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Author Topic: Adelaide Off-Field 2019  (Read 8283 times)
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Seasoned Coach
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2017 SC m0nty medalist

« Reply #135 on: September 28, 2018, 08:41:27 PM »

Lmao at that photo! Sucked in Trinda. No point posting a message on the Richmond board because he comes here more often anyway! Imo think Cotchin should be sacked, didn't show up in a big game. That's the criteria for sacking a captain isn't it?

Maybe you should close these forums off to supporters only if you can't handle a bit of fair criticism. Tex Dusty didn't show up last night, and when the Crows Tigers were poor in the third quarter whole game, it was very poor. Their 4th quarter wasn't very convincing either.

I'm still here because I still love footy and I enjoy getting on here and talking about the big talking points. No one could have predicted that Adelaide Richmond would be out the finals at this end of the season. It's worth talking about.

Not surprised no one is responding to your useless contributions to this forum.

One look at it and everyone thinks the same thing, you are a deadset f****** mate.
That was just said in a jokingly, right back at you way. Also be careful who you say has useless contributions, because the guy that topped the FF Leagues in SC this year is probably not the one to go after.

This forum is stupid, and I have no faith in it being moderated fairly. Veteran members have conspired time and again to have me banned permanently from the fanfooty forums. I thought that common sense was prevailing at the administration level because God knows it wasn't at the moderator level.

Turns out though that the administrators are happy to kill the activity of these forums when one-eyed supporters rage out when someone calls out a club or players having problems.
You've started a lot of what's occurred. You should read into how typing styles can be interpreted in different ways. A lot of what you say comes across really badly, even if that's not the intention.

I thought Sloane would go and he didn't, and I thought at the start of the year they might make him Captain to get him to stay. Other then that I've nailed it. I picked them missing the eight, I picked the pre-season camp being worse than how they played it down, and I was right about there being inner termoil months before it got to the media. I don't have a vendetta, I just have strong opinions which I back up when questioned with reasons.
Congrats :) Join more tipping comps, you might win something! ;)

I'll happily find another forum that doesn't ban the victim of trolling and harassment by moron's.
This is one. We gave you chances, and you weren't the only one that got in trouble. Tip: As with everywhere you go, you can't just walk in and expect to have respect, gotta be earned. All because this is a footy forum and not a workplace doesn't make it any different.

Also, you called someone a flowerhead only a few lines above, victim mentality much?

Somewhere where I can talk about how surprising West Coast have been this year, how the Tigers blew it and what they need to do to fix things for next year, and how Geelong need to have a hard look at their bottom 8 players in their 22, because that much talent should be playing on September 29.
This is one. You're the one that only visits the Adelaide board.

And somewhere where I can point out that Adelaide were overrated last year, and will be spending the next few years out of the 8 because Tex is a flog, the coach is NQR and the place sounds like a shower joint to work at.
I hope you're right.

Chat/forum mods
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Who Has The Nuts Wins!!

« Reply #136 on: September 28, 2018, 11:34:59 PM »

Thank flower for that. Deliberately inflammatory in his delivery and he knows this. He'll deny it till the cows come home but hey that's what bullies do best. His comments were cleverly articulated to grind peoples gears. He should think of a career in politics.

Deliberately stayed out of the conversations, at times it's difficult to do but by buying into it you give it oxygen and life, ignore it and it suffocates in the end. While there's blood in the water the sharks will continue to circle we know this. The key is to recognise what their doing and why and once you understand that everything changes it takes away any power they seek and in all honesty you're much happier for it.

Who want's to have one barney after another every time you visit a thread, you say your piece and leave but it still drains you or it still annoys you or causes an element of aggravation, where's the fun in that. Yes we have every right to defend ourselves but at some point you need to realise this is going nowhere and if I continue so shall the situation. It becomes a never ending circle that gets worse and worse until you slip up and cop a ban or worse.

There's no shame in remaining silent, there's no weakness attached to it, only you yourself can give it that power not them, you and how you feel is where their power comes from. Why do that to yourself, why give them what they want. You and you alone hold the power, don't give it away for free. Like they say opinions are like butt holes everyone has one, some are honest some are fake.

Here's my laconic theory on it:

They post like a fisherman baits a hook then they sit back and wait for a bite if the fish bite they'll set up another rod or two and chuck that in also. If they're catching sweet FA they pull their lines in eventually and move on. Don't let yourself be caught, scaled and gutted only to end up on their plate. Why feed THEM any bit of yourself.
Believe me they flowering hate it when the fish don't bite, it wears on them because they don't get what they need to survive
another day.

Menzel Washington
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #137 on: September 30, 2018, 09:40:09 PM »

Any worth in picking up Mayes from Lions?
Seasoned Coach
Online Online

« Reply #138 on: November 15, 2018, 08:13:22 PM »

Tex :'(
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