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Author Topic: World XV - Directory, About Us and Official Rulebook  (Read 6713 times)
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« on: March 20, 2012, 12:32:40 PM »

*logo created by FanFooty User Phasir

What is the World XV?

The World XV is a fantasy game that was created by our own FF member, ossie85. It is loosely based on the AFFL fantasy game.

The premise: In addition to the regular AFL rigures, AFL players also complete in a lucrative world league, comprising 15 players per team.

How does it work?

  • 18 team competition (run by FF members)
  • Most current AFL players were selected in a draft
  • Only 15 players (plus 3 emergencies) are selected each week to compete against other teams
  • Scoring is based on the SuperCoach scoring system
  • At the end of each season, there will be a trading period and national/pre-season/rookie drafts.
  • The competition runs simultaneously to the AFL season

How do players score points?

Whatever the player scores in SuperCoach for that week, that is the score that player will get in the World XVs for the week.

Example: If Adam Goodes scores 119 against GWS in SuperCoach in Round 1, he will also score 119 in the World XVs for Round 1.

However, there are some rules in which players may be penalised. More information about the rules are available here.

How can I be part of the World XV?

There are three ways you can be a part of the World XV.

  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Member

Coach - Run the team as if it were your own. Unfortunately, the opportunity to become a WXV coach only comes along when a coach retires or is sacked. Once it has been announced, a formal process will begin to find a new coach.

Assistant Coach - Help assist the coach in whatever way. Teams are always on the lookout for additional help, it is best to contact the coach directly to see if any positions are currently vacant.

Member - Help support the club! Feel free to sign up to any club as a member and support the team throughout the year!

I have another question...

If there is any questions about the World XV you would like answered, please do not hesitate to contact the admin (currently Purple 77) via PM, or make a post in the WXV Discussion thread. We would be more than happy to help you out. :)
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2012, 12:53:50 PM »

*logo created by FanFooty User Phasir

The WXV Official Rulebook

Team Submissions

1. Teams must be submitted prior to the beginning of the first match for each AFL round. Be careful when editing your post, if the editing time-stamp is post lock-out, your team submission may be void.

2. Teams sheets must be submitted in the following format:

Def: Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D
Mid: Player E, Player F, Player G, Player H
Fwd: Player I, Player J, Player K, Player L
Ruck: Player M
Int: Player N, Player O
Emg: Player P, Player Q, Player R

Captain: Player A-O
Vice-Capt: Player A-O

3. You must select 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 4 forwards, 1 ruckman and 2 additional players from any position, along with 3 emergency players.

      3a. Three times a year, a coach can implement the 'Flood' strategy, where they can play 5 defenders and 3 forwards. This has to be nominated before the round starts. Can not be used in finals.

      3b. Three times a year, a coach can implement the 'Attack' strategy, where they can play 3 defenders and 5 forwards. This has to be nominated before the round starts. Can not be used in finals.

4. Captains are nominated each week, you have the choice of either:

    4a. Your nominated captain will receive double points each week. Should he not play, your vice-captain will receive double points.

    4b. You can nominate Co-captains, each of who will earn 1.5 times there score. If one doesn't play, the other will receive double points. No vice-captain.

5. Should you not have enough def/mid/fwd/ruck players to fill the respective position, you may still select any player to play there however, they will forfeit 50% of their score (rounded up).

Example: If you were to play Lance Franklin as a defender and he scored 103 points in SC, then he would only score 52 points in WXV. NB: All scores affected by a penalty are rounded up to the nearest whole number.

6. If you (or your assistants) do not submit a team by the nominated time (the start of the first game of the season), your team will be selected from the list of preferences provided at the beginning of the year.

Currently each team receives 4 points for every win.

If you do not submit a team once, you are not penalised.
If you do not submit a team 2 times, you are penalised a point.
If you do not submit a team 3 times, you are penalised 2 points.
If you do not submit a team 4 times, you are penalised 3 points, and you are sacked.

In addition, if a team isn't submitted 2 weeks in a row, you could also be sacked.

So in short... make sure you have a back up plan in case you can't submit.

Emergency and Substitute Rules

7. Emergencies will play should a starting member of your team not play, but with conditions.

     7a. If a player on the interchange is the same position as the player that pulled out, he will be moved into that position. The extra interchange spot will be filled by your FIRST preference listed emergency.
     7b. If a player on the interchange is NOT of the same position, then the replacement moves to your emergencies.
     7c. Emergencies can only replace players in the SAME position for full points.
     7d. If neither the interchange or emergency can fill the position, the FIRST preference emergency will fill in but only HALF the score (rounded up) will count.
     7e. If two or more emergencies are the same position (i.e. all midfielders), than the highest ranked preference will play (i.e. if Emer2 and Emer3 are both midfielders, Emer2 will be selected)
     7f. If an emergency is a Dual Position Player, he can be called into either position (i.e. if he is a Fwd/Mid, he can play as either a forward or mid)
     7g. If you have more than 3 players in your starting 15 not playing (and emergencies have been used), the highest preference squad member (determined by your pre-season preference list) from the rest of your team will play, but only a QUARTER (rounded up) of the score will count. I.e if Alan Toovey is the highest remaining squad member, and he scores 53, only 14 points will count towards your final score.
     7h. If you are forced to play an emergency OOP, AND you happen to need to use another emergency for another position, the emergency selected to play OOP is the emergency that scored the least out of the two emergencies. e.g. Jimmy Toumpas is your E1 and scores 50, and Zac Dawson is your E2 and scores 150. And, you need one of these emergencies to fill a ruck spot (OOP) and a utility spot (for full points). Zac Dawson (although he has a lower preference) comes into the utility spot for full points, and Jimmy Toumpas comes into the ruck spot for half points (as he is OOP). Howevere, using the same example, if the E1 (E2/E3) comes onto the field in normal circumstances (e.g. coming on as a defender), then the E2 (E1/E3) and E3 (E1/E2) are considered for the OOP spot and utility spot. 

8. Substitution. Coaches choose before the round starts whether they don't want use the 'substitute' rule.

     8a. Should a team use it, any player whom gets injured in the first half of the game (including during half-time break) will be replaced by an emergency. This can happen for up to 3 players. If a player is injured in the first half of the match, and comes back into the game in the 3rd or 4th quarter, then that player will still count and an emergency will not come on to replace them.
     8b. Standard emergency rules apply, and can only be replaced by an emergency in the same position.
     8c. If no suitable emergency is available, instead of having a player OOP, the player WILL NOT be substituted and the injured score stands. (Heath Shaw is injured in first half, but you don't have an interchange/emergency to replace him in defense, so his score stands).
     8d. A substituted player will have its score counted towards the Reserve team.

Home Ground Advantage

9. When you have a home-match (the first team listed in the roster, unless the venue states it is a neutral match), your lowest scoring player will have his score counted twice. I.e. if Rhys Palmer is your lowest scoring player and scores 20, his score will be doubled to 40.

If you can only field a team of 14 or less, your lowest scoring player that actually plays counts twice.

All finals except the Grand Final will have a home-game system.


10. You may be SACKED if you do not have any contact for 2 weeks, and have not delegated an assistant to take over the team. Sacking could also occur for other reasons if needed.


11. Finals will mimic the current AFL Top 8 Finals system.


12. Before each season's final list lodgement, each club most be below the salary cap.

How to value each player:

Average of the 22 H&A games from the last 3 years (66 games max), multiplied by 2000 (just a magic number to look good)
Multiplied by a 'Premium factor', i.e. 1 + percentage of times that player has scored over 100
Multiplied by a 'Durability factor', i.e. 1 + games played/66 games

Players with less than 10 games are discounted. Minimum price is $100,000

The average salary for each team is $10,818,611

The maximum salary cap is $11,400,000. If the players on your list are worth more than $11,400,000 in the season prior to the next list lodgement, you must trade or delist players to get under $11,400,000, whilst also allowing salary cap room for your draftees.

The minimum salary cap is $9,100,000. If the players on your list are worth less than $9,100,000, then any trades you make MUST gain you extra salary, or the trade is void. You can however, submit a list lodgement where your cap is less than $9,100,000.


13. Any team found guilty of tanking, will lose there first round draft pick. Tanking will be result of (consistent) unreasonable selection decisions.


14. A team can rest one player per week, and that player has a 10% bonus applied the next week. Can not be used in finals

      14a. Resting completely optional.
      14b. A coach nominates which player (only one per week) they would like to rest.
      14c. This player MUST play AFL that week.
      14d. You can't rest a player if you can't field a team in every position. If you don't have anymore emergencies to complete a team during the round, the rested player will be the next person in at QUARTER points and they will no longer be rested.
      14e. For purposes of my processing, a Rested player's score WILL count in the Reserves.
      14f. The rested player MUST play the next round (avoids coaches 'resting' players not in best XV). However, If that player is named in the AFL emergencies before the lockout, you may choose to not play that rested player.

Voting on Trades

15. All trades will be put to vote to WXV coaches. If 6 coaches vote against this trade, the trade doesn't pass. However, the trade administrator (Purple 77) can have 3 positive or 3 negative votes applied.

- 0-3 votes is an auto-pass
- 4-5 votes passes the trade with the admin having the power to reject it
- 6-7 votes fails a trade with the admin having the power to pass it
- 8+ votes is an auto-fail.

Draft Order

16. Teams that win less than 4 matches will receive a priority draft pick after the first round of selections. If a team wins less than 4 matches in consecutive seasons, they will receive a draft pick at the beginning of the first round. Penalty points are excluded from ladder calculations (i.e. if you finish last only because you received penalties, you will not receive the #1 pick).

Priority Picks(s) if required.
Pick 1: 18th Placed Team
Pick 2: 17th Placed Team
Pick 3: 16th Placed Team
Pick 18: 1st Placed Team
Priority Pick(s) if required
Pick 19: 18th Placed Team
Pick 36: 1st Place Team

Rookie Lists

17. Each side has 5 or 6 players on a rookie list. These players can only play if you have a long-term injury or you can't field a team for a certain position. A player that has a long-term injury is any player whose return date is at least 6 AFL rounds away due to injury or whose injury is listed as "indefinite".  We use the AFL websites' Injury list as our source, but if you find another credible source (like a club website) that says your player is injured for at least another 6 rounds, then the Admin may class your player as having a long-term injury.

       17a. In order to promote a rookie to the senior list DURING the season, you must do so in the appropriate thread BEFORE the round starts in order to play them that round.

       17b. Any player demoted due to a long-term injury can't play for at least 6 rounds (on the off chance he returns early, that's just unlucky), and once he is not injured again (plays competitive football again) your rookie is demoted again.

       17c. After Round 9 but before Round 10, you are able to promote a rookie to the senior list permanately, but you must commit your last national draft pick for next season for this player AND you have to nominate a player that you will delist at the end of the year.

       17d. If a player on your list retires from the AFL, either after the pre-season draft or during the season, you are able to promote a rookie in his place; the promotion of which will last for the remainder of the season, before going back the rookie list at the seasons conclusion.


18. Scores are divided by 10 to better reflect the AFL's scoring system, and are rounded to nearest whole number.

     18a. If rounded scores are the same, unrounded scores are used to determine the victor.

     18b. If the unrounded scores are the same, the result is a draw.

     18c. If a draw occurs in the finals, the team that finished higher on the ladder progresses.

     18d. All bonuses/penalties are applied independently of each other.

     18e. All rounding is UPWARDS, but done after all bonus/penalties are applied to a player.

Leadership Group

19. In the week leading up to the first round of the season, each team must nominate 5 players on their list to form their leadership group. The Captain, Vice-Captain or Co-Captain's you select on any given game, MUST come from this group.

     19a. During the mid-season bye (Representative Round), you are able to update your leadership group.

     19b. If a player in your leadership group suffers a long term injury, you are able to promote another player in their place. However, should that player recover, he will resume his place in the leadership group at the expense of his replacement.

     19c. Some leniency may be given under certain circumstances to allow for a captaincy selection outside of the leadership group. E.g. If all 5 members of a leadership have been seriously under-performing, and other players in your team have unexpectedly been scoring magnificently, you may be granted to choose a player outside of the leadership, but only in a co-captain capacity. All requests for leniency should be sent via PM to the Administrator, and they will have the final call.


20. There are drafting periods at the end of each year consisting of (and in this order):
      - The International Draft (includes all players drafted in the AFL National Draft, and all current AFL-listed but WXV delisted players). Players selected in this draft go onto the senior list.
      - The Pre-Seaon Draft (includes all leftover players from the International Draft, players selected in the AFL Pre-Season Draft, players selected in the AFL Rookie Draft and AFL Category B rookies). Players selected in this draft go onto the senior list.
      - The Rookie Draft (includes all remaining players not yet selected). Players selected in this draft go onto the rookie list.

     20a. Each team has 24 hours to select their pick starting from the moment it is their turn. If the coach of team (or any co-coach) comes online during this time, the time to take their pick is reduced to 2 hours. Failure to take your pick in this team will result in your pick being auto-selected the next available player from the appropriate draft, or alphabetically if no AFL draft players remain.

     20b. You can not go over $11,400,000 in total team salary i.e. you cannot select a player, with salary greater than your remaining salary cap space that will take your overall salary over $11,400,000.

     20c. You only get a pick in the Pre-Season Draft (and a first crack at the rookies) if you pass a pick in the International Draft.

     20d. Former player bidding - If a team had a player force-delisted because that player was not going to be on an AFL list in the next season, but that player returns on an AFL list in a later season, the team has preferential rights to re-select that player, via a draft pick auction similar to the AFL F/S rules (pre-draft points system). Once the leading bid is ascertained, the coach whom can match the bid can either decide to match the bid with their next draft pick, or receive the draft pick (the leading bid) and allow the player to go to the team that bid for him.

List Lodgements and Determining Number of Draft Picks you will have

This isn't so much a rule (well, it kinda is), but this is more intended on being a guide, as the question comes up EVERY year.

You have 40 senior listed players, and 5-6 rookie listed players on your list.

However, when you go to submit your list lodgement, you will submit it in the format 40 senior listed players, and only 4 rookie listed players. Since the number of AFL players vary year to year, we can only be confident of having 4 rookie listed players each. Once each team has 4 rookie listed players (achieved during the rookie draft), each team will select another rookie(s) if their salary cap allows it. Some years, we may draft all the remaining players, depending on circumstances, other years we may not.

So say, for example, when you go to submit your list lodgement, that you have 33 senior listed players, and 2 rookie listed players that you want to keep. 
         - This means you have 40-33=7 senior spots to fill, and 4-2=2 rookie spots to fill.
         - If you have managed to trade your way into having 9 international draft picks, this means you will forfeit your last two.
         - If you have managed to trade away draft picks and you only have 3 international draft picks, this means you will be allocated 4 draft picks at the end of the draft (in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th round)
         - Now that you have your 7 draft picks, you now have a further decision to make... should I participate in the pre-season draft?
         - If you decide no, then you will use all of your 7 picks in the international draft.
         - If you decide yes, then that means you must pass on an international draft pick.
         - To make use of your first Pre-Season Draft Pick, you must pass on your LAST international draft pick. It doesn't matter how high or low your international draft pick you passed on was, you regardless get to make use of your first Pre-Season draft pick. Of course, you may choose to pass on all 7 if you wish and take 7 picks into the Pre-Season draft, and similarly to the international draft, you will be allocated more picks if you need them.
         - Finally, you have 2 rookie spots to fill, and you'll follow the same process outlined above (except the parts regarding the Pre-Season Draft) to fill them. Plus extra rookie(s) if your salary cap allows it.
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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2012, 01:43:32 PM »

*logo created by FanFooty User Phasir

*banners courtesy of current Toronto coach Adamant
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