :P Did you end up playing in the grandfinal? That would have been a good game to be a magpie :P

Yeah poor Arthur, he was flowered- didn't play for like a month because of concussion. I started the game on the bench and our coach was livid that nobody called out to him that he was about to be poleaxed :P

I mean, we laugh, but the size and weight discrepancy between you and Arthur is probably bigger than between Hannah and most AFLW players :P
Sadly nah I got dropped for the finals, even though I played half my games for the year in the div 2 team. Probably something to do with flying off to the states for a few weeks before the finals started, so I came back fat and unfit  ;D But was pretty disappointed not to play. Didn't stop me from celebrating though!

Yeah poor kid, I felt pretty bad about it, but it was a fair tackle, just as you said huge size difference between us. I went over to check on him after taking my free and he was just lying there saying "rainbow" over and over again :o Would have been awkward if that had been you haha!

If you were playing in the forward line I wonder if I played on you for a bit??

dude, I actually think you were my direct opponent for a bit because I remember you saying that to me about him just saying rainbow. In the second half I was just parked in the goalsquare- are you like tall with dark hair? I'm relatively tall and pretty lanky :P
Haha oh how funny. Yeah I'm tall with dark hair, but if you were in the goal square for the second half then you would have been playing against another guy who we just put back there because he is absolutely rubbish haha. He's also tall with dark hair but has no coordination or skill, yet thinks he should be playing in higher grades  ::)

are you sure you're describing him and not me? :P Are you playing again next year?
Menzel Washington
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #31 on: October 25, 2017, 06:43:08 PM »

Planning to, but we will see. I'm getting old...
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