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Author Topic: Round 9: Team Submission Thread.  (Read 267 times)
Veteran Coach
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« on: May 16, 2018, 06:21:26 AM »

Team Sheets are to be submitted in the following format. Please ensure you also place a (C) and (VC) next to your captain's and vice captain's names in their positions:

Team Name:

DEF1: Player -
DEF2: Player -
DEF3: Player -
DEF4: Player -

MID1: Player -
MID2: Player -
MID3: Player -
MID4: Player -

RUC1: Player -

FWD1: Player - 
FWD2: Player -
FWD3: Player -
FWD4: Player -

UTI1: Player -    (position)
UTI2: Player -    (position)

EME1: Player -    (position) 
EME2: Player -    (position)
EME3: Player -    (position)
Veteran Coach
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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 06:40:38 AM »

Team Name: UAE Tigers:
Capt: Robbie Gray.
V/C: Dustin Martin.
EVC: Nathan Jones.

DEF1: Player - Shannon Hurn.
DEF2: Player - Oscar MacDonald.
DEF3: Player - Kamdyn McIntosh.
DEF4: Player - Luke Ryan.

MID1: Player - Dustin Martin. (VC)
MID2: Player - Shaun Higgins. 
MID3: Player - Nathan Jones. (EVC) 
MID4: Player - Sam Powell-Pepper

RUC1: Player - Tom Hickey.

FWD1: Player - Hugh McCluggage.
FWD2: Player - Robbie Gray. (C)
FWD3: Player - Aaron Young.
FWD4: Player - Tom Hawkins.

UTI1: Player - Daniel Rich. (D)
UTI2: Player - Mitch Wallis. (C/F)

EME1: Player - Andy Otten. (D/F)
EME2: Player - Jack Higgins. (C/F)
EME3: Player - Rowan Marshall. (oop-R)
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Master Coach
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Break necks.

« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2018, 07:13:05 PM »

Team Name: Laos Elephants
Capt: Lachie Whitfield
V/C: Jack Riewoldt
EVC: Dylan Shiel

DEF1: Player - Shane Savage
DEF2: Player - Nick Vlastuin
DEF3: Player - Ben Stratton
DEF4: Player - Jarryn Geary

MID1: Player - Ollie Wines
MID2: Player - Dylan Shiel (evc)
MID3: Player - Aaron Hall
MID4: Player - Lachie Whitfield (c)

RUC1: Player - Todd Goldstein

FWD1: Player - Jarryd Roughead
FWD2: Player - Josh Kennedy
FWD3: Player - Jack Riewoldt (vc)
FWD4: Player - Tim Membrey

UTI1: Player - Jordan De Goey (fwd/mid)
UTI2: Player - David Mackay (mid)

EME1: Player - Shane Edwards (mid/fwd) 
EME2: Player - Alex Fasolo (fwd)
EME3: Player - Majak Daw (ruc/fwd)
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Veteran Coach
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The Gov!

« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2018, 07:19:48 PM »

 Tibetan Llamas

Capt: Jack Macrae
V/C:  Maxi Gawn
EVC:  Rory Laird

DEF1: Player - Rory Laird
DEF2: Player - Angus Brayshaw
DEF3: Player - Matt Scharenberg
DEF4: Player - Bailey Williams

MID1: Player - Jack Viney
MID2: Player - Lachie Neale
MID3: Player - Josh P Kennedy
MID4: Player - Jack Macrae (C)

RUC1: Player - Maxi Gawn (VC)

FWD1: Player - Tommy Lynch
FWD2: Player - Chad Wingard
FWD3: Player - Travis Boak
FWD4: Player - David Mundy

UTI1: Player - Connor Blakely  (M)
UTI2: Player - Richie Douglas  (M)

EME1: Player - Cam Ellis-Yolmen (M)
EME2: Player - Zac Smith  (R)
EME3: Player - Sam Patrevski-Seton  (F)
Football Factory
2017 Real Dream Team Winner
Seasoned Coach
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« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2018, 07:28:39 PM »


Capt: Nat Fyfe
V/C: David Zaharakis
EVC: Ben Cunnington

DEF1: Player - Zach Tuohy
DEF2: Player - Nathan Wilson
DEF3: Player - Adam Tomlinson
DEF4: Player - Jimmy Webster

MID1: Player - Nat Fyfe
MID2: Player - David Zaharakis
MID3: Player - Ben Cunnington
MID4: Player - Jack Redden

RUC1: Player - Ben McEvoy

FWD1: Player - Will Hayward
FWD2: Player - Ed Langdon
FWD3: Player - Caleb Daniel
FWD4: Player - Bayley Fritsch

UTI1: Player - Ben Jacobs (M)
UTI2: Player - Sam Kerridge (M)

EME1: Player - Daniel Howe (M) 
EME2: Player - Liam Duggan (D)
EME3: Player - Oliver Florent (F)
2017 AXVIII DT Premier
Seasoned Coach
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2018, 08:06:52 PM »

Capt: Tom Rockliff
V/C: Lachie Hunter
EVC: Clayton Oliver

DEF1: Luke McDonald
DEF2: Robbie Tarrant
DEF3: Tom Stewart
DEF4: Paul Seedsman

MID1: Lachie Hunter (VC)
MID2: Clayton Oliver (EVC)
MID3: Dyson Heppell
MID4: Tom Rockliff (C)

RUC1: Jarrod Witts

FWD1: Jack Billings
FWD2: Alex Neal-Bullen
FWD3: Mav Weller
FWD4: Darcy Lang

UTI1: Rory Atkins
UTI2: Tom Phillips (M)

EME1: Mitch Hannan (F)
EME2: Ryan Clarke (D)
EME3: Jade Gresham (F)
Back Coach
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« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2018, 08:10:21 PM »

Team Name: Gaz
Capt: Titch
V/C: Danger
EVC: Duncan

DEF1: Player - Hurley
DEF2: Player - Ellis
DEF3: Player - Rampe
DEF4: Player - Baguely

MID1: Player - Titch
MID2: Player - Danger
MID3: Player - Duncan
MID4: Player - Sheed

RUC1: Player - ROB

FWD1: Player - Jezza
FWD2: Player - Watts
FWD3: Player - Ben Brown
FWD4: Player - Dixon

UTI1: Player -   Jed Anderson
UTI2: Player -   Ridley

EME1: Player -  Laverade (Fwd)
EME2: Player -  Sam Day (Fwd)
EME3: Player - Saad (Def)
Seasoned Coach
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Inaugural FF 'Ultimate Champion'

« Reply #7 on: May 17, 2018, 08:25:31 PM »

Team Name: Mongolian Lambs
Capt: Luke Dunstan
V/C: Marc Murphy
EVC: James Sicily

DEF1: Player - Harry Morrison
DEF2: Player - James Sicily (EVC)
DEF3: Player - Aaron Mullett
DEF4: Player - Nick Smith

MID1: Player - Marc Murphy (VC)
MID2: Player - Luke Dunstan (C)
MID3: Player - Shaun Grigg
MID4: Player - Liam Shiels

RUC1: Player - Jordan Roughead

FWD1: Player - Matt Guelfi
FWD2: Player - Patrick Lipinski
FWD3: Player - Jy Simpkin
FWD4: Player - Charlie Cameron

UTI1: Player - Ed Phillips (M)
UTI2: Player - George Horlin-Smith (M)

EME1: Player - Zac Bailey (M)
EME2: Player - Billy Gowers (F)
EME3: Player - Alex Rance (D)
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #8 on: May 17, 2018, 09:11:54 PM »

Bangkok Crabs

Capt: Adam Treloar
V/C:  Taylor Adams
EVC: Trent Cotchin

DEF1: Alex Witherden
DEF2: Elliot Yeo
DEF3: Jarrod Harbrow
DEF4: Jamie MacMillan

MID1: Dayne Zorko
MID2: Adam Treloar (C)
MID3: Trent Cotchin (EVC)
MID4: Zach Merrett

RUC1: Nic Naitanui

FWD1: Devon Smith
FWD2: Steven Motlop
FWD3: Jake Stringer
FWD4: Jarman Impey

UTI1: Jack Zieball (M)
UTI2: Taylor Adams (M)  (VC)

EME1: Toby Nankervis (R)
EME2: David Swallow (M)
EME3: Shaun Atley (F)
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Seasoned Coach
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It's Toff's Boyyy

« Reply #9 on: May 17, 2018, 10:49:33 PM »

Team Name: Kathmandu Eskimos
Capt: Jared Polec
V/C: Andrew Gaff
EVC: Issac Smith

DEF1: Player - Tom Doedee
DEF2: Player -Sam Wright
DEF3: Player - Taylor Duryea
DEF4: Player - Flynn Appelby

MID1: Player - Dan Hannebery
MID2: Player - Andrew Gaff
MID3: Player - Issac Smith
MID4: Player - Jared Polec

RUC1: Player - Paddy Ryder

FWD1: Player - Eddie Betts
FWD2: Player - Luke Bruest
FWD3: Player - Sam Gray
FWD4: Player - Orazio Fantasia

UTI1: Player - Jaiden Stephensen (C)
UTI2: Player - Bailey Dale  (C)

EME1: Player -  Jack Homsch  (D) 
EME2: Player -  Ryan Nhuis (F)
EME3: Player -  Cam Pedersen  (R)
Coaching Legend
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2014 AF Elxam Champ; Dublin are pie

« Reply #10 on: May 18, 2018, 12:22:59 AM »

Team Name: KL Crocs
Capt: Steele Sidebottom
V/C: Gary Ablett
EVC Dayne Beams

DEF1: Player - Heath Shaw
DEF2: Player - Michael Hibberd
DEF3: Player - Sam Murray
DEF4: Player - Nathan Broad

MID1: Player - Steele Sidebottom (C)
MID2: Player - Gary Ablett (VC)
MID3: Player - Dayne Beams (EVC)
MID4: Player - Joel Selwood

RUC1: Player - Brodie Grundy

FWD1: Player - Sam Menegola
FWD2: Player - Buddy Franklin
FWD3: Player - Luke Dahlhaus
FWD4: Player - Jack Darling

UTI1: Player - Scott Pendlebury (MID)
UTI2: Player - Tim Kelly (MID)

EME1: Player - Josh Thomas (FWD/MID)
EME2: Player - Touk Miller (MID) 
EME3: Player -  Isaac Cumming (DEF)
Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #11 on: May 18, 2018, 05:17:16 AM »

Team Name: Taiwan We have too many forwards Dolphins
C: Bradley Ebert
VC: Stephen Coniglio
EVC: Brandan Ah Chee

DEF1: Player - Tom McDonald
DEF2: Player - Bachar Hoult
DEF3: Player - Tom Cutler
DEF4: Player - Jeremy Finlayson

MID1: Player - Brad Ebert (C)
MID2: Player - Stephen Coniglio (VC)
MID3: Player - Jarryd Lyons
MID4: Player -  Jack Steele

RUC1: Player - Matthew Kreuzer

FWD1: Player - Isaac Heeney
FWD2: Player - Josh Caddy
FWD3: Player -  Zac Fisher
FWD4: Player -  Jamie Cripps

UTI1: Player -   Brendan Ah Chee (MID/FWD)
UTI2: Player -   Trent Dumont (MID)

EME1: Player -  Mason Wood  (FWD) 
EME2: Player -  Jack Graham  (MID)
EME3: Player -   Alex Sexton (DEF)
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I'm probably in trade negotiations

« Reply #12 on: May 18, 2018, 11:32:36 AM »

Team Name: Hong Kong Dongs
Capt: Shaun McKernan
V/C: Stefan Martin
EVC: Mitch Robinson

DEF1: Player - Dan Houston
DEF2: Player - Darcy Byrne-Jones
DEF3: Player - Reece Conca
DEF4: Player - Blake Hardwick

MID1: Player - Mitch Robinson
MID2: Player - Lewis Taylor
MID3: Player - Billy Hartung
MID4: Player - Ryan Griffen

RUC1: Player - Stefan Martin

FWD1: Player - Shaun McKernan
FWD2: Player - Charlie Curnow
FWD3: Player - Josh Dunkley
FWD4: Player - George Hewett

UTI1: Player - Tom Bellchambers (RUC)
UTI2: Player - Oscar McInerney (RUC)

EME1: Player - Jack Bowes (DEF) 
EME2: Player - Jed Lamb (FWD)
EME3: Player - Cameron Rayner (MID/FWD)
Veteran Coach
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« Reply #13 on: May 18, 2018, 01:05:12 PM »

Team Name: Sri Lanka Strikers
Capt: M Bontempelli
V/C: Kade Simpson
EVC: Callan Ward

DEF1: Player - Kade Simpson (VC)
DEF2: Player - Matt Suckling
DEF3: Player - Jason Johanisen
DEF4: Player - Jarryd McVeigh

MID1: Player - Will Hoskin-Elliot
MID2: Player - Marcus Bontempelli (C)
MID3: Player - Callan ward
MID4: Player - Michael Walters

RUC1: Player - Sam Jacobs

FWD1: Player -  Justin Westhoff
FWD2: Player - Jarryd Waite
FWD3: Player - Kieren Jack
FWD4: Player - Dale Thomas

UTI1: Player -  Callum Sinclair (ruc)
UTI2: Player - Scott Lycett (ruc)

EME1: Player - Bernie Vince (def)
EME2: Player -  Nick Holman (mid)
EME3: Player -  Kyle Langford (mid/fwd
Veteran Coach
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GOT Pillow Talk

« Reply #14 on: May 18, 2018, 02:06:40 PM »


Capt: Luke Parker
V/C: Tim Taranto
EVC: Mark Hutchings

DEF1: Player - Jermey Howe
DEF2: Player - Nick Haynes
DEF3: Player - Jeremey McGovern
DEF4: Player - Tom Jonas

MID1: Player - Luke Parker (C)
MID2: Player - Jacob Hopper
MID3: Player - Mark Blicavs
MID4: Player - Zak Jones

RUC1: Player - Jack Sinclair (OOP)

FWD1: Player -  Tim Taranto (VC)
FWD2: Player - Brandon Matera
FWD3: Player - Allen Christensen
FWD4: Player - Mark Hutchings (EVC)

UTI1: Player -    Dom Tyson(M)
UTI2: Player -    Matt Wright(M/F)

EME1: Player -    Jake Melksham(F) 
EME2: Player -    Christian Petracca(M/F)
EME3: Player -    Ryan Burton (D)
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