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Author Topic: Colorado Avalanche  (Read 3015 times)
T Dog
Seasoned Coach
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« on: October 01, 2014, 07:52:45 PM »

David Swallow [MID]
Michael Hibberd
Jarrod Harbrow
Marley Williams
Harry Taylor
Jimmy Webster
Nick Haynes
Zach Tuohy
Angus Litherland
Sam Darley
Michael Jamison
Tom Simpkin
Simon White
Jordan Kelly
James Strauss

Nathan Fyfe
Marc Murphy
Ryan Bastinac
Lachie Neale
Lachie Whitfield
Jack Newnes
Mark Hutchings
Mitch Wallis
David Ellard
Jamie Bennell
Travis Colyer
Dylan Van Unen

Zac Smith
Mike Pyke
Tom Derickx
Sam Naismith
Patrick Mitchell
Tom Downie
Ben Brown [FWD]

Tom Hawkins
Michael Hurley
Aaron Black
Brandon Matera
Alex Fasolo
Josh Jenkins
Ben Lennon
Zach Merrett
Gary Rohan
Jay Kennedy-Harris
Tim Membrey
Tim O'Brien
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T Dog
Seasoned Coach
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2014, 07:53:56 PM »

Trade Period update.

1. Fyffe, and Rohan heading out. 
Welcome in ..Mr Steele Sidebottom and Mr Brodie Martin   

2. P.Duffield + J.Kelly + NAT pick 22 being chased down 
2nd Round Recycled draft pick 19 and Z. Merrett leaving   

3. The very smooth Bernard Vince and Big Will Minson bring depth to Colorado 
Zac Smith and Nat pick 22 off to greener pastures 

4. Neale, Webster and 3rd Round Recycled draft pick 26 off to where they are appreciated 
Nate Jones and Jimmy Bartell bringing class and talent to Colorado
5. Josh Jenkins now useful
Scott Thompson comes in for mid depth

6. Hibberd, Duffield, Nat pick 7 off to bolster defences elsewhere
Hannebery, Daisy Thomas , Nat pick 20 will run riot in Colorado mids.

7. Hurley and Rookie pick 7 move to a younger squad
Matty Wright and Ambrose join the Colorado forward rotations

8. Collyer and ND 19 out for better opportunity.
Jack Grimes and Sam Lloyd join Colorado.

9. Nick Haynes and Tim O'Brien head off to where there is a cheer squad
Adam Tomlinson more sensibly joins Colorado

10 .Harry Taylor and ND 20 off to get a game.
Dane Swan adds color to the Colorado midfield.

11. Newnes and Membrey off to join a younger squad
Eddie Betts and Heath Grundy come in as potential starters.

12. Hannebery and ND 31 gone
 Jobe Watson and ND 22 come in.

13. Betts, Lennon, Black don't even get a run before going
D. Zorko; T.Chaplin and RD 5 join the Avalanche.

14. D. Smith and ND22 gone again.
Luke Shuey into the Mids.

15. ND 43 gone
Adam Goodes comes in

16. Grimes and Whitfield head off.
D. Mundy; Sam Frost and RD 15 join the Colorado clan.

17. Swallow flies away.
N. Malceski comes in to head up the defence.

18. Off go RD Picks 5,15,19
The start of season 2016 recruiting begins with Brad McKenzie and Lin Jong joining up.

19. Wallis heads off
Buntine and RD 12 come in getting ready for 2016.

Recycled Draft picks:
Rd 1, pick 7: Devon Smith (F). 2014: Price - $518k, Played 21 games; Average 91; High 139
Rd 4, pick 43: Luke Hodge (D/M) 2014: Price -  $478k; Played 19 games; Average 91; High 124
Rd 5, pick 55: Tyrone Vickery (F) 2014: Price -  $408k; Played 12 games; Average 76; High 110
Rd 6, pick 67:  Drew Petrie  (F)  2014: Price -  $489k; Played 22 games; Average 78; High 149

Rookie Draft Picks:
Pick 12. Shaun Grigg
Pick 31. Nathan Van Berlo
Pick 43. Mav Weller

Mid Season Draft:

Delisted: D.Ellard; M.Jamison;   In Comes: Clancee Pearce; Robbie Tarrant

El Paso DT and Colarado SC Corporate Management Group. Will trade hard; will trade early
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T Dog
Seasoned Coach
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2014, 02:28:19 PM »

Team List

N. Malceski; L. Hodge (M/D); James Kelly; J. Harbrow (M/D); H. Grundy; C. Pearce; T. Chaplin; M. Williams;  A. Fasolo (D/F); M. Buntine; Z. Tuohy; Jamie Bennell; A. Litherland; S. White (D/F); S. Darley; 

S. Sidebottom; N. Jones; J. Watson; M. Murphy; D. Mundy; L. Shuey; B. Vince; Scott Thompson; D. Swan (M/F);
 R. Bastinac; D. Thomas (M/F); M. Hutchings; S. Grigg; M. Weller; L. Jong; Brad McKenzie (M/D); N. VanBerlo;

W. Minson; M. Pyke; T. Derickx; S. Naismith;

J. Bartel; D. Zorko (M/F); T. Hawkins; M. Wright (M/F); D. Petrie; T. Vickery; R.Tarrant (D/F); B. Matera; A.Tomlinson; B. Brown; B. Martin (F/M); Adam Goodes; S. Lloyd; P. Ambrose; J. Kennedy-Harris; Sam Frost; 

Rookie List: Goodes;  Darley; S.White; S.Frost; A.Litherland

Proposed Starting XV111 2015:

Backs: N. Malceski; James Kelly; L. Hodge; J. Harbrow ;

Mids: S. Sidebottom; J. Watson; N. Jones, M. Murphy; L. Shuey; D. Swan; 

Ruck: W. Minson

Forwards:  T. Hawkins; J. Bartel; D.Zorko; M. Wright;

Util: Scott Thompson; B. Vince; D. Mundy; 

Reserves:  (M) R. Bastinac  (B) T. Chaplin; (R) M. Pyke; (F) D. Petrie

El Paso DT and Colarado SC Corporate Management Group. Will trade hard; will trade early
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T Dog
Seasoned Coach
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2015, 10:00:30 AM »

Getting ready for 2016.


1. Trav Varcoe
2. Jobe Watson
3. Ed Curnow
4. Andrejs Everitt
5. Marc Murphy
6. David Mundy
7. Jimmy Bartel
8. Lachie Hunter
9. Sam Gray
10. Aaron Hall
11. Scott Thompson
12. Isaac Smith
13. Will Minson
14. Luke Hodge
15. Ben Howlett
16. Dean Towers
17. Jarrod Harbrow
18. Dean Kent
19. Brad McKenzie
20. Drew Petrie
21. George Horlin-Smith
22. Tom Scully
23. Shaun Atley
24. Adam Tomlinson
25. Mark Hutchings
26. Billy Longer
27. Tom Bugg
28. Alex Fasolo
29. Clancee Pearce
30. Matthew Buntine
31. Josh Green
32. Heath Grundy
33. Kieran Jaksch
34. Robbie Tarrant
35. Jamie Bennell
36. Zach Tuohy
37. Patrick Ambrose
38. Lin Jong
39. Mark Whiley
40. Troy Chaplin
41. Sam Naismith
42. Tom Hickey
43. Nathan Van Berlo
44. Brent Macaffer
45. Bradley Ebert
46. Jack Redden
47. Darcy Parish
48. Harley Balic
49. Sam Menegola
50. Nick O'Kearney
51. Will Snelling
52. Jason Holmes

Traded Out:  M. Williams; A. Litherland; S. Sidebottom; N. Jones; L. Shuey; S. Grigg; M. Weller;
T. Vickery; S. Lloyd;  ND R2; James Kelly; N. Malceski; ND #8; RD #20; ND #34; D. Zorko; T. Hawkins;
RD #15; ND#1; ND#2; ND#15; R. Bastinac; S. Ross; D.Swan; ND #26; M. Wright; N. Freeman; RD #3;
J. Kennedy-Harris; ND #10;

Traded In: ND Picks 1, 2, 3;  L. Whitfield; S. Ross; B.Longer; D. Hale; M. Grigg; A. Everitt; J. Green;
N. Freeman; D. Kent; 4th rd pick; Sam Gray; RD #3; ND #49; RD #15; ND #15; A. Hall; B. Howlett;
D. Towers; ND #26; B. Macaffer; J. Redden; B. Ebert; ND #10; T. Scully; RD #11; E. Curnow; ND #44;
RD #20; L. Hunter; RD #13; M. Whiley; ND #17;

Delistings:   T. Derrikx; S. Darley; A. Goodes; B. Martin; D. Hale; M. Pyke; Simon White;

Nat Draft: Picks -  3 - Darcy Parish; 17 - Harley Balic; 43 - Sam Menegola
Rookie Draft: Picks  - 8 - Nick O'Kearney; 11 - Will Snelling; 13 - Andrew Phillips

Pre season trades: In: Varcoe, Atley, Jaksch, Horlin-Smith, I.Smith, Hickey, Bugg, Holmes   
 Out: Whitfield, D.Thomas, Brown, Frost, Vince, M. Grigg, Matera, Phillips
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T Dog
Seasoned Coach
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2015, 09:00:11 AM »

Colorado Avalanche.

Team update as at 9/2/2016

1. Jimmy Bartel (D/M)
2. Jarrod Harbrow (D/M)
3. Zac Tuohy
4. Clancee Pearce (D/M)
5. Heath Grundy
6. Trav Varcoe (D/F)
7. Troy Chaplin...... Retired july 2016
8. Robbie Tarrant
9. Shaun Atley
10. Matthew Buntine
11. Nathan VanBerlo (D/M)
12. Kristian Jaksch
13. Jamie Bennell
14. Tom Bugg
1. Luke Hodge
2. David Mundy
3. Marc Murphy
4. Scott Thompson
5. Jack Redden
6. Brad Ebert
7. Isaac Smith
8. Jobe Watson  Ryan Crowley
9. Tom Scully
10. Ed Curnow
11. Lachie Hunter
12. Ben Howlett (M/F)  Lincoln McCarthy (F)
13. Brad McKenzie
14. Lin Jong (M/F)
15. Mark Whiley
16. Brent Macaffer
17. Darcy Parish
18. Sam Menegola
19. Nick O'Kearney
20. Will Snelling
21. George Horlin - Smith

1. Billy Longer
2. Tom Hickey
3. Will Minson
4. Sam Naismith (R/F)
5. Jason Holmes

1. Sam Gray (M/F)
2. Aaron Hall (M/F)
3. Drew Petrie
4. Andrejs Everitt
5. Adam Tomlinson
6. Mark Hutchings (M/F)
7. Alex Fasolo
8. Josh Green
9. Patrick Ambrose
10. Dean Towers
11. Dean Kent
12. Harley Balic (M/F)

Backs:  J. Bartel (D/M); J. Harbrow (D/M); Z. Tuohy; C. Pearce (D/M)
Mids:  L. Hodge; M. Murphy; J. Redden; B. Ebert; D. Mundy; I. Smith;
Ruck:  B. Longer;
Forwards:  A. Hall (F/M); D. Petrie; Sam Gray (F/M); A. Fasolo;
Utilities:  Scott Thompson; T. Scully; E. Curnow;
Reserves:  H. Grundy; L. Hunter; T. Hickey; T. Varcoe

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T Dog
Seasoned Coach
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2016, 01:33:54 PM »

Colorado Avalanche. Preparing for 2017

Will be trading HARD, Will be trading EARLY  8)

Players  are available to trade as are all ND draft picks.
Players / picks in GREEN have been traded in.

 Jarrod Harbrow (D/M);  Zac Tuohy;  Tom Bugg;  Heath Grundy;  Trav Varcoe (D/F);
 Robbie Tarrant;  Shaun Atley; Matthew Buntine;  Clancee Pearce (D/M);  Kristian Jaksch; Jamie Bennell
James Frawley; Michael Hartley; Shane Savage; Matthew Scharenberg; Mitch Brown (D/F); Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti  (D/F);
Luke Hodge; Marc Murphy; Scott Thompson; Jobe Watson; Jack Redden; Brad Ebert; Isaac Smith; Tom Scully;
   Mark Whiley;  Nick O'Kearney;  Will Snelling;  George Horlin - Smith;
 Mav Weller (M/F); Jared Polec; Chris Masten; Connor Blakely; Billy Hartung; James Aish (D/M); Mark Blicavs (M/R); Sam Gibson;
 Tom Hickey (R/F);  Billy Longer; Jason Holmes; Sam Frost (F/R);

 Sam Gray (M/F);  Aaron Hall (M/F);  Ben Howlett (M/F);  Josh Green;  Patrick Ambrose;  Mark Hutchings (M/F); Lincoln McCarthy;
Dean Towers; Drew Petrie;  Andrejs Everitt;  Harley Balic (M/F);  Jamie Elliott; Jed Lamb; Jesse White; Corey Ellis (M/F) Aaron Vandenberg (M/F); Jake Melksham (F/M) Paul Ahern (M/F)

Pending Delists / Retirees:
Troy Chaplin (D) Retired; Will Minson (R) delisted; Nathan VanBerlo (D/M) delisted; Brent Macaffer (M) delisted; Ryan Crowley; Jamie Bennell;


Nat Draft: Round 1 - ; Round 2 -  ; Round 3 - ; Round 4 -  Round 5 - #55
Rookie Draft: Round 1 -; Round 2 - #15 ; Round 3 - ; Round 4 - #39;

Traded In:
M. Weller; J. Frawley; J. Elliott; ND #8; J. Lamb; M. Hartley; Mason Wood; Jesse White; ND #22;
Chris Masten; S. Savage; J. Polec; C.Ellis; ND #14; Matthew Scharenberg; Connor Blakely; Billy Hartung; ND #36; James Aish; Mark Blicavs; Mitch Brown; ND#27; RD #39; Sam Frost; RD#7; Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti; Aaron Vandenberg; Jake Melksham; Sam Gibson; Paul Ahern; ND#55;

Traded Out:
L. Hunter; S. Menegola; ND #27; RD #39; D. Parish; David Mundy; RD #27; ND #15; ND #51;
 Ed Curnow; Adam Tomlinson; ND#39; Dean Kent; Jimmy Bartel; ND#8; ND#27; ND#3; Alex Fasolo; Mason Wood; Lin Jong; Brad McKenzie; RD#3; ND#14; ND#36; Sam Naismith; RD#7; ND#22;

Colorado Avalanche - 2017

Team update as at 6/9/2016

1. Mitch Brown (D/F)
2. Robbie Tarrant
3. Zac Tuohy
4. Shane Savage
5. Tom Bugg
6. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti  (D/F)
7. Jarrod Harbrow (D/M)
8. Heath Grundy
9. Shaun Atley
10. Trav Varcoe (D/F)
11. Michael Hartley
12. James Frawley
13. Clancee Pearce (D/M)
14. Matthew Buntine
15. Matt Scharenberg
16. Kristian Jaksch

1. Tom Scully
2. Isaac Smith
3. Marc Murphy
4. Scott Thompson
5. Luke Hodge
6. Mark Blicavs (M/R)
7. Brad Ebert
8. Jobe Watson 
9. James Aish  (D/M)
10. Mav Weller (M/F)
11. Jared Polec
12. Jack Redden
13. Chris Masten
14. Connor Blakely
15. Billy Hartung
16. Sam Gibson
17. George Horlin - Smith
18. Mark Whiley
19. Will Snelling
20. Nick O'Kearney

1. Tom Hickey
2. Sam Frost (R/F)
3. Billy Longer
4. Jason Holmes

1. Aaron Hall (M/F)
2. Sam Gray (M/F)
3. Jamie Elliott
4. Mark Hutchings (M/F)
5. Dean Towers
6. Ben Howlett (M/F)
7. Jessie White
8. Aaron Vandenberg (M/F)
9. Patrick Ambrose
10. Drew Petrie
11. Andrejs Everitt
12. Josh Green
13. Lincoln McCarthy
14. Jed Lamb
15. Jake Melksham (F/M)
16. Corey Ellis (M/F)
17. Harley Balic (M/F)
18. Paul Ahern (M/F)
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #6 on: October 17, 2016, 06:18:47 PM »


Robbie Tarrant
Zach Tuohy
Shane Savage
Heath Grundy
Jarrod Harrbrow
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Shaun Atley
Mitch Brown
Corey Ellis
Michael Hartley
Hugh Goddard
Matthew Scharenberg
Matthew Buntine
Sam Frost
James Frawley
Brennan Cox
Colin O'Riordan


Marc Murphy
Tom Scully
Brad Ebert
Mark Blicavs
Aaron Hall
Scott Thompson
Ryan Griffen
Mark Hutchings
Chris Masten
Tomas Bugg
James Aish
Sam Gray
Sam Gibson
Connor Blakely
Jared Polec
Jake Melksham
Billy Hartung
Will Snelling
George Horlin-Smith
Nick O'Kearney


Clancee Pearce
Mark Whiley


Tom Hickey
Billy Longer
Jason Holmes
Brayden Preuss


Isaac Smith (MID)
Jamie Elliot
Levi Greenwood (MID)
Mav Weller
Ben Howlett (MID)
Jesse White
Aaron Vandenberg
Dean Towers
Taylor Garner
Travis Varcoe
Harley Balic (MID)
Patrick Ambrose
Lincoln McCarthy
Jed Lamb
Paul Ahern
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #7 on: September 19, 2017, 05:23:33 AM »

2018 team

Shane Savage, Jarrod Harbrow, Robbie Tarrant, Brayden Maynard

(Matthew Scharenberg, Heath Grundy, Corey Ellis (MID), Joel Garner, Michael Hartley, Sam Frost, Hugh Goddard, Brennan Cox (FWD), Colin O’Riordan, Taylin Duman, Jesse Joyce)

Brad Ebert, Connor Blakely, Jared Polec, Mark Blicavs, Isaac Smith, Paddy Dow

(Adam Cerra, Zac Bailey, Lachlan Fogarty, Sam Gibson, Ryan Griffen, Chris Masten, Kobe Mutch, Bailey Banfield, George Horlin-Smith, William Hartung, Will Snelling, Tom North, Bailey Banfield, Stefan Giro, Harry Jones)

Jarrod Witts

(Braydon Preuss, Tom Hickey, Billy Longer, Darcy Cameron

Jamie Elliott, Sam Gray, Taylor Garner, Peter Wright

(Mav Weller, Levi Greenwood (MID), Tomas Bugg, Aaron Vandenberg, Shaun Atley, Harley Balic (MID), Travis Varcoe (DEF), Paul Ahern (MID), Charlie Ballard (MID), Oskar Baker, Hugh Dixon, Ryan Burrows)
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #8 on: November 24, 2017, 11:29:18 PM »

List Lodgement

1. Brad Ebert
2. Lachlan Fogarty
3. Jarrod Witts
4. Connor Blakely
5. Shane Savage
6. Jamie Elliott
7. Jarrod Harbrow
8. Robbie Tarrant
9. Mark Blicavs
10. Sam Gray
11. Isaac Smith
12. Brayden Maynard
13. Peter Wright
14. Taylor Garner
15. Harley Balic
16. Matthew Scharenberg
17. Brayden Preuss
18. Brennan Cox
19. Tom Hickey
20. Tom Bugg
21. Chris Masten
22. Kobe Mutch
23. Sam Gibson
24. Mav Weller
25. Rook 39
26. Levi Greenwood
27. Paul Ahern
28. Billy Longer
29. Shaun Atley
30. Jared Polec
31. Corey Ellis
32. Darcy Cameron
33. Heath Grundy
34. Billy Hartung
35. Aaron VandenBerg
36. Will Snelling
37. Hugh Goddard
38. George Horlin-Smith
39. Colin O'Riordan
40. Travis Varcoe
41. Ryan Griffen
42. Sam Frost
43. Michael Hartley
44. Lincoln McCarthy
45. Paddy Dow
46. Adam Cerra
47. Zac Bailey
48. Joel Garner
49. Charlie Ballard
50. Tom North
51. Hugh Dixon
52. Bailey Banfield
53. Stefan Giro
54. Taylin Duman
55. Harry Jones
56. Rook 37

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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2017, 03:10:27 AM »

2017 NAT Draft Picks

#3 - Paddy Dow
#7 - Adam Cerra
#11 - Lachlan Fogarty
#17 - Zac Bailey
#35 - Joel Garner
#39 - Charlie Ballard
#53 - Tom North
#65 - Hugh Dixon

2017 Rookie Draft Picks

#3 - Bailey Banfield
#15 - Stefan Giro
#25 - Taylin Duman
#27 - Harrison Jones
#37 - Oskar Baker
#39 - Jesse Joyce
#73 - Ryan Burrows
Ruck Coach
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #10 on: September 02, 2018, 11:34:39 PM »

2018/19 List Management Hub


Connor Blakely, Shane Savage, Jarrod Harbrow, Brayden Maynard

(Matthew Scharenberg (ACL), Jarrod Lienert, Robbie Tarrant, Taylin Duman, Colin O'Riordan, Corey Ellis, Sam Murray, Jesse Joyce, Heath Grundy, Joel Garner)

Brad Ebert, Isaac Smith, Tom Cutler, Paul Ahern, Adam Cerra, Sam Walsh

(Paddy Dow, Liam Stocker, George Horlin-Smith, Zac Bailey, Kobe Mutch, Jack Bytel, Joe Atley, Stefan Giro, Chris Masten, Tom North, Willem Drew, Bailey Scott Harry Jones)

Jarrod Witts

(Braydon Preuss, Darcy Cameron, Tom Hickey, Billy Longer, Darcy Fort)

Jamie Elliott, Jy Simpkin, Peter Wright, Bailey Banfield

(Taylor Garner, Sam Gray, Lachlan Fogarty, Jayden Laverde, Brennan Cox, Mav Weller, Shaun Atley, Charlie Ballard, Hugh Dixon, Oskar Baker, Matt Parker)

Delisted: Hugh Goddard, Ryan Burrows, Billy Hartung, Will Snelling, Trav Varcoe, Tom Bugg, Michael Hartley, Levi Greenwood

Retired: Sam Gibson, Harley Balic, Ryan Griffen


Pick 1 - Sam Walsh
Pick 9 - Liam Stocker
Pick 16 - Jack Bytel
Pick 31 - Bailey Scott
Pick 43 - Darcy Fort
Pick 49 - Matt Parker

Rookie 1 - Jarrod Lienert
Rookie 9 - Sam Murray
Rookie 37 -

List Lodgement

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