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Author Topic: Yearly Wrap - Adel, Bris, Carl, Coll  (Read 3269 times)
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2011 Elxam SC + DT champion. FF AA CHB

« on: September 05, 2011, 10:02:44 PM »

Taken from another forum but thought i would add it here for consideration

other teams to follow


2011 Biggest Superstars and Improvers:

Scott Thompson had a ripper season, averaging a career-high 107.6 DT and 108.8 SC points a game. His consistency was one of his biggest positives this year, only dropping below 80 points in DT four times and SuperCoach twice. He was also a great performer, even when his side was having a stinker, continuing to run hard between contests despite the fact a win may have been out of site.
Nathan Van Berlo had a pretty indifferent year under Neil Craig, but really stepped it up when Bickley took over in round 19. VB was moved to a much more attacking role through the midfield and has averaged 122 DT and 107 SC since then – a 40 point turnaround in both competitions! Those who noticed the change of role and pounced on him early were well rewarded.
Jared Petrenko is probably a surprising one to see on this list, but honestly I was quite impressed with his season – especially in the second half of they year when he was moved into the forward line. He has actually really improved his game and ball-winning ability, being used as a link-up player across half-forward and also for creating forward pressure. His averages in both competitions were still reasonably meek, but expect more improvement from him next year.

2011 Biggest Disappointments:

Chris Knights was one of the more selected players at the start of the year, thanks to his tempting price and known DT and SC ability. Unfortunately, in the first 14 rounds he only cracked the ton once, playing a forward role that really wasn’t conducive to high DT or SC scores. He was then dropped later in the year before returning in round 19 with a good-looking midfield role. This was short lived however, with injuries ruining the remainder of his year.
Brodie Martin played very well in the pre-season in a half-back role that looked like it could be very DT and SC friendly. Unfortunately though, he didn’t play his first game until round 3 and never really cemented his spot, playing just five games for the year. He has the ball-winning ability to be a good DTer, but unfortunately his disposal often let him down in the SANFL, hence why he struggled to get a consistent game. Worth keeping an eye on for next year though.
Andy Otten was another popular pick in the pre-season – he was returning from a year off after rupturing his ACL in 2010, hence his price seemed a bargain to many coaches. Unfortunately though, he just couldn’t capture any form before being dropped in round 6 and subsequently injured himself. His second half of the year was better, although he didn’t managed to crack the ton in either competition for the whole year.

2012 Prospects:

Rory Sloane made some decent improvement again this year from his 2010 debut season, playing the majority of the season from round 7 after breaking his thumb in the first round and missing a month and a half. He is a tough inside midfielder who knows how to find the ball, and with Adelaide bringing in a new coach next year, the likes of Sloane, along with their other young midfielders, will likely be given first crack to lead from the front. He has the potential to score well, as displayed against Geelong in round 21 when he notched up 137 DT and 145 SC as the Crows’ best on ground.
Bernie Vince had a pretty poor season by the standards he set in his breakout 2009 season when he averaged 100 DT and 98 SC points a game, meaning he was averaging nearly 20 points less this year than he did in 2009. He has shown some good signs of form later this year and having signed a new contract with the Crows only a week back, Vince will be another young midfielder given big responsibilities through the midfield moving forward. Has the potential to average over 100 points in both competitions, so consider him strongly if he manages a decent pre-season.
Patrick Dangerfield is another young Crows midfielder who has been stuck in the wrong role under Neil Craig, who had him playing predominantly in the forward line – a position that is not very friendly to DT or SC. When Bickley arrived, Dangerfield was stuck in the midfield and did a great job in his first game there, picking up a career-high 27 possessions, which he then bettered a few weeks later with 31 touches – so we know he can find the pill. Could be another good one to watch, especially if he is mid/forward eligible again.


2011 Biggest Superstars and Improvers:

Tom Rockliff had a massive year in just his second season in the AFL, finishing the year as the 6th highest averaging midfielder in Dream Team -  a massive achievement! He wins so much ball from his ability to run and find space, very similar to the great Dane Swan, and because of this has only dropped below 25 possessions on four occasions this year, plus had eight games with 30 possessions or more.
Jack Redden, like his mate Rocky, has had a brilliant season in just his 3rd year, averaging the 8th highest points in Dream Team for the year. Redden wins a lot of his ball inside packs, but also has the ability to spread and win ball outside packs if needed, hence his high number of marks for an inside midfielder (averages 5.5 a game). But it is his tackling that has made him such a prolific dream teamer this year, averaging 7.6 tackles a game – the second most in the whole competition.
Jed Adcock deserves a mention, despite him burning plenty of coaches with his mid-season form. Jed started the season like a house on fire, averaging over 100 points a game in both competitions for the first two months. Unfortunately, a mixture of injury (he had a finger injury) and a change of role saw his scoring go down the drain, averaging just 51 DT and 60 SC in the next 3 weeks before being checked in for surgery. Fortunately, his run home has been better, albeit not as good as his start to the year, but still I’d say most coaches would have been pretty happy to take an average of 85 DT and 90 SC from him if offered it in the pre-season.

2011 Biggest Disappointments:

Mitch Clark will continue to disappoint until he has another season like his massive 2009 when he was Brisbane’s sole ruckman. He actually did pretty well this year in some games, but was way too inconsistent for anyone who owned him, missing 7 games throughout the year, whilst also having six games under 60 points and only three tons. He has so much potential and talent, so we will watch him again with intest next year – it will also be interesting to see what club he is playing at in 2012 with speculation he may want to move.
Rohan Bewick was one of the more popular rookie choices at the start of the year after he averaged 77 DT points in the NAB cup, including a BOG 118 in round 4. Unfortunately though, the pre-season form didn’t continue into the season itself as he averaged 47 DT and 38 SC, which included several games as the sub. His price peaked at just over $180k, meaning his owners could hardly even trade him for anyone worthwhile.
Jonathan Brown had a season of bad-luck and injuries, being struck down twice with significant facial fractures, allowing him to play just 10 games for the year, with only one ton amongst the mix. The Lions ended up putting him on ice at the end of the year, rather than rushing him back, meaning he could start next year at a very tempting price. Remember though, even when he wasn’t injured, his form hasn’t been nearly as strong as it once was.

2012 Prospects:

Tom Rockliff, as I said above, improved massively this year and showed not only a high level of scoring power (with 8 scores over 120 in DT and 9 in SC), but also a great consistency, with only four games of under 80 points. He will be expensive, but on this year’s form will be worth it.
Jack Redden is another who I have already talked about, but I see being another hugely popular option in 2012. Like Rocky, his consistency and ceiling were both great this year, despite him being part of a side that only won a handful of games. Imagine how good these guys will be when the Lions start pushing into the eight again!
Matthew Leuenberger has been highly rated for a while, but this has been the first year where we have really seen that translate into decent DT and SC form. He has proven though to be a much better SuperCoach option, averaging 122 points from his past two months, taking his yearly average to just 100, meaning he will likely be a bargain for his potential come round one. He also has no real competition for ruck spots at Brisbane (unlike other young ruckmen Goldstein, McEvoy and Kruezer), so you can be assured he will lead Brisbane’s ruck division from round 1.


2011 Biggest Superstars and Improvers:

Bryce Gibbs was one of the most selected players in the pre-season that actually proved to be a good choice, as he managed to average 106 DT and 104 SC throughout the year. He played in a variety of roles for the Blues throughout the year – tagger, forward, rebounding defender – but always managed to do a decent job at racking up plenty of ball for himself. He was also pretty consistent this year, with only three games under 80 DT & SC points.
Marc Murphy was great this year, really stepping up to be one of the most consistent and dominant midfielders in the competition. He also proved to be somewhat of a unique selection for many coaches despite being so consistent – this was due to many being scared off by his late bye in the finals. Those who selected him were greatly rewarded along the way though as he averaged a career-high 112 DT and 118 SC, which included just three games under 90 DT points and only one game under that margin in SuperCoach.
Chris Judd’s season was so good that some betting agencies have already paid out on Judd winning this year’s Brownlow medal. Whilst he took some time to get into some games, there were others that he dominated from start to finish, making him an absolute gem in SuperCoach. His run home has been terrific, averaging 131 SC points from his past 8 games – he has also scored over 150 SC points on five times this year, including a season-high 197 against Essendon.

2011 Biggest Disappointments:

Brock McLean only managed six games in 2010 due to injuries, so got a pretty decent discount coming into this year, which surely tempted some before he missed out on the round one team. He has subsequently managed to play just four games this year, despite it being one of the first in his career where he was not injured. It seems the pace of the game has passed him by and whilst he has attempted to reinvent himself, he doesn’t look like finding a place in the Blues lineup any time soon.
Paul Bower was one of the major disappointments from 2010 and unfortunately carried that trait into this year, managing just 3 games for an average of 27 DT and 29 SC. He always promised to be a good player (and good in DT and SC too), and a tall defender is exactly what the Blues would love, but his injuries are ruining his career. Will be 50/50 as to whether he is on the list next year, but with a full pre-season may tempt some – but before you are one of those people, have a good look at his horrendous injury history first.
Jarrad Waite is another key Blue to have suffered from the injury curse in 2011, being in and out of the side with a variety of ailments. Unfortunately, it now even looks like he may miss the Blues’ finals series. He has shown some decent form this year, but nothing consistent – could be worth considering next year, but again, his body is a worry.

2012 Prospects:

Matthew Kruezer clearly came into this year underdone, coming back from a knee reconstruction in round 12. His second game back, against Sydney, was terrific – he booted 2.1 and was pivotal in their win in his role across half-forward. Unfortunately, despite glimpses here and there, his form this year has otherwise been pretty ordinary, but as it to be expected from a guy coming back from a reco. Therefore, next year will be the time to get him in your team – he should have a full pre-season and will also be a pretty reasonable price. You will need to keep an eye on his role though – he will score better in the ruck, but with a big pre-season may still be ok at full-forward.
Marc Murphy will be damn expensive next year, but should be worth every cent – especially when he has no byes in the way. He showed this year that he can rack up some huge disposal numbers, but has also managed to break free from some of the best taggers in the game – a great sign. Should be one of the most selected premiums in 2012.
Kane Lucas will be a bargain basement midfielder in 2012 – after playing 8 games in 2010 (before being struck down with injury), Lucas has managed just two this year, including this week against the Saints. He is clearly part of their plans though as they have done all they can to bring him into the side on the eve of finals – a great endorsement if I’ve ever seen one. For DT, he is a great ball-winner, so if you can pick him up in round one for under $200k he should be worth every cent – if his body is right he should play every game and score very well.


2011 Biggest Superstars and Improvers:

Dane Swan had another unbelievable season, finishing the year as the highest averaging player in Dream Team, despite his injury issues mid-season (before he headed to Arizona). In fact, taking out these injury-effected games, Swan only scored below 100 once in 2011 (a 96) and has scored over 120 on 10 occasions, including a season high of 171 against Essendon. His SuperCoach year was also prolific, with only nine games under 120 points!
Scott Pendlebury stepped it up this year, improving in SuperCoach, but more noticeably in Dream Team, becoming the number one scoring player in the league – a massive growth of form for a guy who was traditionally ‘strictly SuperCoach.’ Amazingly, in SuperCoach he scored under 100 just once (94 in round 3) – a brilliant form-line that saw him average nearly 130 points for the year, with 17 of his games being over 120 points – massive.
Andrew Krakouer was another popular player in the pre-season, and whilst his form ebbed and flowed throughout the year, at the end of the day his season was well and truly a success. His form at the back-end of the season was also very good, averaging 85 DT and 84 SC across his last 2 months – a huge improvement considering that in his last season of AFL football he averaged just 48 DT and 58 SC points.

2011 Biggest Disappointments:

Alan Didak will probably go down as one of the worst picks for the year due to the fact he burnt his coaches in so many ways – not only was he one of the most expensive forwards to start the year, but his early form was horrible, with only one score over 90 DT points in the first 2 months. He also missed several games of footy late in the season with an unknown injury, plus wore the subs vest three times. Fortunately, he came home with some form through the finals, but it wasn’t enough of a consolation for his angry coaches.
Darren Jolly really struggled with form this year as he was continually in and out of the side with injuries, missing 11 games for the year in total. Even when in the side his form hasn’t been close to his best, with him often getting beaten in the ruck and around the ground – this week he was significantly beaten by Brad Ottens in one of his worst performances of the year.
Heath Shaw will forever be remembered for how he burnt so many coaches when suspended for a bet he placed on a Collingwood game mid-way through the year. The Friday evening announcement caught many coaches off-guard who had already done their trades for the week. His form through the year was also patchy – he did have some very good games, but as is typical with Shaw, he was quite inconsistent, managing four games under 65 DT points.

2012 Prospects:

Scott Pendlebury is still very young and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon, meaning that despite his price he should still be a great addition to your midfield next year in either competition. He has not only proven to have a great consistency, injury record and massive ceiling, he also knows how to break a tag – a massively underrated trait for your premium mids.
Alan Didak will surely be tempting at his low price next year. Fortunately, there is some reason behind his poor 2011 and that is his lack of a pre-season – he came into round one significantly underdone and it has been painfully obvious all year. Next year, if he manages a decent pre-season, he should be a great pick up – when in form he is a great scorer and knows how to find plenty of the ball – the trick is just whether that form is present or not…
Steele Sidebottom is surely set to have a further breakout season soon. We have already seen him become an established member of Collingwood’s side, but the next step if for him to step up into their rotation of premium midfielders – with his ability to find space and plenty of the ball he has all the tools to be a great DT and SC star and I reckon 2012 could be his year. Keep a very keen eye on his pre-season.

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Fantasy coach

« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 11:55:34 PM »

Brisbane - some cheap players for next year include Jared Polec and Ryan Lester
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2014 RDT Elxam m0nty medalist

« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2011, 06:54:27 AM »

Brisbane - Redden and Rich will be good Mid field options next year at around $100k - $00k cheaper than Rocky.  Rich's season was hurt be a foot injury and since returning has scores being in excess of 100 excluding first match as sub. A;so  keep an eye on Pearce Hanley in Defence as well who was Brisbane's most consistent defender for the season
roo boys!
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« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2011, 07:06:30 AM »

Nice write up! (I know you didn't do it, but oh well :P)
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2011, 05:45:22 PM »

chris knights is so shower shouldnt of got him
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All I Do Is Win

« Reply #5 on: September 09, 2011, 06:44:30 PM »

Nice work CFC  ;)
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Who Has The Nuts Wins!!

« Reply #6 on: September 23, 2011, 10:40:35 PM »

Onya CFC, appreciate the effort.
« Reply #7 on: September 28, 2011, 01:16:22 PM »

Well done CFC. Just put the teams in bold so it's neater. Coz i'm a neat freak ;)
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