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Author Topic: 2020 ASC Awards Thread  (Read 1680 times)
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« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2020, 11:39:00 PM »

Offensive Player of the Year

Winner: Christian Petracca - Las Vegas (34 votes)

Another award, another one that Koop's final votes 100% decided the winner on (more on those later). Petracca was behind by a vote, but surged to take the award from right under Porkins' nose - he won't like that, and I'm indifferent on it - one of "my" boys takes out the gong, but I really wanted to post either :porkins: or the large load size image you previously saw in finals week one. But ultimately you're harsh to say Petracca doesn't deserve it - averaging 119.5 compared to Hawkins' 109.3 which is almost 40 points more than his previous highest season average. Of course, the main point of contention would be his arguable position, but what CD gave him is good enough for this award. Another point of contention is that he is merely a mortal while Milo is a GOD (every single vote he got was somebody giving him the full 5), but Petracca ultimately is a worthy recipient of the first OPOY.

Second: Tom Hawkins - Anaheim (30 votes)
Third: Charlie Dixon - Ottawa (16 votes)
T-Fourth: Dan Butler - Houston and Tom Papley - Brooklyn (13 votes)
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« Reply #16 on: August 26, 2020, 11:45:11 PM »

Defensive Player of the Year

Winner: Jake Lloyd - Las Vegas (38 votes)

Wow, our new Sinners coach Stig is going to love this absolutely stacked roster, as Vegas takes out OPOY and DPOY - only by narrow margins, however, as Anaheim are once again screwed over by Koop's votes, turning the tables to decide the winner. The seagull averaged 120.8 in 2020, tonning up every round after the post-corona resumption (wait - Victoria are still a COVID-ridden locked-down slum? My bad), leading the way for the Sinners to recover from a poor start (for some reason) to still be alive in week three of finals. But since everybody seems to not really like this Seagull, I'll throw some shade at him by posting his award picture as the Jake Lloyd that showed up for me on Google images.

Second: Jordan Ridley - Anaheim (35 votes)
Third: Nick Haynes - Quito (24 votes)
Fourth: Brayden Maynard - Colorado (23 votes)
Fifth: James Sicily - Chicago (18 votes)
2019 AXVIII SC Premier
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UTG Admin

« Reply #17 on: August 27, 2020, 07:33:07 PM »

Least Valuable Player

Winner: Darcy MacPherson (Houston) - 33 Votes

When SilverLion deferred from Anaheim to take on the role as Houston head honcho, there was one man he wanted to take with him. Houston coughed up Kade Simpson and a rookie pick in a deal the pundits described as a fleecing. However, KB proved he knew best as he freed himself of the shame of owning inaugural Least Valuable Player, Darcy MacPherson. Darcy promised the world in a Héritier Lumumba-esque pre-season, dishing up a 132 and 127 in the competition formerly known as the NAB cup. MacPherson tricked 10% of SC classic coaches into slotting him into their forward lines and he looked set to round out a solid Houston front line. It took 7 weeks of disappointment for MacPherson to ultimately be 'banished to the shadow realm' and the Suns soon followed suit, MacPherson dropped with no return in sight. Darcy's slump from 22 games at 81.7 to 58.6 and overall inability to deliver on the hype earnt him the title over Bryce Gibbs' average of 37 from two starts. Lance Franklin, Seb Ross & Tom Scully round out our best of the worst. Enjoy this less than flattering photo of this fella.

Second: Bryce Gibbs (Boston) - 25 Votes
Third: Lance Franklin (Las Vegas) - 19 Votes
Fourth: Seb Ross (Quito) - 18 Votes
Fifth: Tom Scully (San Fran) - 16 Votes
« Last Edit: August 27, 2020, 07:41:19 PM by fanTCfool » Logged
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« Reply #18 on: August 27, 2020, 07:37:37 PM »

Coach of the Year

Winner: fanTCfool - Quito (40 votes)

It was pretty tight the whole process between FTC and the next closest competitor, but the reigning premier and current preliminary finalist takes out the gong to make up for being ineligible for the award last year due to the awards ceremony being AFK. As a coach who awarded FTC the five votes, I feel as though he's made this side and guided them to success, while Urbs must hand off some credit to PSK for Wisconsin's perfect season (perfect to date, at least) but is still rewarded with 35 votes. Since this is just COTY rather than CCOTY I can't comment on FTC away from Quito's performance, but he's (assuming gender ik) got them to the preliminary final and has that reigning premier legacy that means he's deserving of COTY. Yes this write-up isn't as good as normal as I've devoted 95% of the effort towards below.

Image: Admin's interpretation of our coach of the year's physical form

Second: Urbaninfinnity - Wisconsin (35 votes)
Third: TomK - Boston (22 votes)
Fourth: Jukercoach - Las Vegas (19 votes)
Fifth: Big Mac - Chicago (15 votes)
Veteran Coach
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« Reply #19 on: August 27, 2020, 08:06:30 PM »

Most Valuable Player - the Milo Medal

Winner: Lachie Neale - Boston (38 votes)

The guy with the most total points in the comp wins MVP, how lame and boring are you guys? But it was quite the runaway winner, and fair enough too - the guy has played every game and has averaged 140 after all - and it was higher before choking in their qualifying final humiliation. Look at these scores though - 157, 171, 166, 147, 130, 134, 87, 152, 157, 149, 167, 134, 72. All 130+ if you exclude the two blips, which is insane value as the captain every week (unless your QF depends on it). A very well deserving winner of the Milo Medal, even if Neale isn't quite as good as the medal's namesake.

The only man to average more, Max Gawn, was right behind as runner up - an average of 141, albeit having played four less games than Neale but scoring similarly - two sub-100 scores, a 107, and every other score 140+. You'd almost think CD like these guys and give them extra points? Clayton Oliver was right behind his ruckman and was certainly instrumental in Chicago's wins and losses, averaging 126.8 with no scores under 95. Our DPOY and CA winners round out the top five, along with is it Grundy?

Second: Max Gawn - Wisconsin (26 votes)
Third: Clayton Oliver - Chicago (23 votes)
Fourth: Jake Lloyd - Las Vegas (15 votes)
T-Fifth: Jordan Ridley - Anaheim and Brodie Grundy - Carolina (13 votes)
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« Reply #20 on: August 27, 2020, 08:23:38 PM »

Coaches Coach

Winner:  Jukercoach (Las Vegas) - 31 votes

You knew it was happening. Pretty tight after that though! Bit like... nevermind.  ;D

2nd: fanTCfool (Quito) - 21 votes
3rd: SilverLion (Houston) - 20 votes
=4th: Urbaninfinity (Wisconsin) - 19 votes
=4th: CromasK (Boston) - 19 votes
=4th: Koop (Colorado) - 19 votes
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